GDB 11.0 Wrap Up: A special teams disaster, Oilers give up lead(s) and lose 4-3 to Minnesota

Giving up three separate leads and losing without even a point is tough to take. Final Score: 4-3 Wild

I know that Jacques Lemaire hasn’t coached the Minnesota Wild since 2009 but I still can’t help but think of them as the horribly boring team that plays the trap and drains my soul of its will to live. Every time I see the Wild coming up on the schedule I feel the need to hook caffeine straight into my veins to make sure I’m able to stay awake for 60 minutes. Again, I know Lemaire hasn’t been coaching there for a long time now, but I feel as though his essence lives on and for that reason, we’re all cursed to be bored every time these two teams meet. Thankfully, the spirit of Lemaire was nowhere to be found tonight as both teams traded chances and played an overall style that would probably make him roll in his grave.* Though, the death lock the Wild put on when they finally took the lead probably would have made him proud.

Despite playing last night in Vancouver and getting dusted off handily, the Wild came out with energy and tenacity against the Oilers, which was exactly what they needed to keep themselves in the game even though they were heavily outshot. But, to the dismay of everyone reading this right now, there were some major and obvious differences that ended up being derailing what should have been a stellar evening. Our boys manufactured all kinds of pressure and chances through the first 40 minutes, and the Wild should be grateful that Stalock kept the score as low as it was. The Oilers had more than enough going for them offensively to turn this thing into a win but they just couldn’t finish. On the flip side, I’m sure even Cam Talbot will admit that he needs to be far better and give his team more saves than he did tonight, though they didn’t exactly do themselves any favours with their soul-draining special teams play.

After being so good on both the power play and penalty kill throughout their three-game win streak and even the games leading up to it, the Oilers lost this game because of their total lack of execution at 5-on-4 and the lack of a big save when they needed it. As much as the Oilers probably played well enough to win, it was the details like special teams that made them successful over this past week that were missed and badly. There were definitely things to like about tonight’s game, several in fact, but not nearly enough that anyone will be walking away happy. Back to the drawing board boys, we’ll see you on Thursday.

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The wrap.

*Jacques Lemaire is very much alive

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  • How about Leon Draisaitl’s goal? The big man was in the perfect place to smash home a one-timed snapshot from the slot (left side, of course) but the diving pass over from Nuge that made it happen was ridiculous. You’re going to see that one on the highlights tonight. Back to Draisaitl, the guy is on fire as he extended his point streak to three games.
  • Connor McDavid has a turbo button and I don’t believe anyone who says otherwise. His goal tonight was ridiculous and he turnstiled Ryan Suter like he was some kind of plug. What a gift he is and we should remember it every single day.
  • Alex Chia’s son hadn’t scored in a few games and I was starting to worry that he might have forgotten that he is, in fact, the answer. Now I just feel silly. Yuge goal by Chiasson to restore the Oilers lead near the end of the second period.
  • Say what you will about me fanboying but I like way Nuge played again tonight. From the assist on Draisaitl’s goal to the overall calmness in his game, our boy is evolving right before our eyes and it’s glorious to watch.
  • The Oilers looked really good at five on five tonight which makes this loss even more annoying. The storyline has been the lack of even-strength scoring and when they finally get it it’s the special teams that let them down. Sports!
  • Oilers were better in the faceoff circle tonight, winning 53% of the draws they took.
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  • Three. Seperate. Leads.
  • Zach Parise got the Wild on the board and tied the game up after Matt Dumba’s point shot rebounded right to his stick and into the net. Right place, right time, in the net.
  • Jared Spurgeon wandered into the slot with some space and Eric Staal found him on the tape, leaving a tap-in for the second Wild goal of the night.
  • Eric Staal tied the game up at three apiece after deflecting a Ryan Suter point shot past Talbot and into the net. It was the second Wild power play goal of the night with the added annoyance of happening right before the second period buzzer.
  • Markus Granlund gave the Wild their first lead of the game with their third consecutive powerplay goal. To his credit, Granlund’s goal was a snipe but this was an absolutely horrific night for the Oilers’ PK. Caggiula’s penalty leading up to this goal is going to be a major topic on sports radio tomorrow.
  • I do not understand Todd McLellan throwing Caggiula on the first line in place of Yamamoto to end the game. I know Drake has been ‘trying real hard like,’ but that shouldn’t be enough to slot him there.
  • Tonight was not Cam Talbot’s night and it’s not even like the Oilers desperately needed it to be. That said, I wouldn’t hang all four goals on Dadbot either, there were plenty of gaffs in front of him that could have prevented things altogether, but I think we can all agree he would want to be infinitely better than what we saw from him tonight. Talbot finished the night with 24 saves and a .857 save%.
  • We might need to do some kind of sacrifice to get Ryan Strome a point.
  • I think Lucic has been playing well so far this season, I really do, but I can’t be the only one that’s noticed his turnovers with the puck, right? Anybody?
  • To say that the Oilers had a bad night on the penalty kill would be like saying water is wet but it is literally impossible for them to have done worse. Giving up three goals on three Minnesota chances after allowing only a single PP goal at home so far this season is mind melting. Disastrous night.
  • Not to be outdone, the power play went 0/5 on the night, though Draisaitl’s goal happened only seconds after a power play had expired. Still, the Oilers needed their special teams to produce and it didn’t happen which ended up being the difference.
  • I was having such a nice run of being able to drink beers instead of eating beets. Dammit it all to hell. As always, you can follow along over on my Twitter account.
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08:11 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (7) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (10), Oscar Klefbom (5) 0-1
14:08 Minnesota PPG – Zach Parise (4) ASST: Matt Dumba (3), Nino Niederreiter (4) 1-1


04:10 Edmonton Connor McDavid (9) ASST: Kris Russell (4) 1-2
12:18 Minnesota Jared Spurgeon (2) ASST: Eric Staal (5), Nino Niederreiter (5) 2-2
13:11 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (4) ASST: Matt Benning (1), Leon Draisaitl (6) 2-3
18:20 Minnesota PPG – Eric Staal (4) ASST: Ryan Suter (8), Mikael Granlund (6) 3-3


14:12 Minnesota PPG – Mikael Granlund (6) ASST: Eric Staal (6), Ryan Suter (9) 4-3


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You’ve spent the last week pining away for a new episode of the Real Life Podcast and the wait is finally over! This week, the boys are bursting with excitement as the Oilers find themselves near the top of the Pacific Division standings for the first time in a while and they just can’t hold it in.

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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 10/30/2018 – 10:45 pm MT

    • Arfguy

      I am all for not hating on Talbot, but I will say when he is bad. This entire season, I have not felt confident with him in net. Yes, he has won some games and he has lost some, but regardless of the results…I am not getting the feeling that he’ll be able to steal us a game.

      He has not looked like the Talbot of 2016-2017. I am hoping he gets his game together soon, because a game like the latest one could have easily been won with a goalie making a couple of key saves.

      • Rufio Barcoli

        He’s lost more games than he has won.
        When the media praising him the will use his save percentage. But if you actually watched those games you would have noticed that most of the time most of those shots was weak throws on net.
        He hasn’t made that many spectacular saves as he has let in weak goals. Weak goals through the 5hole, slow reaction or the juicy rebounds he is known to give.
        Physically he is much worse than statistically.
        His lovers will only use his save percentage as praise and will disappear and ignore when you want to discuss his weak performance.

  • Rufio Barcoli

    Every time Talbot plays bad, it’s not his fault.

    Yamamoto trying hard is good enough for him to be playing on the 1st line, Caggiula trying hard is not. Weird.

  • Boba The Fett

    Wow the negativity after a loss is ridiculous. I mean I was yelling at the tv tonight too but I also realize that if somebody would have told me we would be 6-4-1 at the end of October with the schedule we had I would have been ecstatic, just as everybody probably would have.

    After the last 2 games everybody was praising the team, now one bad gane and people are acting like the season is over and all is lost.

    I meam Ryan Suter just got turnstiled by Connor and do you think the fanz in Minnesota are jumping all over him saying how bad he is?

    Edmonton fand need to learn how to chill and ride the tide. If they start losing 3+ in a row playing like tonight the we can panic a bit. But for goodness sake all teams will have a bad game nobody goes undefeated. Minnesota is by no means a bad team. The next month will really show what this team is made of when they start playing the weaker teams as well as the Pacific Division.

    So until then lets all just step away from the ledge. Its one thing to have conversations about the team and voice concerns but its a whole nother thing to fill the board with rampant negativity and panic every time something doesn’t go our way.

  • Sean17

    Garrison is hot garbage. That 1 PP goal was his fault. Should have cleared it easily. Gravel or Bouchard would do equal or better than Garrison.

    The play dies with Lucic. You can even see it on the Oilers PP that the other players dont see him as an option to pass to. Teams would he smarter to stick guys closer to Leon, McD and Nuge and leave Lucic alone. He is no threat.

  • Sean17

    On the plus side, the team did well for a killer schedule. I figured this game would go either way. So, not to upset. Maybe we can play some Pacific teams soon!?!? Lol

  • Ratt McNuge

    Chill everyone! You can’t win them all. If they start stringing losses together, then it’s time to panic again, but it’s one game. Let’s hope they clean things up and win the next one. They’re 6-4-1 right now. I’ll take it.

    • A-co

      If your goal is to be average you will never be great…this” it’s only 1 game” comment gets thrown around alot in these parts..how about “they had that 1 good year in the past 12 years” comment..that’s a comment I could listen to… I hate winter

  • OilersFan97

    I don’t know what is wrong with the coaching staff but something has to give here.Seriously special teams are HORRENDOUS tonight,and the goaltending hasn’t been great either.And Caggulia on the 1st line!?What is wrong with you Todd.The oilers should get a new goalie coach cause Dustin Schwartz ain’t experienced enough to get his shit together.So hopefully this isn’t the real Oilers and please for the love of McJesus can we get points in the next 2 games.Because this “hot” streak will be all ripped open if you lose the next two.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      the book on Talbot is to shoot high. Schwartz has done nothing to get Talbot out of that habit of going down to early, nothing he is there to help the Goalies with issues in their game, to work them in correcting it and he has done nothing to correct it, the guys has zero NHL experience and game from being the Oil Kings goalie coach after the Oilers fired Chabot, Schwartz should have been cleaned out long ago.

      The oilers need a goalie coach with proven NHL experience Schwartz doesnt have it and doesnt know how to address the issues the goalies need to in adapting and changing their play when pucks are routinely getting past them the same way over and over again.

      Until the Oilers fire Schwartz and hire a real goalie coach expect to see more and more goals go in on Talbot and expect Koskinen to get into the same bad habit of going down to early, although in Koskinen’s case his size might help him in covering the upper half of the net, Talbot doesnt have the height to achieve that

      • You’re right to a certain extent, but a bit exaggerated. There’s still some positives to take out of the way this season has gone, so far, and Talbot’s ability to respond from a bad game in the past.

        Also, I cannot remember a time the Oilers have ever had luck against the Wild, even before the Katz era. The rare time the Oilers beat the Wild they claw it out a tooth and nail. It’s been like that since day 1 with the Wild for whatever reason. Still, kind of throwing Talbs under the bus on a team loss, where special teams were in the crapper.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Well that was a royal kick in the nuts. But you know what? I’m not worried because I know the pattern now. Lose 2, win 3. So all we have to do is lost Chicago tomorrow and then we’ll go on a roll