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What are the Oilers getting in Chris Wideman?

Over the past month, we’ve heard Peter Chiarelli say on multiple occasions that the group of defenders that the Edmonton Oilers have simply don’t move the puck well enough. Today, he made a move to address that, acquiring Chris Wideman from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for a conditional 6th round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft.

A small price to pay, especially considering that the Oilers got that 2020 6th rounder from St. Louis for Jakub Jerabek earlier this season.

The deal is done, so what exactly are the Oilers getting in Chris Wideman?

He’s a 28-year-old right-handed defenseman who was drafted in the 4th round of the 2009 NHL Draft by the Ottawa Senators and has spent his entire career with that organization. He had a pair of really strong seasons in the AHL between 2013 and 2015 where he posted 112 points in 148 games. He became a full-time NHLer in 2015-16 and in 175 career games Wideman has chalked up 16 goals and 27 assists, with 10 of those points coming on the powerplay.

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Wideman comes with a cap hit of $1 million and is a UFA at the end of this season.

He’s more of an offensive defenseman, who can move the puck pretty well, so it makes sense as to why Chiarelli would have targeted a player like him.

Wideman was also one of the players involved in the Senators Uber scandal earlier this month, which might give some insight into why he was dealt (his minutes have also been dwindling). I don’t think this is an example of the Oilers bringing in a player who is bad in the room or anything like that. That seemed like an isolated incident and the entire Senators organization is kind of a mess, if you didn’t know already

Let’s focus on what Wideman can bring to the Oilers on the ice.

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So far this season, Wideman has appeared in 19 games with the Senators, averaging just over 13 minutes per game, with an average of 2:30 of that coming on the powerplay.

At even strength, Wideman’s possession numbers are not very good. His ‘Corsi For’ and ‘Fenwick For’ percentages are both under 45%, even though he started 54% of his shifts in the offensive zone.

He’s spent almost all of his even strength minutes with two different partners. He’s played 87:58 with Thomas Chabot. Wideman actually saw a boost in his numbers when paired with Chabot, who is having an incredible offensive season.

He also played 53:16 with Mark Borowiecki and in that time he actually saw his numbers get dragged down, while most of Borowiecki’s numbers got a boost compared to when he played with a different partner.

Interesting to add that Wideman started more in the offensive zone with Borowiecki than he did with Chabot.

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All in all, his numbers at even strength weren’t very good, but they were certainly a little bit better with a more offensive minded Chabot than with a more defensive minded Borowiecki. It will be interesting to see who the Oilers pair him with when he gets into the lineup. Will he push Kris Russell over to the left side and play with him? Will he bump Matt Benning out of the lineup and play with Gravel? Or would the Oilers see value in putting him next to Benning and putting two offensively minded defenders on their third pair?


Wideman has been known as a defenseman with a strong ability to work the point on the powerplay. His best powerplay season came in 2016-17, when he played 116 minutes on the man advantage, an average of just over 90 seconds a game. Majority of that time came on the Senator’s second unit as Erik Karlsson ran the top unit.

In that time, he had a 2.57 points/60, the same number that Oscar Klefbom boasts thus far in the 2018-19 season. He shot the puck at a rate of 7.72 shots/60, which is on par with what Matt Benning has done on the Oiler second unit this season.

The entire Oilers second unit has been underwhelming this season, and although I don’t think he’s been a problem, Oscar Klefbom hasn’t exactly been a world beater on the top unit. There’s a chance for Wideman to find a permanent spot in the lineup if he can find a way to be effective on the powerplay.

It’s also worth noting that Wideman has played just 22 seconds on the penalty kill. He offers zero value in that department.

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This gives the Oilers eight active defensemen on the roster and a total of 23 players. So no one technically has to be sent to the minors, but I can’t imagine the Oilers are too keen on keeping eight defensemen and just 13 forwards in the long-run.

One of Matt Benning, Kevin Gravel, or Jason Garrison will have to be sent to the minors. All three require waivers. I don’t think the Oilers would want to risk losing Matt Benning on waivers, even though he hasn’t been great this season, so I would imagine that Jason Garrison would be the odd man out. I just don’t think he has the legs to keep competing at the NHL level. Kevin Gravel has been more impressive to me.

Of course, if Wideman comes in and completely tanks, the Oilers could put him on waivers and assign him to Bakersfield with no salary cap implications since he only makes $1 million.

All in all, I like this trade. It’s a really low-risk move by Peter Chiarelli, and he’s typically pretty good at these smaller moves. Wideman can move pretty well, has more offensive upside than either Garrison or Gravel, and is a more proven powerplay option than Matt Benning. It didn’t really cost anything to acquire him and as I said, if he doesn’t work out, he can be sent away without any sort of consequence.

If things do work out, the Oilers may have found a solid puck moving defenseman who can slide up and down their lineup and possibly spark their second powerplay unit.

  • OilersGM

    The Oilers are getting a puck moving, quarterbacking second unit PP 6th defenceman who is a upgrade on Benning. Interesting Lowetide mentioned him in the off-season but nothing came to fruition then. Still better late than never.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        Why is everyone constantly $h/tting on Benning? The guy was brought to the team way too early in my mind. He is improving. Sure he makes mistakes. But honestly, he’s the only defenseman on this team that even thinks of hitting in the neutral zone. That may change now that Hitchcock is here? Benning will change now that Hitch is here.
        I say, give him a few games with Hitch, as it’s better than having to trade something to get what Benning could become. If you get my drift?

  • Arfguy

    I will agree with the article that Klefbom has not been setting the 1st unit PP on fire.

    I’d rather try Benning, Nurse or even Wideman now on the 1st unit PP. At least all of them seem capable of getting shots off on the move.

    I am liking how much ice time Klefbom has been soaking up, but his offensive numbers are one of the biggest reasons the Oilers are having trouble scoring.

    • GK1980

      I like klefbom and he is a great D man but your right, he offers 0 offense. Oilers have too many of these guys. Nurse tried to be offensive but usually falls on his face. This has been the achillies of this team for a decade.

  • Bills Bills

    Can he defend and make play out of his zone? I could care less if he can do anything else. There are already too many puck chippers on the Oilers already.

  • camdog

    Garrison isn’t working. Gravel is working. Benning needs to watch a few games. He can be better.

    Too bad we didn’t have a decent coach a few years back that knew how to identify talent. Jordan Osterle deserved the ice time, but was never going to get minutes with Todd at the helm.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    The Oilers need a another defensemen they can count on, does anyone have faith in Benning in our own end? I sure dont. How mnay golas have you seen Benning on for this year? Yes Benning can be not bad on the PP but the other side of his game is a sever liability. I doubt it is a coincidence that the Oilers just happened to go out and get a defencemen, something is going to give.

    The Oilers need to have some defence,ment that can move the pcuk out of the zone, The guys are all having issues this year, they are all having issues on the PP. we cant have that going on, it is killing the effectiveness of the PP, you can not just have one PP unit semi functioning. If this helps, then I am all for it, because what we have had, hasnt been working.

  • Copper

    I’m not quite understanding commenters who feel Benning is the odd man out. LD = Klefbom , Nurse, Russell. RD = Larson, Benning, Wideman.

    Benning is better than Garrison and Gravel. Would also balance R/L combos

  • ooj

    At this point might as well try Wideman with nurse while Russell and gravel play 3rd pairing..of course Wideman can switch here and there with Russell. Put Wideman on the 1st pp…can’t possibly be worse than klefbom who can’t hit the net.

  • Big Nuggets

    Hopefully he can win a job or at least force Benning to up his game. With the state of the Sens most players there probably haven’t been fully motivated to do their best. Maybe Wideman will get the change of scenery boost.

  • FlamesFan27

    It’s too bad Benning has to clear waivers because being in the minors for a bit is exactly what he needs – to play a lot and work through the mistakes without the consequences of the NHL. I thought he was going to be a top 4 guy at one point.

  • TKB2677

    I have no issue with the trade. There is zero risk. The Oilers aren’t even giving up their own draft pick and it’s going to be a 6th rounder.

    On defense the Oilers lack right shots, they lack puck moving, they lack mobility, they lack anyone that can be on your pp and any lack offense. Wideman does all of that. Defensively, he’s a 3rd pairing guy. Oh well. Put him out with McDavid once in a while and if he can hit him with a long pass for a chance, it’s worth it. I would put him on the first unit PP really quick because the Oilers lack right shots, Klefbom is OK but not a great puck mover, he has a good shot but can’t hit the net to save his life. Plus less PP time for Klefbom means less mins overall for him which is a positive because they need him 5 on 5 and on the PK. What Wideman also helps with is it keeps guys like Jones and Bear in the minors to develop more like they should.

    When it comes to Benning. I don’t hate him. He’s a 3rd pairing guy, that is all he is. He can do lots of things OK at times but he is really inconsistent. I wonder if you could package Benning for someone else. A guy I have thought about is Petrovic from the Panthers. Edmonton guy, right shot, he’s a UFA. Money wise makes 50k more than Benning. Petrovic doesn’t bring offense but he’s a decent defender, is mobile and is a good puck mover. On the Panthers when Pysyk is healthy, he is in their 3rd pairing.

  • HelpMeBabyJesus

    Excellent trade and god bless uber! I think he will slot in nicely and be an upgrade on the power play. Klefbom has not been doing the job and if nothing else it will motivate him to improve. Low risk with above average potential for reward. Bravo Pete, it’s about time!