Real Life Podcast Episode 99: What the hell is happening?

After losing both games from this past weekend and six of their last seven overall, the boys are feeling a little bit salty about the way things are going right now. To make matters worse, Baggedmilk and The Squire made their way down to Calgary and had their trip ruined by one of the worst third periods we’ve seen in some time.

From start to finish, this was easily one of the angriest Real Life Podcasts to ever be recorded, but can you blame them? The Oilers managed to make it through the hellish schedule that was October 2018 only to fall flat on their face, completely undoing all of the good from the first 10 games. But to start, Baggedmilk and The Squire recap the Nation Road Trip to Calgary and give thanks to all of the amazing people that made the weekend possible. Even with the loss, there was a great group of people that got in on the bus trip to Calgary and the boys were very grateful for everyone that made the weekend a success. With that out of the way, the angered bubbled over as the boys tried to make sense of what is happening with the Oilers right now and how they’ve let the wheels fall off so badly.

Check out this week’s episode below:

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