Nation Donair Tour – Marco’s Famous

We are BACK and we’re ready to DIVE IN to a donair from Marco’s Famous Donair downtown. Do we know why it’s famous? Watch the video to see!!! This week we welcomed WANYE GRETZ (who wouldn’t reveal his face on the video because he didn’t want to one-up us with his good looks) to the show because apparently this is his favourite place and he’s been here 1,500 times since 1947.

We enjoyed some really warm weather outside, a really clean and sleek aesthetic inside the shop, some confusing literature on the napkins dispenser, a guy working there who was adamant we gave him our names, and am absolute thiccc boy unit that was a major vessel for sauce. We also discussed whether or not this would be the ideal place to go after a playoff game at Rogers Place due to the proximity.

Ever been to Marco’s Famous downtown? Have a donair spot we haven’t reviewed that you’re passionate about? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get there! DIVE INTO THE VIDEO.

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Watch the video below:

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