One minute men – Oilers at Bruins

Producing game day content is one of my favourite things to do at NationHQ. Summers are extremely painful around these parts, and that’s why I’m so so happy that Connor McDavid and the hockey season are back in my life.

Last year as something fun to do, we thought we would re-read Jason Gregor’s Game Day Notes and put it into a video format for all of you visual learners. I’m happy to announce that we have brought back the idea, and are re-launching the Minute Men videos today. Beware that our version of Jason Gregor’s Game Day Notes is extremely condensed. For an actual preview of the game tonight in Boston I’d recommend you actually reading his notes, and read his GDB!

For some reason, Cam and I started to throw snowballs at each other in this video. I’m not sure why, maybe because there’s a lot of snow right at our disposal and what else are you supposed to do with it? The snowballs were thrown soft to begin with, but then as the video went on we got a little more angry and aggressive with our throws.

Watch for yourself!

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