Real Life Podcast Episode 95: This is a one-star podcast

You’ve spent the last week pining away for a new episode of the Real Life Podcast and the wait is finally over! This week, the boys are bursting with excitement as the Oilers find themselves near the top of the Pacific Division standings for the first time in a while and they just can’t hold it in. 

How could the boys not start this podcast off by gushing about the Oilers? Impossible! After knocking out three straight wins against some of the league’s best and temporarily sitting atop the Pacific Division standings, there’s a hell of a lot to be excited about. After turning things around from their first two losses to New Jersey and Boston, the boys try to decide where was the turning point that got things moving the other way. Continuing on with the Oilers talk, the guys look at Connor McDavid’s early season success, the horrible calls Milan Lucic has had against him, and Mikko Koskinen’s first game in seven years.

After having Uffe Bodin and Peter Sibner on last week’s show, Jay wrapped up the Swedish invasion with a breakdown of the week’s festivities and a heartfelt plea that the Swedes come back for another round. Both Jay and Nation Dan had a great week of hosting the group from Sweden and it was wonderful to show them a little piece of our city. Lastly, the boys look ahead at the coming Nation Road Trip to Calgary which is now sold out as well as reading some podcast reviews to find out what the listeners think. As always, it’s a jam-packed Real Life Podcast that belongs in your earholes.

Check out this week’s episode below:

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