Patrick Sharp and Adam Burish admire Connor McDavid

The Chicago Blackhawks are doing some pre-scouting for their matchup against the Oilers on Sunday afternoon and two former Hawks, Adam Burish and Patrick Sharp, sat down and do what Oilers fans do on a daily basis — watch Connor McDavid highlights and marvel at how amazing he is. I figured we could take a little look at bits and pieces of their analysis.

The boys start out the video gushing over Connor and then say we call him “McJesus”. I will give them the pass on that because while it did start out that way, it’s no longer his nickname out of respect for his parents.

In the interview, they take some time to break down the infamous speed goal against Calgary last year in the home opener.

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Can we talk about Connor’s goal from last night?

Calling it “one of the sickest goals that I’ve (Adam Burish) ever seen”. They marvel at the speed because of course, they do.

Burish: Fastest player to ever play in the NHL?
Sharp: “…the five or six times that I have played on the ice versus Connor McDavid he is hands down the most impressive player I have seen in all my years of hockey”

They then go all the way back to his first game back from the injury way back in his rookie year.

The guys display a lot of pity Columbus’ defence after Connor absolutely slaughtered them with his first goal back from his collarbone injury.

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From there, the guys get into more conversation about how fast Connor is and they keep coming back to it again and again. Sharp was one of the faster guys in his day and he described Connor McDavid like:

This guy has got an ability, everytime he touches the puck — boom he’s gone. He’s one of the most fun players to watch.

They then take a minute to talk about how the Blackhawks are going to possibly stop Connor and whether or not it can even be done. Duncan Keith’s name was mentioned, this Duncan Keith draped over Connor for one of the best assists I have ever seen:

Edmonton Oilers recall Markus Granlund, place Connor McDavid on IR

Then they close out the segment by admitting they are watching this Sunday just to see Connor. I think that goes for a lot of us.

Watch the full video below: