Real Life Podcast Episode 94: 94 conversations about nothing

Welcome, citizens, to the 94th episode of the Real Life Podcast. It’s the podcast that starts out each episode with an agenda and gets to absolutely none of it. On this week’s show, Wanye and Baggedmilk were happy to welcome the Nation’s new sound engineer, Jared, to the podcast to teach them about audio, video, and upcoming plans for the Network.

After a brief history of his accomplishments and backstory, Jared the Engineer tells the boys about what he sees for the Nation Network going forward and what he likes about what we’re doing so far. If he has his way, you, the readers, will be getting a lot more audio and video content in the coming weeks and months. From there, the guys talked about how the media landscape is changing and how the Nation Network fits into all of that, especially with the advances in technology making broadcasting to fans easier than ever.

Next up, the plan was to talk about the Oilers but that got derailed by a look at how the boys used to occupy their time as children. Who collected hockey cards? Who collected Pogs? Who is too cheap to buy anything that anyone else would want? With boyhood memories out of the way, the guys finally start in on the Oilers, touching on what Daryl Katz must be thinking about the start of this season, and whether or not we should be concerned that the team can’t score without Connor.

All in all, it was another rollercoaster ride of a podcast and all of this content belongs in your earholes.

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