Inside the Nation: Mikko Koskinen, Winnipeg’s airport, and powerplay lines

Hello all! We’re back with another episode of Inside the Nation with Dustin Nielson!  It’s the Facebook Live show where Dustin Nielson looks at all things Edmonton Oilers, and answers your questions about what the hell is going on here.

In this episode, Dusty recaps the Oilers last game against the New York Rangers, and also looks forward at tomorrows game in Winnipeg. He tries to answer the very challenging question: “Does Winnipeg have an airport?” The Oilers had some odd lines at practice today that Dusty witnessed in person, and he breaks down what it looked like and what we can expect from the team tomorrow night.

There was a lot of Mikko Koskinen chat in this episode of Inside the Nation. With Laurent Brossoit’s strong debut with the Jets last night, it brought back some memories of the ex-Oiler goaltender and whether or not he would be a better fit for us than Koskinen. The Oilers have a pretty challenging schedule coming up, so a lot of people were asking when Dusty thinks Koskinen will get his first start. Will it be this Thursday during the home opener? Could it be this weekend? Or maybe two weeks from now during the Oilers first set of back-to-back games? Only time will tell.

In this episode, Dusty also tells us an interesting story he heard at the Oilers media availability this morning at practice, and what the thinks Jesse Puljujarvi needs to do to jump up a spot in the lineup. Due to some technical difficulties with the Facebook live video, Dusty had to split this show into two different parts.

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Watch the video(s) below!

Part I

Part II

Check out the live edition of Inside the Nation on the Oilersnation Facebook page every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 pm MT.

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  • That's My Point

    Carolina has the 2nd most points in the league and the Jets just beat them 3-1.
    Does that make the Jets the BEST team in the league??
    Oh yeah the Oilers aren’t last, they are now ahead of the Panthers tied for 2nd last place with the Wings, Rangers and Coyotes.
    Good luck Oilers.

    • Leichs

      Did you watch the game or are you just looking at numbers? I watched the game, Canes were outshooting the Jets 44-23 or something like that midway through the third and Jets scored a late goal for the win. Third was empty net but I would say Canes played much better.

      • OilerForLife

        Not to mention the Oilers have played just 3 games following a schedule that nobody would envy. Ground will be gained eventually and major injuries are mounting affecting a number of teams.

    • V88

      Have you seen how many games those other teams have played to the Oilers ?! At the end of the year they will have played the same amount. Everyone is so worried about a team that in 2 weeks has played 3 games while some are at 6-7