Nation Donair Tour – Top Donair Downtown

We’re back with another episode of the Nation Donair Tour! This week we stopped at Top Donair in downtown Edmonton.

We hade some Swedish visitors in town this week visiting the great city of Edmonton and a few of them were planning on being a guest on the Donair Review, however, as the true hockey fans they are, they got occupied getting some autographs from the Edmonton Oilers while this video was being shot. Too bad we missed them this time but hopefully if they return we can have them on a Donair Tour episode!

Top Donair was an interesting place to get a donair. Unfortunately, we had to wait an extremely long time to get this donair… it was draining both mentally and physically. However, they did surprise us with a few great aspects of the donair itself. Eating in the downtown Edmonton atmosphere was a huge positive too. It was a beautiful day in the city and we even had some pleasant street music to chow down too.

Have you ever been to Top Donair downtown? Let us know in the comments where we should go next!

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Watch the video below:

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