One Minute Men – Oilers vs Lightning (November 6, 2018)

The Oilers take on the Lightning tonight and we’ve got another One Minute Men episode for you!

What is One Minute Men you ask? It’s where Chris & Cam try to re-iterate Jason Gregor’s Game Day Notes back to you in video format in under sixty seconds! You can read Jason’s full notes here in case you missed them. Cam is home sick today so The Nation Dan filled in for him as we visited the Citadel Theater!

Let me tell you, the Citadel’s security team were on point this morning. They made sure we couldn’t sneak into any theatres or any room we shouldn’t be in. It was annoying but I respect them for it. The Oilers have a big back-to-back game tonight and it’s a crucial win in my opinion. They lost last night in Washington so Koskinen has his work cut out for him tonight. Here’s hoping they can tally a win tonight and continue their road trip on a positive note!

Watch the video below:

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