Oilersnation Radio Episode 7 – Hot and Swedish

I’m back and here to tell you all about this week’s ONRadioPodcast. This will definitely go down as one of the crazier episodes we have had so far.

This week’s episode tries to bring some understanding to the early (very early) season woes of the local sports team. Is it time to be emotional? Is the team what we thought they were? All these questions and more get some love in the first segment. The boys also have a look at the Gus and Frank rivalry.

On the lighter side, the discussion turned to the second iteration of the Calgary Bus trip. Including mission “Return the shovel to the Saddledome” and the chance that there might be a tub cast with the boys. Last time we did this, the pool was under renovations and the boys are dying for some tub time. If you want to have a look at the bus trip and tickets, we still have a few remaining here:

We’re doing another road trip to Calgary and you’re all invited to join us

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Speaking of trips, I was in Germany and Sweden for the last week and have all kinds of stories to regale you with. I speak to some of my experience over there and the fun that was had and then we step into the European themed Thunderdome.

Nation Trivia Guru, @cooom, came up with German and Swedish themed trivia questions for us to endure. Unfortunately for us after last Cooom’s trivia in which some people thought the Get Sauced hot sauce wasn’t hot enough, we decided to toss the chicken nuggets in the sauce and we are punished for it. This has to be the best bit of radio you’ve heard that isn’t radio at all.

Inside the Nation: Tired of the tired excuse

Listen to the episode below!

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