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Oilers activate Ty Rattie from IR, assign Cooper Marody to Bakersfield

According to the Oilers’ Twitter account, Ty Rattie is ready to get back into the lineup after missing the last seven games with a midsection muscle injury. As a result, Cooper Marody has been reassigned to the Bakersfield Condors where he will look to continue the excellent start to the season he’s been having in his first year as a pro.

After getting the chance to start the year with Connor McDavid and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on Edmonton’s first line, the last thing Ty Rattie needed was an injury to derail his chance at winning the McLottery. To get the opportunity to not only play in the NHL, something that Rattie has struggled to make stick over the years, but to have it happen alongside Connor McDavid is something that you know that he wants to hang on to. That’s how I know this injury was serious because there is just no way that Rattie was going to let that gift slip through his hands without a fight. Fortunately for him, no one outside of Drake Caggiula has really been able to make it work with McNuge better than he could and that leaves the door open for the former Answer to make his way back into the lineup and try to regain his spot and title.

What will be interesting to see is how McLellan deploys Rattie now that he’s eligible to play and with Drake Caggiula finding some chemistry with his old linemates. Against the Blackhawks on Thursday, Caggiula scored a pair of clutch goals which makes me think that he will be parked alongside McNuge for tomorrow’s matchup against Detroit. Considering the second line of Rieder-Draisaitl-Chiasson is rolling right now, I can’t see the coaching staff messing with the chemistry they’re building so the only other real option is to pull Puljujarvi out and slot Rattie alongside Strome and Lucic. Would McLellan really go into tomorrow’s game with both Yamamoto and Puljujarvi scratched at the same time? Would he pull Kassian out and move Puljujarvi or Yamo down to the fourth line?

While we’ll have to wait and see what the line combinations end up looking like against Detroit, what we know for sure is that Rattie will be looking to steal back his The Answer title away from Alex Chiasson who has been rocking the belt since he’s been out. It won’t be easy, though, as the former PTO turned scoring star has gotten off to a five-goal in seven-game pace that will make reclaiming the belt a much tougher task than we might have initially expected. That said, this is the kind of competition that needs to happen if the Oilers are going to be successful and I’ll be very interested to see how things play out. Regardless of what happens with The Answer designation, I think we can all agree that Rattie will be hungry to get the title back as well as his place back on the first line.

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In five games, Rattie has one goal and one assist for two points to go along with 11 shots on net and a +3 rating.


2018-19 5 1 1 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 9.1
NHL Career 54 10 11 21 1 8 0 0 0 0 1 0 81 12.3

Source: Edmonton Oilers, Official Twitter Account, 11/02/2018 – 4:15 pm MT

  • OriginalPouzar

    No-brainer to re-assign Marody to open up the roster spot for Rattie. Cooper showed well in his couple of games and he’s nice depth to have when another injury hits or if the organization does decide to assign 56 or 98 to the AHL for a bit.

    As an aside, this takes the team out of LTIR relief and they are (nominally) below their adjusted cap accrual limit which means they will start to accumulate a tiny bit of cap space on a daily basis which they can bank and use later for acquisitions. The amount is so tiny right now that its likely meaningless but every cent helps.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Coach did mention last night after the game that there is justification to go with the same lineup and that Drake probably does deserve another shot at 1RW. At the same time, I’m not sure he doesn’t put Rattie back there and that’s my preferred deployment as Drake can be more useful than Ty in the bottom 6 (I think).

    Who comes out of the lineup? Khaira was struggling mightily with the puck and overall last night (and has been for a while) but he did have a better 3rd period and made a beauty play on the shortie. With that said, he is still the guy I take out even though it hurts the PK.

  • albertabeef

    What ever happened to Scotty Upshall? He failed his physical, but is he gone? Done? Sign him, or a reasonable facsimile as the 13-14 forward, and send both Puljijarvi(sp?) and Yamo down.

    • Arfguy

      I wonder if this could work. While I am enjoying potential 2 lines worth of scoring, I wonder if Drake keeps playing well and Rattie can be placed back onto the top line RW, if it’s possible to take RNH off that top line.

      Hear me out:

      I am not sure if RNH is the shooter that McDavid needs. I watched the game last night and McDavid was always looking to pass. I both love and hate that about McDavid as he is sometimes in primed position to shoot and does not. It’s clear that Drake wants to score goals and I am sure that Rattie wants to do the same. So how about this?


      I know that Caggiula gets a lot of hate and I posted as recently as 2 nights ago that Caggiula should not be on the top line and the chance should go to Puljujarvi, but I see a lot of foot speed on that top line if it’s 91-97-8 and with the way McDavid is backchecking, I think the 60 meters game can start to rub off on both Drake and Ty.

      Just a thought.

        • Arfguy

          I think what you’re seeing with RNH is the opposite of the McDavid-Effect, IMO. A lot of the points that RNH has generated were of his own creation, rather than the kind of chemistry that you see between McDavid and Draisaitl.

          I think RNH is a good player, but I think he is a better centre than he is a scoring winger. My reasoning for placing RNH on the 3rd line is two-fold. 1. I am thoroughly unimpressed with what Strome has accomplished as a 3rd line centre. He looks so slow. He is ineffective and his lack of foot speed looks even worse when you add Lucic’s lack of foot speed to that line. 2. Drake and Rattie are both shooters, IMO. With McDavid mainly looking to pass first unless he’s on a breakaway, I think having a shoot-first mentality on the wings will help McDavid more than hurt.

          My reasonings are all based on the eye-test. When I see RNH, I am not seeing a player who looks relieved and comfortable on McDavid’s wing. I am seeing a player who is good on his own who sometimes struggles to score goals when a clean pass gets to him.

      • Its.Not.Me.Its.You

        I like this idea. I would like to see how this worked out. but im in the group that believes ”if it aint broke dont fix it”. Mcdavid has been begging for steady wingers so I doubt he would be happy with that as well

  • Arfguy

    I am pretty excited to see Rattie getting back in the line-up. I am actually ok with seeing play some minutes on the 3rd or 4th line, just to get back into the rhythm of the game.


    So happy Rattie is back and doing as good as he did in preseason. I watched him all 4 years here in Portland and can’t be more stoked that he’s on the first line with Connor and Nuge.

  • Kevwan

    Puljujarvi needs to play somewhere. If TMac won’t commit to playing him then he should have been the one set down.

    No other organization would dream of taking a top 5 pick in his draft + 3 year and sit him for 4 straight games. If the idea was to teach him a lesson then a game or 2 was plenty – this is getting beyond ridiculous.

  • Edsez

    So far it’s hard to argue that the young guys have claimed a spot on the RW with their play and that the veterans haven’t been more effective and productive in that spot.

    It’s time to assign Puljujarvi & Yamamoto to the Condors and rotate whichever guy has the hottest hand onto McDavid’s line.

    I see Bouchard has been sent to the Knights … maybe this signals other moves