GDB 16.0 Wrap Up: The wrong losing streak ended tonight

The Oilers managed to bust a slump tonight, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the right one. The Avalanche rolled into town on a five-game losing streak and the Oilers, being incredibly obliging hosts, let them slide back into the win column.

The story tonight was much like what we saw during the three losses on the road trip. The Oilers came out flat, didn’t look prepared, interested, or particularly engaged, and the other team capitalized. Colorado scored a quick goal right off the hop and then they scored again with a few minutes to go in the first period to give themselves a 2-0 lead.

The Avs would score an ugly one on the power play early on in the second period, giving them a 3-0 lead. The third goal would spell the end for Cam Talbot, who allowed three goals on 14 shots. Colorado would their lead to 4-0 a few minutes later, and while the Oilers did manage to break the shutout in the third period, they were never really in this game.

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As I said, it was virtually the exact same story as it was on the road trip. But this time, there wasn’t an excuse. I was empathetic after the Florida game given the team had played a tough schedule with a bunch of games in different cities and they were justifiably burnt out. Tonight, though, they were well rested, facing a team on a five-game losing streak who had come in from Winnipeg, but they got waxed on home ice.

This effort tonight makes you wonder if the team has quit on Todd McLellan.

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The bright side

  • Ugh. This is the same deal with Florida again. I’m going to have a hell of a time looking for positive things to say about that game. How has BM done this for all these years?!
  • The fourth line was consistently the team’s best line tonight. I’m not sure if that’s a bright side or a positive but I’m looking for good things to say so I’ll roll with it. Brodziak, Kassian, and Khaira played with consistent energy and physicality and made life difficult for the Avs. While the Oilers frequently got beat to pucks tonight, the fourth line went out there and gave the Avs hell. Kudos to them for that. The team needs all four forward lines doing that on a shift-by-shift basis.
  • Mikko Koskinen played well in relief of Cam Talbot, stopping 12 of 13 shots Colorado threw at him. He also made a few big saves in the third period to keep Edmonton’s faint comeback hopes alive when the game opened up and the team was going into attack mode.

The face palmers

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  • This was a perfect opportunity. The Oilers were coming home from a tough four-game road trip and had an opportunity against another slumping team to make a statement. They did the opposite. The Oilers didn’t look like a team playing at home hungry for a win tonight. They came out especially slow and just got blown away by Colorado in the first period. This is an Avs team who, beyond one line, really doesn’t have much depth. Despite that, wave after wave, the Avs just blew past the Oilers, making them look slow, tired, and disinterested.
  • Cam Talbot had a rough game, allowing three goals on 15 shots. I mean, the team in front of him didn’t help out whatsoever so I’m not going to pin tonight’s loss on him by any stretch, but we’re seeing too many of these mediocre outings from the guy who is supposed to be the team’s No. 1 guy.
  • The Oilers have virtually zero offence behind Connor McDavid. When he isn’t on the ice, there’s virtually zero threat to score from this team. Alex Chiasson and Tobias Rieder had a nice streak with Leon Draisaitl for a few games, but we’re back into that mode in which the team looks like they’re just killing time without McDavid on the ice. When there isn’t an attack behind McDavid, it becomes that much easier for opposing teams to contain him. That was the case tonight as McDavid was held off the scoresheet and Gabe Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon were constantly on against him making life difficult.
  •  I thought the refs missed quite a few calls on the Oilers, so that’s one face palmer in itself that we’re used to, but, in the same vein, the power play wasn’t good again tonight. Edmonton went 0/3 on their opportunities with the man advantage and looked pretty stagnant out there.

Scoring summary


00:26 Colorado Mikko Rantanen (6) ASST: Nathan MacKinnon (12), Gabriel Landeskog (8) 1-0
15:33 Colorado Carl Soderberg (6) ASST: Tyson Barrie (13), Matt Calvert (3) 2-0


05:06 Colorado PPG – Alexander Kerfoot (3) ASST: Carl Soderberg (5), Samuel Girard (6) 3-0
10:56 Colorado Tyson Barrie (1) ASST: Mikko Rantanen (20), Nathan MacKinnon (13) 4-0


09:20 Edmonton Ty Rattie (2) ASST: Adam Larsson (6), Milan Lucic (4) 4-1

  • Odanada

    Bobby Nicks is the villain here. He creates the culture that permeates the organization from the top down. He hired Chia and approved all his moves. Chia hired Todd and Bobby watched last years tire fire and sat on his hands.
    So now what? Fire Todd?
    But who do they hire that will work for Chia? Maybe Quennville has GM aspirations and will come here because he thinks Chia will get fired?
    When you look at it, it all comes down to Bobby Nicks. He’s not an NHL guy. He has zero cap management skills. The buck stops with him.
    Toronto turn the team around with the Shanaplan.
    What’s Nicholson’s plan?
    To back Chia indefinitely? There is no plan? Another forensic audit? Rinse, repeat?

    • Serious Gord

      the “villian” is Katz – not Nicholson or anyone else in the org. Nepotism and friend-hiring has plagued the team since he took ownership and it continues unabated. This lack of professionalism is the root cause of the team being as bad as it has been for as ling as it has been.

  • David O’Connor


    Drai, Nurse, Luch, 2018 1st

    Dubois, Seth Jones, Boone Jenner, 2018 3rd

    Get rid of Sek in off season pick up Gardiner

    Get rid of strome replace with anything.

  • Fireball

    Again we can blame the D, can blame the forwards, blame the GM, Manament, & the coaches. I’m not sure how you get your Goalie to make the first save. Reminds me of last year. First game goalie was perfect, The team played Great, everyone said this is the Stanley Cup team everyone knew they could be. Next game Goalie lets in a goal in the first few shots, team looses confidence in front of him. All of a sudden the same Forwards, and Defence arent NHLers anymore. At least not top guys, Bunch of bums. Folk Hero’s to Zeros. I’m not going to look this one up.. and I’m not going to say the Break downs don’t contribute but I will go ahead and guess, Teams who’s goalies consistently let in multiple goals in the first Say 5 to 10 shots tend not to look very good on paper. Ya probably loose 100% of the games you don’t have a goalie in the net to start the game. Now I will take it further. This leads to more and more break downs maybe even the coach loosing the room. That’s not happening?? Something been going on since game 2 last year. Something that led to everyone but Todd getting fired. Seems he can’t put the pieces or get the effort out of the players. The Pens were one of the worst teams in the league three years ago. Media claimed Crosby was headed down hill. Sid was having the worst year of his career. The team was going to have to rebuild or mini rebuild. That was going to be very hard with the vets, lack of good young players, a aging goalie then boom. Fired the coach. What’s that Going to do ??? That’s not going to fix the bums, not going to change the moves management made. Not going to fix the defence they don’t have. Not going to get them a goalie that’s not in the system.. then boom Back to back Cups starting that season. Just Saying ! Heard there’s a guy who played 800 career games as a D and is second in coaching all time. Only 400 wins away from Bowmen.. but done it in only 2 decades. Maybe that guy might fire the boys up. 23rd place today. Loss tomorrow ? Win tomorrow? Still might be in 29-30-31st place come Saturday. Just my point of you. Might not be right but I’ll own it.

  • Simba99

    Can’t change anything because your over paying for 90% of the team and no new gm would ever be able to get rid of. Like I said before this team is doomed for 8 years till mcdavid is gone. No gm or coach or player is going to change that

    • Odanada

      The Leafs got rid of Dion Phaneuf.
      Smart managers can perform miracles – emphasis on smart.
      Chia is in “save job” mode and that is not a position of strength. I for one am skeptical of any move he would make at this point.
      Todd? He will go first. You can’t fire the team and Chia will sacrifice Todd to keep out of the line of fire himself.
      Bobby Nicks. To me that’s the guy who has to shoulder all this.
      Modern management means creating a deep pool of prospects and instituting a system that develops assets accordingly. Take prospects and mentor them both on and off the ice. Make them clearly understand what they have to do to succeed with the Oilers – drive them and make them clamour to get on board. This helps you to spin gold from straw.
      Older players with upcoming big contract demands will need to be traded at peak (trade) value to constantly feed the blue chip prospect pool. Isn’t Mark Hunter really good at spotting prospects???
      It’s ticklish business and takes a better hockey mind than I have, that’s for sure. How is the Oiler development system coming along, Bobby?
      Like all armchair coaches, I see problems that aren’t being solved. Can Bobby Nicks see the forest for the trees? It’s either that or he’s just stringing out a line of BS to keep the gravy train going.
      End of rant.

  • mikel

    embarrassing to both the fans and city that has supported this team…if they don’t turn it around in the next 5 games, then it’s time to clean house and fire both the gm and coach (i was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt over last year’s debacle but it isn’t getting any better)…

  • Hickster94

    The oilers 1st unit power play would be so much more dangerous if Klefbom would actually shoot the puck from the point every once in awhile. All he seems to be doing is fake a shot and pass off to Nuge or Connor on the half wall. Rivals teams see that and realize there’s no threat from the point and collapse to clog up the passing lanes so the forwards end up trying to force the play or take the low percentage bad angle shots. If Klefbom would shoot, and HIT THE BLOODY NET, it would make the penalty killers have to respect the threat and in turn open up the slot for the low forwards

    • Arfguy

      Klefbom has not been a threat to shoot from the beginning of the season. I think it’s time to try someone who will take a shot. I know everyone hates him, but Benning seems more inclined to shoot than Klefbom. Klefbom is logging a lot of minutes and it is good, but he also needs to try and shoot. I get the feeling that every single player is down on themselves and looks deflated. I don’t know what needs to happen to change that.

      Not a lot of players on this team seems eager to win. They all look flat and uninspired. Something drastic needs to happen.

  • OldOilFan

    Dressing room problem maybe?

    I mean, how could SO MANY Oilers players “look disinterested” in the same game, on home ice? What are the odds of that happening in the absence of some kind of turmoil within the team…

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    TMac’s post game comments sound like the team has no commitment to playing a full 60. Making the same mistakes game in, game out. Does that sound like he’s the problem? A casual observer notices the same issues.

    If the GM uses the “blame the coach” card, the replacement will not be Coach Q, it will be Coach Gully. Maybe that will help. He’s very buddy-buddy with players until he gets so fed up that he will toss a stick.

    If the GM feels that it’s a player issue, he has to make some big trades. Everyone not named McDavid and Larsson should be up for grabs. Draisaitl for Pesce. Nurse + unprotected 1st + Benson for Nylander. Nuge for a winger.