Oilersnation Radio Episode 11 – Beer League Roster

The flu has ravaged the office of Oilersnation and therefore Baggedmilk and Chris are both out on the IR for the week. Jay from the RealLifePodcast and Rick from the Pint step up huge and bring a new flavour to the show. This ought to be an episode full of structure and no chaos at all.

The boys start off where you naturally start when missing half of your regular podcast crew, agent X. @Cooom fesses up to some pretty crazy things that he did with BM and CTI that caused this illness to ravage the office.

Talk shifts to the recent Oilers road trip that saw the Oil come out 1-3-0 at the end of it and we take the temperature of the room as to how the boys feel about that. The Milan Lucic hit/stalking/predatory/premeditated attack on Mattieu Joseph and subsequent fine that he incurred from the department of player safety. The podcast room gets pretty fired up from that and goes off on the league and it’s lack of suspensions.

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The Sens Uber ride video is discussed with plenty of rage to spew there too.

Hyping up for the trivia next week to build some more fear for Jay with the debut of Radio Silence coming soon. The “breaking news” of Plekanec’s buyout from the Habs is looked at.

Check out the latest episode below:

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