GDB 6.0 Wrap Up: 90 seconds can ruin your night, Oilers lose 3-0 to Nashville

Tough to compete when you can’t score. Final Score: 3-0 Predators 

This morning in the GDB, I talked about how this was going to be the toughest test of the season for the Oilers so far, and that if they had any chance at winning they were going to need to be ready to play. Nashville came into tonight’s game as hot as anyone in the league and it was going to take a substantial effort from every Oiler to beat them. Despite playing last night, the Preds didn’t really show any signs of fatigue and were just as able to move the puck effectively through all three zones. Seemingly up for the challenge, the Oilers showed up to the rink ready to work and were able to manage anything thrown their way while also creating plenty of chances of their own. While games against the Bruins and Jets had moments and flashes where they were in complete control, that wasn’t the case tonight. Our guys didn’t have that same deer in the headlights look going on for the first 20 minutes or so.

Actually, for 58 out of 60 minutes, the Oilers were pretty effective on both sides of the puck, and even though the goals didn’t come it wasn’t for lack of opportunity. I know you guys don’t want to hear about moral victories, I don’t either it’s been 11 years of that, but the Oilers didn’t play like a team that deserved to get shutout. As the game progressed through the first period and into the second, the counterpunching continued with both sides getting some good looks at the net with the obvious difference being that the Predators found a way to score and the Oilers did not. And on a night when McDavid was being checked so tightly that he barely had room to breathe, Edmonton desperately needed someone else to step up and produce but they just didn’t get it. To make matters worse, the game winner was a shorthanded marker that basically told the whole story of just how ineffective the Oilers were with the man advantage in a single sequence. And it’s too bad too, because a good game was wiped out by a few costly mistakes.

At the end of the night, a 90-second sequence and a whole lot of snake bite lost this game for the Oilers and that’s really too bad, because they did do a lot of things well. Unfortunately, moral victories don’t bring home the bacon anymore. Connor McDavid can’t do it all for this team and sooner than later, someone is going to need to step up and help him.

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The wrap.


  • Much better start for the Oilers tonight that we saw against both the Jets and Bruins. Rather than sitting back and waiting for something to happen, the Oilers were aggressive from the opening faceoff and it was refreshing to see. Outside of that 1:28 where the Predators scored twice in the second period, I thought the Oilers played pretty well overall.
  • Oscar Klefbom played a ton of minutes for the Oilers tonight, leading both teams in ice time with 30:07. Klefbom played over nine minutes of special teams alone and was arguably the Oilers’ best d-man on this night.
  • Evan Bouchard had a really good game tonight and it’s incredible to see how quickly he seems to be learning. He turned 19 today and is already one of the best offensive options the Oilers have on the back end. Give him a few years and the kid is going to be something special.
  • Cam Talbot was kinda good again kinda weak tonight as he’d probably want both goals back, but it’s tough to win when there is absolutely nothing happening for your club offensively. To his credit, he made plenty of tough saves that kept the Oilers in it but he was outshone by Nashville keeper. Talbot finished the night with 25 saves and a .926 save%.
  • Tonight was Zack Kassian’s best game of the season and it was noticeable that he was at least trying to engage himself physically. He was throwing the body around and that’s what the Oilers need from him.
  • Shout out to Alex Chiasson for making his Oilers debut. He only played 7:28 on the night, but he was noticeable a few times out there and I appreciated the effort.
  • The penalty kill was perfect tonight and played about as well as you’d want when down a man. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the power play.


  • Unfortunately, the first goal of the game was a shortie for Nashville after Jujhar Khaira bobbled the puck at the blue line where PK Subban picked it up walked it down the ice, finishing things off with a snapshot that made its way through Talbot.
  • Only moments after Subban’s goal (1:28 to be exact), Viktor Arvidsson finished off a give and go play by sliding the puck through Talbot’s legs and increasing the Preds’ lead to two. Brutal couple of minutes for the Oilers after really starting the game well.
  • Not that it mattered but Roman Josi added an empty-net goal to really seal the deal with only 52 seconds left in the game.
  • Shall we count the ways the power play let us down tonight? There was a shorthanded goal, nothing doing offensively, and the best offensive chances always seems to go to the Nashville Predators. Edmonton finished the night at 0/4 on a night when they really needed to come through.
  • The giveaways were a huge problem on the power play tonight. I don’t know how many times the boys handed the puck over to the Nashville penalty killers but it seemed like they were never in control and constantly battling what they were supposed to be doing.
  • I didn’t like seeing the Oilers take two penalties in the first period. Even though they killed both of them off, I can’t imagine anyone would be happy about having the team down by a man for four of the first twenty minutes. That being said, the PK was definitely a highlight tonight.
  • Make it a  13 game losing streak against Nashville.
  • Why does Brian Burke want to be on TV when it looks everything he’s asked just pisses him off? Unrelated to anything at all, but just a thought I had during the intermission.
  • Doing the #BoozeCast (working title) after games is so much more fun than a #BeetCast. I’m not looking forward to this. Follow along with the misery and join in the conversation over on my Twitter.



No Scoring


13:14 Nashville SHG – P.K. Subban (2) ASST: Colton Sissons (2), Mattias Ekholm (4) 1-0
14:42 Nashville Viktor Arvidsson (4) ASST: Nick Bonino (2), Mattias Ekholm (5) 2-0


19:07 Nashville EN – Roman Josi (2) 3-0


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 10/20/2018 – 11:00 pm MST

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  • PleaseWinOilers

    Predictable game. Oilers had maybe 1 or 2 good scoring chances all night. Was worried when I heard Saros was starting. He’s really good, not that the Preds needed him to be.

    This team has a stunning lack of secondary offense. If you neutralize McDavid you win. Nobody else scares anyone on opposing teams. JP? Phhhhhttt. Strome? Nope. Kassian? Hahahaha, no way.

    • Soccer Steve

      The best D in the entire league had to desperately hack/slash/hook McD to keep him under control. Saying you simply neutralize him is underselling it immensely.

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      Did we watch the same game? I saw Draisaitl have 2 great chances in close but went wide. I saw Strome have a really good chance in close but wasn’t able to pick a corner. I saw us battle in the paint and get shots away but we were stopped by a brick wall. I saw some really good point shots that almost trickled in but again that damn brick wall was in the way. There were way more than 1 or 2 good scoring chances.

      • Kneedroptalbot

        The Oilers are adequetely average, what exactly did you expect? Nashville has one of the best defensive cores in the league, goaltending is top tier. They have good speed throughout the line up. The Oilers have one of the weakest D-cores in the league, avg goaltending at best, suit up and roll out Kassian, Lucic, and Strome on a nightly basis. Do they even add any offence to the team?

  • TKO

    well, the Preds are a legitimate contender, and this is a good measuring stick. Soros is in the zone, playing elite, and the team is elite front to back. as much as a loss stings for the missed points, it is also a good gauge for the coach and team to build off of.

        • jesse says yep

          It looks like thier breakouts are improving. I see them looking up ice first and going for the up ice pass quicker now. And against a team that is as good as Nashville is they did a ok job of it.

        • MrBung

          Never said is wasn’t important but you have to have players that can actually play those systems and match up against opponents. Reread my comment. The Oil roster is not good enough compared to other teams.

    • Dan 1919

      When Draisaitl isn’t playing well, he is frustrating to watch. That being said he’s overall productive in his still young career. The cheapest a young, big productive center like him was going to go for was low $7mill/year. So not that Chiarelli should be absolved of his overpayments, but Draisaitl is realistically only a $million or so overplaid. A far cry from some more famous previous Oiler centers who shall go unnamed.

  • Heschultzhescores

    It was not that our PP was that bad as the Preds were super aggressive. They were going after McD with 2 men even shorthanded. Why because our go to play is give the puck to McD . How about somebody else step up and take some pressure off the Captain? Abd Todd needs to go. He sends a message when the problem is his PP “plan”

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        There was a stark contract to the tactics they used with Boston compared to what they used against Nashville.In the Boston game they were using the boards to chip it by players and to chip it into Bostons end of the ice, dumping it in when they could and chasing. Last night against the preds it seem more often then not they were either trying to skate with the puck by the man or trying passes in the neutral zone which werent getting them anywhere. It was the same with the PP every one seemed to be a drop back pass into the Oilers end and let McDavid skate it up and try and pass or chip it in, and they did that time and time again, it got to where the Preds looked like they knew exactly what the Oilers were going to do from the way they lined up in their end

        I think the Oilers dont change it up enough so that teams dont know what the Oilers will do, being predictable just makes it easier to defend against, how TM and the other coaches dont see that is beyond me

    • The preds seemed to use every inch of their sticks on the PK. Every passing lane was completely blocked and they had Jasper Ave level traffic in front of the goalie. I don’t think we had a single puck touch the ice in between the faceoff circles all night

  • Spydyr

    Obviously you are not going to win unless you score but once again Talbot was the second best goalie on the ice, to a backup. Nuge is normally money but he had a tough night.

    • ed from edmonton

      Agree that the game came down to goaltending as all other players were pretty much a saw off. Kind of like all of the Oil’s game this year other than the same in Sweden. I don’t think that there is much debate the team with the best goaltending on a given night almost always win. Someone quipped recently that the Grinch (i.e. Brian Burke, that guy always looked like someone jus farted in the room) said “we can’t call it goaltending, so we call if playoffs”

    • jesse says yep

      Re about it. Rinne is only the starter because of his contract. Sauros is the guy that it seems the Preds would rather be going forward with down the road.

  • OriginalPouzar

    1) I love Louie but he was off on his “send a message” comment. PP2 didn’t start to “send a message”. PP2 started that PP because most of the PP1 personnel just finished a very lengthy shift and needed a rest.

    2) The Oilers had more high danger scoring chances than the Preds – I’ve seen it a 7-3 Oilers (which is a bit more lopsided than my eye test). While Saros was more solid than spectacular, he made the saves and Talbot wasn’t able to come up with the big one on the shortie – that was the game.

    3) Oh well, tough game against a tough opponent. I thought it was the team’s best effort of the year and they continue to improve game after game. Should be a fun couple of games against PIT and WSH next week.

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    I am strangely happy with HOW the Oilers lost with respect to WHO they lost to. Also, with all the doom and gloom prognosticating surrounding the team’s schedule, we are .500 so far. This is better than expected IMO.

    • MrBung

      Whats to be happy about? The Oil ate still losing to Nashville after 12 years and drafting the best player on the planet. I am mad that ownership and management have still found a way to maintain this as one of the poorest teams in pro sports.

  • Thought Talbot played well tonight, controlled rebounds well. Didn’t think Yamamoto deserved to be pulled off 97’s line. He played well tonight and Chiasson deserved more than 7 minutes tonight,and should be in the line up Tuesday.

    • Heschultzhescores

      Talbot was ok…but once again he was 2nd place . We need a goalie that can steal a game for us. Oops goalie had the same quality shots as Talbot, but managed to post a shutout.

      • Boba The Fett

        If you seriously feel this game was on Talbot at all you need to get your head out of your rear end. Last year everybody said that if he could just provide us with average to above average goaltending it will give this team a chance. From what I understand league average is generally right around .918-.920 and last night Talbot was .926. The fact that the offence could not get one past Saros has nothing to do with Talbot, he gave his team a chance. Yes he would like the 2nd one back but he still kept his team in it.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Said this earlier but will again the Oilers continue to have trouble with teams that have played an opponent the night before, you’d think they would have the edge due to a team being a tad tired from playing just 24 hours earlier, but nope I swear the Oilers just take teams that played the night before too lightly.

    The first two periods were really good, but Stromes terrible play on the 2 on 1 was brutal, I mean he may as well not have been there because he did nothing, zilch, zip , nada to take away the passing lane which would have limited or made it a little more difficult for Nashville and a tad easier for Talbot to worry about one man rather than two and boom it’s in the net.

    Nurse should get a hand smack too for getting caught flat footed, he played that 3 on 2 horrible and boom in the back of the net, like there was little effort given to even try and stop that play.

    Give Nashville credit they played pretty well for a team that played just 24 hours early and Sorros did well. If Sorros keeps this up he could unseat Rinne

    So does this mean the Oilers are going to let Koskinen play a dame now or are they going to wait. Brossoit has already played two of the jets games and is now 2-0

  • Heschultzhescores

    Teams can now double team McD because we have no other threat. Drai is a huge waste of cap space. We NEED a D-man commander like PK. Until then we are destined for another year on the outside looking in. FN pathetic is all I can say!

    • Boba The Fett

      Outside of a 90 second brain fart the Oil hung in with the reigning presidents trophy holders and current top team in the league. Not a terrible game, they looked better than they did against BOS and WPG

  • jesse says yep

    The Oil looked like an team that was giving it thier all against one of the leagues best tonight. They need to wotk on shot accuracy as everytime they tried to put it farside they missed wide and the preds were flying back up the ice.
    Yamomoto isnt going to get it done and neither is Reider. Chia needs to find a winger who can score and help Leon drive that line.

  • Clayton

    The Oilers are too easy of a team to play. Play D when Connor is on the ice (25 mins or so) and then play hockey for the other 35 minutes. Take Connor out of the picture I think I like every team’s odds over the Oilers in the remaining 35 minutes. The Oilers have to get the lead so that teams have to push and that will open things up for Connor. Essentially the Oilers are missing 4 top 6 forwards and 2 top pairing D-Men. Long way to go.

  • OldOilerFan

    I’m in Nashville right now. Trying to watch the game at a sports bar that was more concerned with baseball playoffs and college football. After both of those ended they switched to this hockey game. No one cared. 3-0 on home ice? Really? Geeez……

  • The 2 teams are basically polar opposites. I guess it goes to show how to structure and build a hockey team. Net out, not wing in or whatever. Sekera’s injured so maybe Chia-Pet gets a mulligan, but it goes to show upper management could learn a “thing or two” about how to structure the damn line-up.

  • hagar

    Was that a full on effort from all the players?

    When is it ever, even on the good days, a full on effort from the entire team like it takes to win. The oilers can have two dman play great, one line play great, and they have a chance.
    They lose when the percentage of people actually trying, tips by a few percent in the wrong direction.

  • Mitch_Stevens

    If any GM is dense enough to take on Draisaitl’s contract, I’d unload him asap. The guy just doesn’t seem to care. While we’re at it, ship out Rieder, Strome, Puljujarvi, Kassian and Benning. I’m calling it now: Vancouver will make the playoffs and the Oilers won’t.

    • Boba The Fett

      Way to jump off the bandwagon 6 games in. Everyone said if we can get through October at .500 it was a great start given our schedule. We are currently 3-3 and have beat 2 teams that had 100+ points last year.

    • jesse says yep

      Sweet. Im still looking for someone to take me up on a bet for a jersey. You in? Canucks make the playoffs i buy Oil do and its on you. None of that cheap China knockoff stuff either.

  • KennyG

    JJ and JP are really struggling this year. Almost guarantee turn over soon as they touch the puck. Not saying there the only ones that turn it over as the entire team is guilty of that. It’s a huge problem. I liked VGK way of handling underachieving players last season. Don’t play good your out and someone else comes in. Sitting Dri for a game or two wouldn’t hurt. Don’t think the team would even miss him.

  • Foximus

    How much longer can McLellan last? When is it too late to recover the season? The Oil can’t waste another year of McDavid. They were gifted the best player of the next 10 years and are an average team. Chia needs to go too. I was willing to wait-and-see but really how long can this team wait before making some serious changes?

    • jesse says yep

      So the Oil are .500 so far after a crazy start and some really tough teams and you are talking about “recovering the season”? They have played some pretty good hockey against some of the best teams in the NHL and almost came out of it with a winning record. (first Boston game was a Cags skate away from getting points)

  • NeverWas

    Man, Oilers cant buy a win! Coaches fault? Managements fault? Players? McDavids not the right leader?

    Meanwhile… canucks greased out another win without our best player, elias pettersson aka the swedish Gretzky.

    Good luck Oilers fans…. looks like its gunna be another long year (or decade) of darkness

  • KootenayDan

    The Preds are such a good team, they are deep all 4 lines are good and their D is ridiculous. Hamhuis is a third pairing guy that says it all. The Oil did pretty good but now understand how hard they must work to succeed and that is partly due to seeing teams with great depth pushing each other to be better.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Welp the win streak was fun while it lasted. Truth be told, this was probably the best defensive game of the season by the team (outside of 90 seconds). They were really good at keeping Nashville at bay as well as keeping them to the perimeter on the PK. Still…it sucks to lose 13 straight to one team which, in my mind at least, is inexcusable. We get another shot at them next week, so let’s make the most of it.

  • Bills Bills

    What I watched tonight was a team with a solid defensive system choke the life out of the Oilers. They never got any really grade A scoring chances. It was an uneventful shutout. Meanwhile, the Oilers defence continue to bang the puck around hoping to clear the zone with no real system of puck support down low. They are clearing the puck out of desperation with no control. The result is the opposing team clearing the zone and bringing the puck right back in for more sustained pressure. It is sad and something you don’t see teams like Nashville do very often when in their own zone. Until the Oilers accept that their system isn’t working, only Norris and Hart caliber additions to the roster will ever make this team truly a contender.

  • ed from edmonton

    I guess over a decade of almost non stop futility will get you the incredible negativity one sees on this site. After every loss, even one like this which was a very closely contested game vs a good team, the knives come put in force.

    • Boba The Fett

      The fans are a big part of the negative culture. Being critical is ok but uneducated ignorant criticism is an issue that all to many of these “fans” are guilty of.

    • Clayton

      I never felt the Oilers were at a point of taking over the game where as I felt there were many moments where the Preds were about to break out. It felt like a very controlled game by the Preds.

  • ARB

    Just goes to show you how one mistake can turn the tides in a super tight game! I thought this was the best 58min the boys played this year as well. The team responded well on that PK after the preds got those two quick goals. The wheels could have easily fallen off and it could have been a blowout, but the boys pushed hard the rest of the game. The preds team defence was just too good!

  • Oiler Al

    Didn’t look or feel like a 3-0 game.Heck 4 more goals and they could have this thing! Although he didn’t play that poorly, the two goals Talbot let in were softies he should have had them.Power play is very indicative how amenic the scoring is on this team. Never mind 5X5.

  • Anton CP

    I have a question, why the Oilers have never crash into the middle of the ice on offensive zone? The last 3 mins of the game with 6 skaters that no one is in the middle and puck bounced away from it so many times…

  • Elgando

    Talbot was the difference. The teams we’re landing blow for blow by Saros made the saves and Cam wasn’t able to. I’m not sold in him as a starter, never have been. He’s better than a backup, but not good enough to be a lights out starter..