Inside the Nation: Fines, lines and Panthers storyline

Thursday has come and that means another live video from Dustin Nielson. We kick it all off with talk of the fine for Milan Lucic. Dustin gives you a little insight into the phone call that Milan got. Shifting gears then to the lineups. JESSE PULUJARVI IS BACK. On the fourth line… on his off wing….


Optics, my eye

For a league so concerned with optics that it felt the need to fine Milan Lucic of the Edmonton Oilers $10,000 for punk-slapping Mathieu Joseph of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL doesn’t seem capable of seeing the forest for the trees. Essentially, the NHL fined Lucic the maximum amount allowed, pocket change for him,…


GDB 16.0: Keep the Streak Alive (5pm MT, SNW)

Sports is filled with outliers. Whether it is individual players or a team, every year someone is doing something unexpected, and sometimes those extend into seasons. On rare occasions, they extend to a full decade. Oilers fans have witnessed a lot of frustration, mainly from seeing the most losses in the NHL since 2007. It…


GDB Game Notes: Oilers @ Panthers

The Florida Panthers finished last season on a high. They were 25-11-2 in their final 38 games. Only Nashville and Winnipeg produced more points. The Panthers made a serious run for the playoffs, but came up one point short. Many expected they’d continue their success this season. They haven’t. Not even close. The Panthers are…


Should Peter Chiarelli go all in?

Despite dropping two straight games, the Edmonton Oilers are in a very nice spot. A combination of their strong start to the season and a rather weak Pacific Division has put them in a position where the playoffs are a very realistic goal. Given the team’s current situation, some are already starting to think ahead…