GDB 4.0 Wrap Up: No ‘W’ for the Jets and no airport for the Peg, Oilers win 5-4 in OT

Shout out to everyone that turned off their TV early. Final Score: 5-4 Oilers in overtime

After picking up their first win of the season against the Rangers, the Oilers were back in action and in tough against the Winnipeg Jets as they looked to add another ‘W’ to their totals. With all of the travel they’ve done and the kookiness that went into the start of this season, I think anyone would have been pumped with a 2-2 start. But if the Oilers were going to turn Saturday’s win into a streak then they were going to have to have a lot of things go their way, including the emergence of some secondary scoring and some competent defending to go along with it. More importantly than either of those things, though, was the need to get 60 minutes worth of effort and to get it from the moment the puck dropped. But since you’ve already watched the game and you’re reading this right now, you know that not of this happened… at least not in the beginning. Rather than being fired up for the start of this game, the Oilers appeared like they were all too happy to roll over and show the Jets their bellies. Classic rope-a-dope, I guess.

As the game moved through the second period and into the third, I’ll be the first to admit that spirits were ground-level low as the Oilers trailed by a score of 4-1 with only 20 minutes to play. To say that this game looked out of reach is a massive understatement. Amazingly, the team didn’t count themselves out like those that shut off their TVs off early and it set the stage for one of the best comebacks that I’ve seen in a very long time. But as amazing as this comeback was to watch, it’s hard to pass over the fact that Oilers were outclassed and outplayed by the Jets for the bulk of this hockey game. Outside of an occasional flash of offence or exciting McShift, the Oilers looked like they were hanging on for dear life through 40 minutes and that was tough to watch. For as happy as I am with the way this thing turned out, I can’t help but feel like we’re insanely lucky to be talking about a win and not another devastating loss. I’m not going to complain, but I’m just saying that they pulled this out by the skin of their teeth and Connor McDavid’s sheer will.

Let’s be grateful for the two points tonight, but hope for a much better start in their home opener on Thursday.

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The wrap.


  • Connor McDavid opened the scoring for the Oilers as he hit the turbo button and flew past the Jets defence, ripping a snap shot past Hellebuyck. Connor scored his second goal early in the third period after he was in the perfect spot to bang home a rebound that came from a quick snapshot by RNH that caught Hellebuyck by surprise. With that goal, McDavid was in on all eight of the Oilers goals which set a new NHL record. He made it nine for nine a little bit later when Puljujarvi scored. Each and every night before I go to sleep I thank the good Gord for Connor McDavid because the man is a gift.
  • Ty Rattie got himself his first goal of the season after picking up a fanned shot by McDavid in the slot, and firing into the roof of the net. Connor kinda whiffed on one but Rattie was right there to pick up the loose puck and bury it, getting the Oilers back to within two goals. Great shot by Rattie.
  • Jesse Puljujarvi couldn’t have picked a better time to get his first goal of the season after he parked his big carcass in front of the net with his stick on the ice, laying down a perfect target for Nuge. Quite frankly, this was Puljujarvi’s best game of the season and I was very happy to see that McLellan recognized it and moved him up in the lineup.
  • How about Darnell Nurse’s OT winner? Ol’ Darryl pulled out the dirty dangles as he walked the Jets defender and ripped a short-side wrister past the goalie to complete the comeback. What a play. Wow. I fist pumped so loud I almost punched my ceiling.
  • Credit to the top four on D because they had to play a lot of minutes tonight. With the third pairing basically riding the pine for most of the night, the other four guys really had to pick up the slack and they did a fine job of it.
  • I know people are going to take shots at Cam Talbot tonight, but he was a huge reason the Oilers were able to stay in the game as long as they did. I don’t know how many times his teammates left him out to dry far too often for my liking. Talbot finished with 29 saves and a .879 save%.
  • The Oilers power play was perfect tonight and I loved seeing it. I know they didn’t necessarily set up for anything on the two they popped but they were determined and hungry for the puck and I like that.
  • Who went 62% on the dot? The Oilers did. Hell yeah.


  • Adam Lowry opened the scoring for the Jets after his line put in a clinic on cycling the puck down low. By the time Lowry scored, he had an open late to the net and enough time to make a sandwich. A few minutes later, he added another goal after yet another defensive breakdown by the Oilers.
  • Only 22 seconds after Connor McDavid got the Oilers on the board, Ben Chiarot restored the two-goal with a seeing-eye shot from the point that made its way through a couple of bodies and into the net. Ugly coverage by the Oilers again.
  • Mark Scheifele put the Jets up by three goals after their power play moved the puck effectively around the zone, leaving a wide-open #55 to put home a rebound attempt from the slot. When Scheifele scored I honestly thought that was it. Sports!
  • I know it’s early in the season and I know he got a couple of points tonight, but I think we can all agree that the Oilers need a hell of a lot more from Leon Draisaitl. I know Leon has a history of being a slow starter but they need the big guy to get going.
  • After being a healthy scratch against New York, Matt Benning drew back into the lineup and raised the eyebrows of some Oilers fans given the struggles he’s had so far this season. Unfortunately, he struggled again tonight as the Benning-Garrison pairing was directly responsible for the first two Winnipeg goals.
  • The penalty kill looked ugly on Scheiefele’s goal and it made me really nervous about the rest of the game but they were rock-solid in the final two attempts. 1/3 ain’t bad, ain’t great.
  • That charging call on Milan Lucic was one of the worst pieces of refereeing that I’ve seen in a while. Two minutes because big. Gross.
  • The fine people of Winnipeg deserve an airport and it’s a real shame that they can’t have one.



04:51 Winnipeg Adam Lowry (2) ASST: Brandon Tanev (3) 0-1
07:47 Winnipeg Adam Lowry (3) ASST: Mathieu Perreault (1), Andrew Copp (1) 0-2
12:49 Edmonton PPG – Connor McDavid (3) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (3) 1-2
13:11 Winnipeg Ben Chiarot (1) ASST: Nikolaj Ehlers (1), Dmitry Kulikov (1) 1-3


01:02 Winnipeg PPG – Mark Scheifele (2) ASST: Patrik Laine (2), Josh Morrissey (5) 1-4


00:18 Edmonton Ty Rattie (1) ASST: Connor McDavid (4), Oscar Klefbom (1) 2-4
02:28 Edmonton PPG – Connor McDavid (4) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (2), Leon Draisaitl (4) 3-4
13:39 Edmonton Jesse Puljujarvi (1) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (3), Connor McDavid (5) 4-4


01:25 Edmonton Darnell Nurse (1) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (4) 5-4


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 10/16/2018 – 8:30 pm MST

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  • The future never comes

    Whatever happened in the third looked like coaching. Playing players that are going, not a hard concept. Switching the second and third lines around woke up both Pulju and Leon; that both actually looked inspired to play. Please for the love of God keep them together for next game.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      Who do you think got the team going? I doubt it was Todd. Glen? Trent? Manny? Milan? Connor? Whoever it was, that man deserves a beer on us!

      • The future never comes

        It makes you wonder. Swapping lines 2 and 3 made everyone play better seemingly. Made me wonder if another coach tested the reigns for some of that game.

  • CMG30

    This is a good win to build confidence, hopefully the boys learn not to give up. That being said, we got lucky. The third was really the only good period to watch. We can’t count on coming back every night…

  • KootenayHT

    So nobody gonna comment about the huge save Talbot made after the Russel gaffe and ensuing breakaway? Game saver for sure. Klefbom in OT was a bit scary too…he swatted the puck back like it’s 5 on 5, gotta keep possession in OT. Nurse was calm, cool and collective. Huge goal!!! Great comeback win. I have to admit my dogs were scared the first 2 periods of this game (lots of yelling at theTV going on) but if they could high five and crush and beer they would’ve got in on the action!!!

  • Big Nuggets

    Hopefully this is the game that turns things around as far as playing a good team game.

    Unrelated but New Jersey is crushing it, and Vancouver is a bit underrated. Arizona will be last in the league by a wide margin this year. We should think about trading for ine of their defensemen.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Sadly I had to turn this one off, but only because I had to go to do my night shift at work. I continued to listen to the game on the RadioPlayer Canada app as well as follow along with the SportsNet app. Holy crap…what a comeback. From what I’ve read, the Oilers played like men possessed in that 3rd period. I said this going into the game. The Oilers are back to .500 and it’s a different ball game now. Great win boys! Now let’s keep the good times rolling!

    *This comment is not sponsored or supported by Sportsnet or RadioPlayer Canada

    • Svart kaffe

      It was like playoff hockey by the Oilers at the end (Lucic was great). They’ll need to play more like that going forward. If there’s something that gels a group and wins game it’s that.

      • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

        Just watched the 3rd period and holy smokes. That’s the quickest I’ve seen them so far. And not just skating. They moved the puck well, and forced turnovers. That “charging call” on Lucic was just dumb lol. Talbot seemed dialled in after it was 4-1 and McDavid is just unreal. Happy for the win. Oh and that OT goal by Nurse. WOW!

        • Glencontrolurstik

          I have to agree with you for the most part…
          However, that’s not sustainable. First 2 lines can’t do it all…
          I rarely heard Jack Michaels mention Reider, Strome, Khaira, Caggiula, Brodziak or any of our depth players.
          You are right, the first 2 lines played their hearts out & got the win. But man, we can’t expect them to do that night-in, night-out… they can’t.
          As an aside, when I watched the high-lights, I don’t think that Rattie goal was a McDavid “whiff”… it looked like a set play, a great one that we will see again, I’m sure of it…

          • jesse says yep

            I thought khaira and caguilla both had really good nights. Drai cags and jp looked like they had a little flow going. Best ive seen drai look ths year was with those two in the third.

  • Freddie the fog

    The kind of win that can really pull a team together. You saw the cele after Nurse potted the OT winner. Ok…so why would this have been a devastating loss had it gone that way ? That is a helluva team in Winnipeg with a phenomenal home record. They frequently have they’re way with the road team. Anyways, the need for a Dmen has never been more apparent . 3rd pairing of Garrison- Benning were awful and didn’t see much ice after those first two Jet goals ( Garrison literally just standing there doing his best impersonation of a pylon on one of those) . Lastly how bout that #97 ? Matthews shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath .

  • FlamesFan27

    This site isn’t nearly as fun to read when the Oilers win haha. Seriously, I turned on the TV for the 3rd period and they looked really good. Who knows, we might just get back the BOA.

    • Himynameistaylor

      Can it. The onus is on Calgary to make that matchup competitive. You guys get dusted like an antique shelf every time you play Edmonton. Upgrade your 6.5m AAV sieve you call a goalie and we’ll talk.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        “Can it” bud. As a fellow Oiler Fan I think this year we should show a little respect to our rivals to the south. Yes, their goaltending is not the best.
        However, have you watched any of their games this year? They do seem to have a deeper system this year. The lack of goaltending may not matter?
        Let’s beat the crap out of them quietly this season, cause so far, the oilers depth is not even close to competitive…. Yet.

  • KennyG

    JP looked real good on first line and Rattie same on second line. Was that planned or did someone jump on ice on line change out of turn. Either way I really liked that brief look. Nice win

  • Fuzzyfoot

    I sincerely don’t believe McJesus whiffed on that shot, I watched the replay about 10 times, I am convinced it was literally one of the sexiest next level fakes I’ve ever seen in sports history.

  • KootenayDan

    Both Nuge and Drai are averaging 1.25 pts. per game pretty disappointing. As much as I want to dump on Benning he needs to play 200 games in the AHL and then come back I don’t understand why they won’t develope him properly. I still have a hard time understanding why Hall was traded for a slightly above average d-man. MrBung spells his name wrong isnt MrDung.