Nation Donair Tour – Burger Baron

Hello friends! We’re back with another episode of the Nation Donair Tour! This week we were joined by our good pal Karim, from Cornerstone Insurance. Karim took us to the ever-popular Burger Baron on the west end.

Even though Burger Baron isn’t a well-known donair joint, paying a visit to Carlos and the boys have always been on our to-do list. Interestingly enough, the donairs they offer are actually called a “Halifax Donair” on their menu. This just fuelled the fire in our Halifax vs. Alberta donair debate. Do you like veggies on your donair? I’m indifferent.

Another interesting thing to note is that Burger Baron has an Oilers burger on their menu! Of course, their walls were covered with Oilers memorabilia so that always earn some extra points for us. The Burger Baron donair had a lot of good aspects and a lot of bad aspects to it. However, the donair was scored fairly well between Jay, Cam, and Karim. Have you ever been to Burger Baron for a donair? Let us know in the comments where we should go next!

Watch the video below:

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  • Copper

    Wow! I tried the Halifax Donair from Burger Baron a few weeks ago and I was very disappointed. It was cold, hard and with a crunchy pita. Hardly any sauce too. I have tried donairs from upwards of 10 different shops and this one was by far the worse I’ve ever had. So bad, I suggested friends and coworkers that I know eat donairs to not waste their time and money.aybe y’all got special treatment.