Nation Donair Tour – Famous Donair (Sherwood Park)

We’re back with another episode of the Nation Donair Tour. It snowed heavily on the day we filmed this so it was a risky jaunt out to Sherwood Park. As the dedicated donair reviewers that we are, we made the trek through the snow in the #NATIONTRUCK. 

Speaking of the #NATIONTRUCK from Sherwood Ford, that’s where we decided to eat the donairs! It gave us great protection from the winter conditions outside. We got to Famous Donair as soon as they opened so you can add another breakfast donair to the list. Personally, I’ve become a big fan of eating breakfast donairs, it’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

Famous Donair was heavily recommended from you guys on social media, however, I hear Rob’s Donair is also very well known in Sherwood Park. Who knew the Park had so many good donair shops? We will definitely have to come back to Sherwood as Famous Donair did not disappoint.

Have you ever been to Famous Donair in Sherwood Park? Let us know in the comments where we should go next!

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Watch the video below:

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