One Minute Men – Oilers vs Wild (October 30th, 2018)

Hello friends! Minnesota are in town tonight taking on Edmonton and this means that we’ve got another episode of the One Minute Men for you!

Minnesota’s in town and Edmonton are riding a streak in which they’ve won three games in a row and they’ve earned seven out of eight possible points in their last four outings. With Halloween right around the corner, Chris and I toss on TEN different costumes to deliver you the Good Content. Can we get it done in under a minute? Do we actually own TEN different costumes? How would I look with a mullet? WATCH AND SEE!!!

If you haven’t read Jason Gregor’s game day notes you can find them here. Why do we constantly make these videos you ask? Because we like producing content. Also, because for some people, visual learning for game day preparation is a lot more effective than reading a blog. Jason’s notes are usually fairly lengthy so it’s always a fun challenge trying to break them down in under a minute.

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