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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report: “The Answer” is losing his status

It’s time for another weekly Capilano Rehab Injury report! We’ve got lots to talk about today as the Oilers injury reserve has been a busy place to be as of late. So far this season we haven’t had the greatest luck in terms of team health, but I have some high hopes for the crew moving forward. 

The one player returning to play after appearing on the Injury Report last week was Drake Caggiula. Caggiula dressed in last nights game against the Washington Capitals after sitting out a few games with a lower-body injury suffered in the game against Winnipeg. Meanwhile, Ty Rattie, Matt Benning, and Andrej Sekera all remain on the IR.

Ty Rattie

As discussed in last weeks injury report, Ty Rattie left the ice in the second period during the game against the Bruins. Rattie returned to the game a little later on, but only for a brief moment. Below you will see the entirety of Rattie’s final shift before leaving the ice. Nothing out of the usual happens, but he clearly leaves the ice in pain after dumping the puck in.

Todd McLellan came out and said Ty Rattie will be out of the lineup for a couple of weeks with a midsection muscle injury. Jason Gregor had mentioned that it could be a hip flexor problem, but we don’t know for sure. Either way, it’s a real shame he’s sitting out right now, as every minute he’s away from the top line, is another chance he could be replaced for good. I’m sure this is absolutely killing Ty Rattie.

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Matt Benning

We have a Matt Benning update! If you forgot, he left last weeks game against Boston in the first period with an undisclosed injury. This was a complete surprise to everyone as nothing apparent happened on the ice and the Oilers weren’t releasing any information on the injury.

As we found out earlier this week, Matt Benning got his bell rung when he went to hit David Backes in the first shift of the game. He was suffering concussion-like symptoms and was placed on the Injury Reserve. This is what Todd McLellan had to say about Benning’s status on Wednesday:

“He definitely won’t skate Thursday, and I don’t know where he’ll be for the weekend, he was allowed to skate [yesterday] in a non-contact situation. He had a smile on his face which was a good sign. He looked energized and all of those were all of those were positive steps for him to recover from his injury.”

Below is the hit he laid on David Backes which injured him. Hopefully, we’ll see Benning back healthy soon!

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Andrej Sekera

Andrej Sekera is a lifer on the Injury Report it feels like. He had successful surgery on his Achilles tendon this summer after tearing it during some off-season training. His calmness and patience are definitely missed on the back end right now and I’m hoping he’s having a good time on the IR while it lasts. I feel like it’s easy to go insane if you’re stuck at home doing nothing while recovering from an injury.

Recovering from Achilles surgery is a long time for someone to be on the Injury Reserve, so I hope Reggie’s taken up some kind of hobby to keep busy. Maybe he can start an Etsy store? Maybe he could become a Red Dead Redemption 2 world champion? Heck, if he wants to join us on a #NationDonairTour episode we’d be happy to have him.


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  • BobbyCanuck

    That happens to young players, they will always defer the shot to a more experiences/perceived ‘better than me’ player

    Conner did it a maddening number of times last season

  • Redbird62

    It is a shame that Rattie is hurt and hopefully the effects don’t linger once he is cleared to play. I think he played well enough both in pre-season and over his first several games that he will be given a decent shot on the top line when he comes back. It’s not like the top line is killing it with Yamamoto in his absence. McDavid’s only 5 on 5 point in the last 3 games was an empty netter.

  • TKB2677

    Here is the thing about Rattie. What exactly has Yamamoto done to take Rattie’s job? He hasn’t looked bad on McDavid’s wing but he’s played 3 games and has no points. I think his worst play was in the Pittsburgh game, first shift, McDavid and Nuge get in, Nuge sets up Yamo for about as perfect of a set up as you can get. Time and space, on his forehand, in between the hash marks, maybe 20 ft out. Goalie moving. You even had McDavid going towards the side of the goal for a rebound. If a coach were to draw up a play, describe the perfect situation and circle the perfect shooting spot, that was it. You shoot that puck 10 out of 10 times. It was such a perfect situation to shoot and score from, McDavid himself wasn’t ready for the pass. If McDavid who sees EVERYTHING, doesn’t expect a pass, that’s how stupid of a play it is.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Right now there is essentially zero chance that Rattie is losing that 1RW job. I think that Yamamoto is playing well the last few games – he’s tenacious and effective on the forecheck, he makes smart plays and he’s responsible in all zones. At the same time, he’s played 3 games as McDavid’s winger and that line has zero 5 on 5 points in those 3 games. I’m not saying that Kailer is “the reason” but something isn’t working with him at 1RW.

    I’m looking forward to Rattie returning to 1RW to allow Kailer to head back to 3RW where he’s been most effective. I’m not sure where this leaves Jesse mind you.

  • OriginalPouzar

    FYI, its awesome when you are on a conference call at the office and, because you left an Oilers Nation window open – all of a sudden, extremely loudly, the computers yells: “The thing about your vaginal health is…..” – ya, that was an akward moment.

  • Arfguy

    I think Rattie’s role on that top line is fairly secured. Our wing depth isn’t all that great, regardless of what Chiasson has done in the last couple of games. I am not seeing a lot of chemistry between Yamamoto and McNuge. I also think that Yamamoto needs to be sent down to the AHL for more playing time. I like Yamamoto and I think he can be a big part of the Oilers future, but I do not see him being ready yet. Heck, I think in the last couple of games, Marody has looked pretty solid on the wings. A combo of Rattie, Chiasson, and Marody could potentially ensure we have a good bit of right wing help in the next few games.