At Random: The Moving Target

Given the Edmonton Oilers’ overall record of 8-8-1 despite a very difficult start to the schedule, the temptation for some might be to grasp the silver lining that suggests .500 isn’t so bad, all things considered. I’m guessing the number of people who feel that way is dwindling fast, as it should be.


Reuniting McDavid and Draisaitl isn’t the solution

After a disheartening loss that saw the team’s losing streak extend to four games, Todd McLellan has whipped out the blender. This time, he’s going back to his old, trusty solution of putting Leon Draisaitl alongside Connor McDavid on the top line. Unfortunately, that isn’t the solution to what ails this team.


Monday Mailbag – Coach Q?

Welcome, friends, to a holiday Monday edition of the Mailbag. As always, I’ve taken five of your questions that need answers from our panel of heroes and experts, drawing from them the answers that you need to better live your lives. This feature depends on you and if you have a question you can email…