Nation Donair Tour – Marco’s Famous

We are BACK and we’re ready to DIVE IN to a donair from Marco’s Famous Donair downtown. Do we know why it’s famous? Watch the video to see!!! This week we welcomed WANYE GRETZ (who wouldn’t reveal his face on the video because he didn’t want to one-up us with his good looks) to the…


GDB 22.0: A Black Friday Matinee (2pm MST, SNW)

It’s American Thanksgiving weekend and you know what that means — an excuse to play hooky from real life and drink beers for daytime sports! Today, we’ve got a Black Friday game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Anaheim Ducks, as they face off for the first of four meetings this season.


GDB Game Notes: Oilers @ Ducks

It is Thanksgiving weekend in the United States and today is arguably bigger than Christmas in the USA, especially for shoppers. Americans love their matinee sporting events and that is why today’s game starts at 1 p.m. PST (2 p.m. MST). Don’t look now, but the Oilers are 3-0 in matinee games this season. They…