Inside the Nation: “I would look at Ryan Strome back on the wing”

The Oilers dropped their fourth straight game last night against the Colorado Avalanche and the Nation is rattled. In this week’s episode of Inside the Nation, Dustin Nielson tries to make sense of what’s happening and offers some suggestions on what the Oilers could do to get themselves out of this slump. 

After losing their fourth straight game to the Colorado Avalanche in what amounted to be a one-sided affair, the Oilers need to get themselves back on track in a hurry. Thankfully, Dustin Nielson is back with answers to all of the questions that you’re probably having about what’s next for the Edmonton Oilers. Will getting back on track mean putting Leon Draisaitl back with Connor McDavid as we saw this morning in practice? Can Todd McLellan help himself? What other changes to the lineup should be made? Maybe Ryan Strome should get another look on the wing?

Keeping with the roster, the Oilers finally made the decision to send a pair of young players down to the farm which was long overdue in many people’s minds. What does Dusty think of Jesse Puljujarvi and Kailer Yamamoto finally being assigned to the Bakersfield Condors? Find out the answers to these questions and more on a Monday edition of Inside the Nation.

Watch the full video below:

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  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    sTROME NEEDS TO hit the pressbox or the waiver wire, If we could get a puck in a trade, jump all over that opportunity because I dont see anyone jumping to get him at the over paid salary he makes. Strome is too slow, tires to easily and he doesnt want to get hit, doesnt want to go into the dirty areas of the ice and watch him skate he always has his stick in the air and is almost standing straight up, out of gas not even 30 seconds.

    Storme has done nothing in 16 games to stay in the l;ine up, zip , zilch , Nada, he needs to sit for 3 or 4 games and then be brought in on the 4 th line and earn his minutes,light a fire under him if they can, if they cant put him on the waiver wire. It’s not like your not going to know he is missing from the line up

  • cityofchampions

    I’d try Strome on wing with McD personally. He doesn’t deserve it, but neither does anyone else and Strome has played well with skill before. Put Nuge and Drai together on a second line and hope to balance the lineup that way.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      I dont think that would work could you imagine Strome on McD line? The guys is slow and Mc D inst. That’s why they took him off there when they traded and tried him with McD, Strome doesn’t have the footspeed to keep up with McD

  • percy

    Move Caggs back to 1st line, put Rattie on stromes RW. Maybe bring up JK on the left side ??? . But don’t mention it to Todd the blockhead or he will do the opposite. Can’t believe he dismantled the 1st line. Caggs style of play worked well with McD and Nuge. But nobody is going to tell Todd how to run things.

  • What the Puck

    Enough musical lines already. How do we get any chemistry if we keep playing line bingo. Grab a Nylander, Hayes, Kessel, theres big guns out there being shopped. Win a trade chia. Bring in a big boy who knows how to compete night in and night out. Idc at this point who gets traded other than our top 3 forwards. Secondly, enough Talbot. Kosk is a big boy and knows how to handle his role as a teams go to guy. Play the man. Chia is instead doing im not worried interviews. When he should be blazing up his phone. Cmon man enough incompetence.

    • SnowMan8

      I cant believe chia is doing im not worried interviews lol he reminds me of those cartoons where the dullard’s gun jams so he looks down the barrel to see what the problem is and it goes off in his face! either he is lieing or he really is that dullard and doesnt know its gonna go off in his face

    • TKB2677

      I would love it if the Oilers could trade for a “big guy”. When I see posts like this, I would love to actually hear a fan give a solution as to how to do it. I have no love for Chia, this roster and the problems is on him. But how does he do it?

      #1 What is the cost to get a big player? When making a trade ask like this, let’s take out the usual Chia, Russell hate that we see. Let’s actually give a realistic look at it to what it would really cost. To get Nylander as an example, it’s going to cost you a real good dman. This dman would need to be signed, fairly young, can skate, move the puck and be good. So the only guys on the Oilers that would fit that bill on the Oilers would be Klefbom or Nurse. The Oilers already don’t have enough dmen to begin with, so to give either one of those 2 up would be a disaster. Then what else would you have to give up on top of them.

      #2 How much does Nylander make? If he would take 6 mill, he’d be signed by now. So he probably wants 7 or more. So let’s take out the Lucic hate for a min. His contract blows, we all know it. So even if Lucic wasn’t here, someone else is in his spot probably making the same money. So your cap situation isn’t any better. They have McDavid making 12.5 mill. Which is a bargain BUT 12.5 mill is what 2 really good players make. Then you have Leon making 8.5 mill. People can say he is making slightly too much. But he’s not that overpaid. He’s got 77 pts and in a “down year” got 70 last year. He’s got 17 pts in 17 games. So a point per game. So if Leon has over 70 pts, is he really that over paid? Not really. So how do the Oilers afford Nylander. How do most teams afford a Nylander?

  • Jerri Kurli

    Maybe Nuge back at center is just what the second line needs. Lucic has been playing pretty good (his lack of points say otherwise) but I agree with PC that he’s been creating lots of opportunities and making good plays along the boards that have gone unnoticed by many. He’s had success with Nuge in the past and maybe they can reignite something and Luc can start finishing. Fingers crossed. As for Strome…..do something……anything. Also start Koskinen and stick with him for a bit. Let him get some confidence from the coach. Coach can’t keep rewarding Talbot for poor play.

  • The Immortal

    I would put Strome on waivers. He’s useless at center, there’s nothing to indicate he might be better on the wing, cause then he’d be expected to go into corners and battle, and Strome doesn’t do that.

    Trading Ebs for Strome is another genius move by PC…