The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Flu season

We’re back with another weekly Injury Report! We’ve got a ton to talk about so let’s get to it.I’m kidding, we actually don’t have a ton to talk about as we’ve been a relatively healthy team this last week. Alex Chiasson missed a game last week due to an undisclosed injury but he’s back in the lineup now. I’ve been thinking and thinking all week on what possible reasons Alex Chiasson missed that game for. Sure, they said he was banged up, but are we really going to believe that? My actual guess is the boys let loose on the road trip and he ate too much ice cream for dessert the night before. I totally understand how you can get hooked and just keep ordering more and more plates. You don’t have to convince me. OR maybe Chiasson caught the flu going around?

Nation Flu

If you haven’t heard already, the flu bug is making its way through Nation HQ and it’s not taking it easy on us. Cam Lewis was patient zero and got put on the IR earlier in the week. He complained of vomiting, diarrhoea, and loneliness. THEN not surprisingly, Baggedmilk caught it a couple days later. The reason this is no surprise is that I always catch Cam and BM cuddling behind closed doors in the office, so that totally makes sense.

THEN, your boy Chris caught the flu this last night! It’s safe to say that Nation HQ has been a little light on employees the last couple days, as this whole flu thing has really taken a toll on us. Personally, I’m in between vomits writing this article right now. As soon as I’m finished it’s likely I’ll be heading back into the bathroom. Wish us luck and remember to wash your hands!

Believe it or not, Andrej Sekera is still the only guy we have on the IR.

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Andrej Sekera

The “Andrew Ference” of the Capilano Rehab Injury Report is still on the IR for another week as he had surgery to repair his Achilles tendon in the summer. Right now the Oilers have an 8-7-1 record which in my mind is fair. Obviously, we’d like to have some more wins under our belt, but we’ve been caught up in some very difficult road trips this season and the boys are now struggling to breathe above the water.

My question to you is, do you think the Oilers record and play this year would be different if we had Andrej Sekera consistently in the lineup? My answer? Yes, but maybe only by a game or two. Oscar Klefbom, Darnell Nurse, Adam Larsson and the rest of the group have been doing an excellent job in the back end trying to minimize the damage without Sekera. I know he gets ragged on a lot, but I’m pretty happy with how Kris Russell has looked in his role this season as well.

Our third pairing of defence has been the one consistently changing with the early struggles of Matt Benning, and the tryout of Evan Bouchard. Granted these guys are barely playing 10 minutes a night, if Sekera was in the lineup, Russell would likely be playing that 6/7 spot which would make us a lot deeper back there.

What do you guys think? Would our record be THAT much different if Sekera was healthy?

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  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I hate to say this, but I think Sekera is done. His contract was fine when it was signed, but injuries have slowed him down. Not sure I’d hes gonna retire or not

    • mikeoes

      Nothing to hate about your comment, I hope you are right, the sooner he announces it, the sooner we can spend his 5.5million on a player who can actually play and help our team. (Assuming Chiarelli can make a decent signing …..) ?

  • TKB2677

    Do the Oilers not know what the hell a flu shot is? Every year we hear about the team getting sick. McDavid was sick for a month last year, Stauffer has been saying he’s under the weather, plus a few other guys. Stauffer himself has missed time because he is sick so clearly there is sickness going through the team.

    My family and I get flu shots every year, we got on a couple of weeks ago. IT WAS FREE!! Guess what, we don’t get sick very much. We might get the odd cold where we have to blow our nose a bit for a few days, maybe have a slight cough. But we don’t have to miss a ton of work or school or lose a ton of weight. The Oilers owner is a freaking billionaire. He used to own a DRUG COMPANY with pharmacies all over the freaking country. Are you telling me he can’t get flu shots for the team? Why is this an issue every freaking year.

    • ChillyPepper

      The physical demands of regular, prolonged, high-intensity training and competition are associated with changes in the immune system that can make them more predisposed to illness than people who aren’t athletes. With intense, long-term exercise, the body may produce more stress-related hormones. During exercise, the body makes two hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, that are associated with spikes in blood pressure and cholesterol levels and temporary weakness in the immune system.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Jason Garrison has played 9 games for the Oilers this year and I’m confident that a Sekera at even 75% is a better player than Jason Garrison – imagine if Reggie was/is at 90%.

    Yes, Sekera would make a material difference.

    Looking forward to his activation in the new year.