Inside the Nation: Is Todd McLellan afraid of timeouts?

Hello friends! Another Inside the Nation episode just wrapped up and I’ve got a recap for you.

In case you’re new to these parts, Inside the Nation is a Facebook Live video every Monday and Wednesday where our very own, Dustin Nielson, rants about the Oilers and tries to answer all of your questions over on our Facebook page. After going 1-6 in their last seven games, the Edmonton Oilers are in trouble with possibly their head coach and their general manager on the hot seat.

Dustin Nielson gave his take on what the Oilers should do, and breaks down some potential scenarios on how he sees the coaching staff and management being handled over the course of the season. With the Oilers entering the California three-game road trip, this is crucial for Todd McLellan to get back on the good side of fans and management. AND it’s a crucial part of the season for the Oilers to remain competitive in the Pacific Division.

Dusty dives into some memories of Peter Chiarelli’s very first move as the Oilers GM and how bad it was. He also breaks down some of Todd McLellan’s worst coaching moves from our two losses against Calgary and Vegas this weekend. It’s not all negative here though don’t worry. Dusty discusses some positive points the Oilers are currently going through, and what some things are that we can look forward to in the future. For example, Jesse Puljujarvi’s excellent performance in Bakersfield so far.

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Another hot topic right now in Oilersnation is the play of our goaltenders. Dusty doesn’t believe that Koskinen is playing like an all-star goaltender right now, but he’s definitely playing well enough to take Cam Talbot’s starter spot. He considers our goaltending situation as more of a 2A-2B combination instead of a 1A-1B, or and 1 and 2. Would you agree?

Edmonton Oilers release full training camp roster; Phillip Broberg to return to Sweden

Lastly, Nielson gives away another Hot Sauce sample back from our friends at Get Sauced to one lucky commenter who answered a trivia question correctly, and he answers the most important question of the day which is: Why did Ty Rattie get scratched on Sunday?

Watch the full video below:

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  • GK1980

    I actually mentioned this in one of my comments recently. When the team is clearly gassed or struggling a coach should call a time out. During some games I wonder why Todd doesn’t do this.

    Todd and Chia where in trouble starting this January. It’s just been building up until this point.

    If they have a 2A/2B goalie situation then the Oilers can wave the playoffs bye bye.

  • St.Louis Doesn’t think it is too early for action. I don’t think Todd has the virtue of communicating or adjusting, and is not even working well with what he has to play with despite the cupboards being barren. I know it would be hard to do better but I think the sooner you get going through the motions… these guys show the skill but not the work ethic. My call would be to change coaches now and players may adjust well or fail but are definitely at mcDavid standard now. No more Todd and might as well wait til summer before we fall on chia too but nicholson should not approve any moves of his and act as replacement… Bottom line is todd doesnt get his team to show up for work and they are down before they even realize the puck has dropped. In dire need to not be completely embarrassed they turn it on and they are skilled enough to make a game out of things, they gotta be ready and they never are so they need someone to whip these guys to work and perhaps “coach them”… ex players complaining of no communication and no actual discussion of why they are in and out of the line up and help them become a better player… look at all the squandered talent… flush this head coach and gm they are bruising the whole culture of this organization. Chia has his signature on 3 of 10 of the worst trades of all time, two are also stamped with our logo. God its way too obvious how can this be this rotten to the core that they cant build a team around the resources we have been gifted… @#%$

  • dsanchez1973

    Timeouts are not some magical reset button that makes everyone play well again just because play stops for a minute. I’d expect the coach to get things turned around through normal methods (or on TV timeouts), and save the timeout for potential replay challenges.

    It would be insane to burn a timeout in the 2nd just so you can say “try harder boys” and then give up a decisive goal that should be interference or offside in the third and not be able to challenge.