GDB 7.0 Wrap Up: That was emotional, Penguins win it 6-5 in OT

Maybe someone should remind Crosby again that he hadn’t scored yet. *sigh* Final Score: 6-5 Penguins in OT

There’s always something special about seeing two (or three depending on who you are) of the best players in the world going up against each other and tonight’s McDosby showdown was no different. Coming in, I was expecting big things since it seems like 97 and 87 always crank it up a notch when they face off against each other, and that’s a generational head-to-head that’s always worth watching. And that’s without even throwing Malkin in the mix, a guy that can undoubtedly dominate a shift or game in his own right. Figure him in with Connor and Sid and you’ve got a big ticket night in the NHL. But for as much as I was looking forward to seeing the captains go up against each other, a battle that can go either way on a shift by shift basis, I was nervous about how the rest of the Oilers would be able to hold up against an experienced Penguins team. As it turns out, it was the secondary scorers for both teams that were the story on this night.

As much as everyone was talking about Connor and Sid going against each other, they spent just as much time on the fact that Crosby had yet to score a goal this season. As Oilers fans, we know that a long drought and a road trip through Edmonton usually means that a slump is about to be busted and that’s exactly what happened. The Oilers couldn’t cash in on an early power play opportunity but, when given the chance, the Penguins made something with theirs as Sidney Crosby opened the scoring with his first of the year. Crosby’s goal aside, this was a close affair… at least to start. From there the game really opened up as both sides seemingly decided that defence was optional and that it would be way more fun to go all in on a shinny-like back and forth style of play that opened things up for a flurry of goals to get traded back and forth for the final 40 minutes. Stars were scoring, depth players too, and it was the kind of game where the leads changed on a minute by minute basis. It was offensive madness and insanely close all at the same time.

When the game went into overtime, I honestly had no idea which way this thing was going to go. On one hand, I was expecting the Oilers to pull this thing out and finish off the win because that’s kinda what they do in OT. Then, on the other hand, almost everything the Penguins shot at the net ended up going in. Unfortunately, we know how this one ended up.

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The wrap.

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  • Leon Draisaitl came up with a huge goal (his 3rd) in the second period to tie the game up after he collected the puck in the high slot and ripped it past Murray with a heavy wrist shot. He was able to gain a little bit of space for himself with the puck and he made no mistake when he got it. Leon’s second goal of the night (4th), a perfectly executed odd-man rush with McNuge by his side, was just as important as it gave the Oilers a (temporary) 5-4 lead in the third period. Great night by Draisaitl and easily his best game of the year.
  • Alex Chiasson scored his first goal as an Oiler after a hell of a shift that started with him taking his man out in the corner, walking the puck out, shooting, grabbing his rebound, and then burying the puck into the top shelf. Incredible sequence by Chiasson for his first as an Oiler. Chiasson wasn’t done either as, only a few minutes later, he finished off a nifty little give and go with Tobias Rieder to temporarily tie the game up at three. After being a healthy scratch to start the season, the guy is certainly doing everything he can to maintain his spot in the lineup.
  • Connor McDavid scored a massive third-period powerplay goal to tie things up at four goals apiece. I don’t know how many ways I can write that this guy is everything to this team and watching him put up points like this is absolutely incredible to watch.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins quietly had himself another two-point night with a pair of assists on both of Leon Draisaitl’s goals. All of a sudden, Nuge has nine points on the year.
  • Big shout out to Cooper Marody for making it through his NHL debut and doing a fine job of it, I might add. He made some really nice plays out there and you can tell the guy has hands and a sense for the net, which makes him a guy that I’m quietly (super) optimistic about. I didn’t think he’d be here this early but he didn’t look out of place in his first NHL game. He finished the night with 9:58 on the ice, two takeaways, and two shots on goal.
  • Oscar Klefbom logged a ton of minutes again tonight, finishing the game with 28:16 minutes played in all situations. He’s been McLellan’s workhorse over these last few games and he’s done a decent job of handling the task so far, though it would be nice to see some more offence coming from him.
  • How about Kailer Yamamoto’s ability to draw penalties? It really is incredible, right? Is it because he’s so small and ends up flying around when you bump him?
  • I thought Milan Lucic had a really solid night again. He was throwing his weight around, parking himself in front of the net whenever he got close to it, and he generally made it known when he was on the ice. More of that, please.
  • The Oilers went 2/5 on the powerplay which was very encouraging to see. Obviously, they could have used another one but it’s nice to see them get something going with the man advantage.
  • Happy Birthday to the one and only Jason Gregor! Guy looks great for 50.
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  • Shame on all of you that kept talking about Crosby not having a goal yet this season. This goal is on all of you. Shame. SHAME! *spits* And on the OT winner, I’m gonna go ahead and say that a Strome vs. Crosby matchup is less than ideal.
  • Oleksiak got the Penguins second goal of the game, tying the game up midway through the second period. The big man slowly made his way down the ice, following the play until he found himself alone with the puck in the slot and buried it. That said, this was a stoppable puck and Cam Talbot really should have had it. The Oilers had just given themselves the lead (2-1) and this one should not have gone in. The gigantic defensive potted another one in the third****** period after his seeing-eye shot from the point made its way through traffic and into the net.
  • Moments after they tied the game at two apiece, the Penguins reclaimed their lead (3-2 at that point) with another goal from in tight by Patric Hornqvist. The Penguins won a puck battle behind the net after what looked like a controllable play for the Oilers and it made its way to Hornqvist’s stick and into the back of the net. Not the brightest piece of defending and goaltending you’ll ever see. Hornqvist then got a second goal of the night later on in the period after the puck bounced into the net off of his foot, restoring the Penguins one-goal lead (4-3).
  • This was not a very good night for Cam Talbot at all which was incredibly frustrating given the work that was happening in front of him. This could have been a statement win for the Oilers but instead, it ended up as an OT loss because they couldn’t get the saves needed to close the thing out. I’m not going to put all six on the goalie necessarily but there were a few gross goals in there that absolutely had to be stopped. Talbot finished the night with 25 saves and a .806 save%.
  • Jesse Puljujarvi looked lost again tonight and, again, played fewer than 10 minutes. Honestly, I would love for him to be in the AHL, but I also think the same for Yamamoto and the Oilers don’t have enough depth to make that happen. Such is life.
  • Oilers went 47% in the faceoff circle which isn’t horrible but not exactly good either.
  • I hate you, Sid. Here’s a #BeetCast. As always, you can follow along over on my Twitter account.
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10:58 Pittsburgh PPG – Sidney Crosby (1) ASST: Kris Letang (5), Phil Kessel (5) 1-0


01:06 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (3) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (6), Kris Russell (2) 1-1
03:10 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (1) ASST: Kris Russell (3) 1-2
07:16 Pittsburgh Jamie Oleksiak (2) ASST: Evgeni Malkin (10), Phil Kessel (6) 2-2
10:24 Pittsburgh Patric Hornqvist (1) ASST: Dominik Simon (2) 3-2
15:15 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (2) ASST: Tobias Rieder (1), Adam Larsson (2) 3-3
19:05 Pittsburgh Patric Hornqvist (2) ASST: Matt Cullen (1), Brian Dumoulin (3) 4-3


02:47 Edmonton PPG – Connor McDavid (5) ASST: Oscar Klefbom (3), Milan Lucic (2) 4-4
04:18 Edmonton PPG – Leon Draisaitl (4) ASST: Connor McDavid (8), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (7) 4-5
06:51 Pittsburgh Jamie Oleksiak (3) ASST: Patric Hornqvist (2), Matt Cullen (2) 5-5


02:12 Pittsburgh Sidney Crosby (2) 6-5


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 10/23/2018 – 11:00 pm MST

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    • Digger

      So you think its an embarrassment to be beat one on one by arguably the best player in the world? Who I might add is also bigger & stronger than you? Apparently you aren’t big on contact sports in general

      • Daryl Katz

        Who the hell are you? You don’t know me enough to comment on whether or other I’m as big or strong as Crosby. Strome sucks and the Pens knew this and got Crosby on the ice with a quick shift and we all saw what happened.

      • BobbyCanuck

        Was that Connor standing around the hash marks when Sid scored the OT winner? I think it was, which is good, because Conner now sees another aspect of the game to work on

        …the close in deke out 2 players and the goalie, just like players like Sid and Patrick Kane do. I am thinking Connor is going to spend the next off season working on his in close stick handling skills, last summer he spent on the face-off, which I think has improved a lot

        • The future never comes

          In 3 on 3 you play man to man coverage. Strome had Crosby with Darnell in as the possible closest secondary support. That was not even close to his fault. Don’t make up stuff to support your narrative.

      • The Dave

        “So you think its an embarrassment to be beat one on one by arguably the best player in the world? Who I might add is also bigger & stronger than you?”

        Yes. Yes it is. Losing sucks, and getting turnstyled sucks. This isn’t complicated.

        • Towers-of-dub

          yeah, i think Strome is the first player that Crosby has ever undressed and turned inside out. It’s never happened before on any of his other 1100 points.

    • Odanada

      No, you don’t.
      And you also don’t make many clutch saves when your default move is down on your knees.
      A lot more goalies are playing more of a hybrid style, mixing standup with the butterfly. Cam can play well at times, but he doesn’t seem able to evolve.
      Sometimes you’ve got to stand your ground, or at least offer a little variety to keep them guessing.

  • I keep seeing things like “Kailer needs to stop deferring to McDavid/Draisaitl/Nuge” but what really needs to be said is “KAILER NEEDS TO SHOOT THE $&@#*%! PUCK” I know he’s young. I know he’s still finding his game. But we know he can bury them. Skating through a wide open slot and then passing to the side of the net…it’s frustrating to watch.

      • @S_2_H

        If you noticed, he wasn’t on the the ice the next few shifts after that. I’m sure part of that was just Todd trying to get Leon more minutes with Connor, but I’m guessing it was also a deliberate message.

      • I think part of the issue it that with Rattie out, he’s on the top line. Well, jeez…how does a kid NOT get the puck to Connor? But the leaders on the team need to encourage him to take the shot. “We’ll get the rebound, kid, don’t worry.”

        • That's My Point

          In Pittsburgh, you’re OFF of Crosby’s line if all you’re going to do is pass him the puck every time you touch it, the coach demands accountability for your own play on the ice.
          Wish the Oilers could use that philosophy instead of players passing to Connor and then take the rest of their shift off to watch #97.

    • Odanada

      Give the “gel-man” time to find his game. He is giving his all, learning every shift and will get there.
      Remember when all McDavid did was pass? He figured it out and so will KY.
      Stop yelling at him and give him a chance, will ya?

  • Odanada

    Poor Talbot will be forced to watch Crosby’s OT goal over and over again as it challenges for “goal of the year” on all the highlight reels. It will be shown all year, at the end of the year and probably in the retrospective reel of Sid’s greatest goals at the end of his career. It will also make the rounds when the inevitable “who was better” videos are made comparing the skills of the “greats”.
    As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough of a game for Cam, he will get to watch this one forever and ever.
    The funny thing is it would never have happened if he just played a better game during regulation.

    • btrain

      Honestly, even though it was Crosby and the initial deke around Strome was fantastic, the goal itself appeared to be somewhat of a gift. Granted its Crosby and what he can do with the puck would keep tenders second guessing. However I think a Talbot on his game, which he was not last night, stops that puck. I mean he read the play well enough and followed Crosby until Crosby was in a poor shooting position. He just failed to make Crosby work for it by only blocking the net with his toe and glove hand, instead of his entire body while staying upright. That said, it was a heck of a game to watch! Cant be too upset about banking a point after that one.

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        Well I wont hang this all on Talbot, Strome and Nurse are on the hook for this one as well. Strome was out of gas and by the time he realised where Crosby was, Crosby was already starting to go by him, Nurse was looking down the ice and he had no idea Crosby was headed to the net until he turned around and Crosby was by Strome and Nurse stuck his stick out but Crosby was not going to be stopped by that and then Talbot tried to slide across but Crosby put it up high and that was that.

        Strome out there baffles me because the guy’s foot speed is horrible, yyes he had been out there already but he isnt fast on his fett 98% of the time and Nurse just was looking the wrong away, yes you have to respect who is on the ice with Crosby but leaving strome back there was a recipe for disaster

  • ScottV

    Well – sure Talbot might have been sharper toward saving the day with a couple of big saves on the GA’s. To me – its more of the way the team plays under McL. Unstable.
    GA 1 – PP, Kassian overplay on point coverage to the middle, no backside awareness Klefbom, deflection.
    GA 2 – mixup on coverage Strome / Nurse. Gives up grade a 2 on 1 scoring chance.
    GA 3 – Kassian giveaway, Russell slow to move out of the corner to defend, Nurse slow to close. Gives up grade a scoring chance.
    GA 4 – Larsson and Klef weak on box outs and control of net front threats. Puck kicked in. Yeah a Talbot save would have been good.
    GA 5 – what can you say.

  • ed from edmonton

    This is the ultimate glass half empty/half full game. For the 18 skaters on the ice, they had an obvious upper hand throughout the game. But the Oil goaltender looked like the guy from last year. But if the Oil 18 skaters can play that well most nights, one has to be optimistic. Also a shout out to PC for quietly improving depth. Both Chaisson and Marody were positive contributors. Wonder when we will see his $2.5M back up?

  • The Immortal

    Not really sure what Yamamoto does to warrant praise or ice time? He ‘draws penalties because he’s a smurf (the one he took was rather silly of him) and thinking the game well playing the game well. Sorry but I think he’s a waste of a pick.

    As for Jesse, we might as well trade him because its obvious TM isn’t going to play him..sorry I didn’t think he looked ‘lost’ out there…

    • ed from edmonton

      Pretty hard not to give TMac credit for demoting JP to the 4th line when the guy who replaced him on the 2nd gets two goals and was a crossbar away from a hatty.

      • The Immortal

        Yeah lets play a career plug ahead of the kid drafted 4th overall. Point is either we live with the kids growing pains or we trade / demote him.
        Obviously TM isn’t going to give jp the same leash that Strome has…sorry idc if he was at the end of a shift..that was embarassing…just freaking stand there and Sid would run into him.

        Frankly this team would be better if PC had just sat in his office and did nothing for the past 3-4 years.

        • Goaltender Interference

          Should we make players earn their minutes or not? Gifting players playing time based on their position in the draft, or the price paid for them in a trade, was a big contributor to the DOD.

          JP hasn’t shown any indication he’s ready for top six position or minutes. The ‘plug’ that was put in for him last night on the other hand sure had a going night.

          Puljujarvi needs to pull up his socks and anyone making excuses for him isn’t really doing him any favours.

          • The Immortal

            What has Yamo done to deserve it?

            Years ago the Habs drafted Doug Wickenheiser and applied your same formula of having to earn it etc…so he rotted on the bench for a few years and then faded into the sunset.

            Develop the kid one way or another, and playing an offensive player (you don’t get drafted top 10 for being a stellar defensive player) with plugs and then saying ‘look he doesn’t do anything’ is such bs…

  • winteriscoming

    We are .500 which based on the schedule I will take, we have yet to play teams were out of the playoffs with the exception of the rangers. We just need to get through October so we can get to the softer teams.

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      Not just .500, but we have 7 points in 7 games. 2 games played less than the Sharks and THREE less than the Ducks, both with 11 points in 1st place. I’d say we’re doing fine.

      • FlamesFanOtherCity

        You got two games on the second night of a team’s back to back. You are of the belief you are doing fine sitting at .500 hockey? One win in regulation and the other two in OT. I would be in the pitchfork mob if I was you.

        • 99CupsofCoffey

          LOL, I’m talking in relation to the rest of the Pacific. Of course i’m not fine being “average”, but if we’re all average for now, at least we’re not 6 games behind.

          • FlamesFanOtherCity

            Reality check – 12th in the West, 24th in league.
            Pacific – 2 points up on last place team.
            That’s not really average.

            I’m not here to chirp, since the team down South is struggling with goaltending and defensive breakdowns. 500 hockey at any point in the season is not good.

  • Moneyball

    Oilers played a solid game against a good team. They should have won this. When Rattie gets back they should trade puljujarvi for a dman and send Lassian to bakersfield for a bit. The top 4 d for the oilers are getting tired and could use some depth.

  • daryl

    Todd is still an ass benched JP the kid needs work and 10 minutes a night is not enough. Todd needs to be gone. Talbot is just ugly right now 3 bad goals hope that expensive back up works.

    • ed from edmonton

      So are you saying that the Oil are a development team?

      JP reminds me a lot of Shane Doan early in his career, big buy who can skate well. After two seasons with the Jets/Yotes, Doan spent half of his 3rd season in the AHL. Didn’t really hit his stride until year 5 of his career. If guys like Chaisson and Marody and push guys like JP, Kassian, Caggullia off the roster that’s a good thing. BTW I would think the guy most in danger has to be Kassian, has shown next to nothing this year.

  • Rusty

    Lucic had a great game. his passing was what stood out to me and he was quick on pucks and liberal with the body. The thrid line with strome is his wheelhouse. Strome had a good game. i wont for second criticize strome for getting undressed by crosby. that happens. fans can just chill.

    I agree with puljujarvi looking lost out there. While yamo has looked good the last 2 games Jesse is looking increasingly out of his league. and thats ok. hes 20. but he needs to either find a an effective role real quick or go to bakersfield.

    Also thank you Drai for playing your best game of the year against a great team. really hope you go liquid magma hot for the rest of the season.