Nation Donair Tour – Bingo Donair

Another week and another donair tour stop. This week the ice caused us to postpone our originally scheduled programming guest and shifted over to a hibernation mode provided by Skip the Dishes. The “stop” this week is Bingo donair.
The office is the location of this review and Evan the intern makes his first appearance on screen since a Nation talk where he said no more than three words at any one time. His input in this one has the boys wondering if they have a replacement for Chris the Intern going forward. No napkins and a thiccccc wrap caused some outrage and scandal.

A nice quick delivery makes sure that the donair shows up warm and ready.

A sweet sauce with a little bit of tang to it and lots of shade being thrown at Halifax’s donair culture in this one. Protect the floor and respecting of your environment.

Ever been to Bingo donair? Have a donair spot we haven’t reviewed? Let us know in the comments below.

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Watch the video below:

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