Rating Oilers Halloween Costumes

The Simpsons specials, candy corn, pumpkin spice, candy apples, that totally fake story about that one time that a guy put razor blades in a kids candy that definitely never happened but continues to live on and NHL players dressing up as other people and enraging/elating the masses. The Oilers held their own special night and sadly not a lot of photos were taken. Only five brave souls agreed to have their photos shown but we have them all here for you.

As I said, ’tis the season to get upset about people’s costumes good and bad. Last year PK Subban had people in stitches over his “piggy-back” costume and then Connor McDavid dressed up as the President of the United States of America and that seemed to have broken the internet with rage for a hot minute.

That said it looks like the Oil avoided any poorly thought out or faux rage inducing outfits. Let’s have a look.

Leon and Celeste:

The couples costumes have been flying for this Oilers Halloween party  Leon and Celeste rocking the minions look here quite well.

Final score: 4 out by 5

Darryl and S/O:

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Halloween ting

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Good looking costumes here. Darryl looks like a boss in that shirt and vest combo with the wig. Fantastic job by his significant other there on her Michael rendition. If the Twitterverse is to be believed, however, I have to dock .5 points for Darnell for leaving the costume buying late:

Final score: 3.5 outta 5

Adam Larsson and S/O

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Name those Oilers! (And their SO’s) #halloween #oilers #yeg

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Lost a point for going with a very standard costume here. Gained a point because although standard they also appear to have brought their own mummy for the event. When you (allegedly in my opinion and definitely didn’t) have to find an old pharaoh who passed away recently and go to the lengths of getting him mummified for one night in the middle of October for an event with your teammates, you have earned that extra point.

Final score: 4 out of 5 

Kassian and S/O:

I am not sure where this photo came from but this is a thing of beauty of a costume. Look at that untamed mane of chest hair that was definitely toned down a bit for this one. It’s majestic.

Final score: 4.5 out of 5

Three pack of couples

Kelly and Cam Talbot:

BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE… I won’t say it again for fear of inciting the real thing but Cam and Kelly rocked out this great costume combo. The suit and face makeup to match are stellar here.

Final score: 4.5 out of 5

Milan Lucic and Brittany Carnegie:

I am not a Game of Thrones fan, so I am sorry if I am assuming incorrectly that this is a reference to that smash hit. I just prefer long walks on the beach and not to watch someone get their chest eaten by hungry rats. I believe this is the ice king from the winter region of the thrones and that his lovely wife is the queen of the ice lands to the North? Did I Game of Thrones it right there? Probably not. Costume-wise the mask seems under painted to me but Mrs Lucic’s costume is amazing.

Final score: 5 out of 5

Connor and Lauren:

I have to admit when I first saw these ones, I was unsettled by the “eyeball” makeup. It took my brain a few minutes to register what they were going for there but now I am all in. The homer and marge look is fantastic. The young Nation Dan gives a nod of his cap to this version because Connor has a willing female to be the Marge to his Homer.

Final score: 5 out of 5