One Minute Men – Oilers vs Panthers (November 8, 2018)

The Oilers are enjoying the beautiful weather in Flordia right now so Cam and I thought we would take in the beach here in Edmonton.

As you know, our One Minute Men videos entail me and Cam trying to re-read Jason Gregor’s game day notes as fast as we can in under sixty seconds. If you haven’t read the game day notes yet today, you can find them here. As I mentioned before, we decided to hit up the Accidental Beach today and let me tell you, the weather was not as nice as we thought it would be. It was nice, however, going to the accidental beach when no one was there for once. You know how busy it can get, right?

The Oilers have a big game tonight against the Panthers as they’re trying to avoid losing three in a row. If they can come out of tonight with a win, they will come back to Edmonton with a 2-2 record on this trip which would be a success in my eyes.

Can we read the notes in under sixty seconds? Watch below to find out!

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