Real Life Podcast Episode 100: Keepin’ it 100

Welcome, friends, to the 100th episode of the Real Life Podcast! Since its inception, the Real Life Podcast has seen its share of roster turnover, good and bad news for the Oilers and beyond, and now it’s time to look back on the first 100 episodes to try and make sense of it all.


Inside the Nation: Rattie getting Hitchcock’d

A weekend later and Dustin Nielson is back with your recapping of the Oilers life since his last video. The video kicks off with a little debate over who has the worst .500 loss punishment. Ryan Spooner is the topic to kick us off. Splice in a little Answer talk. Alex the Great… Deal Then…


All 100 of Connor McDavid’s goals so far

If you’re looking for a way to kill 13 minutes of your Monday afternoon, then I’d highly recommend checking out this video compilation of Connor McDavid’s 100 career goals that Sportsnet put together. For as much as we complain about the Edmonton Oilers and the way they’re run (rightfully so IMO), one of the only things…


Kings 5, Oilers 2 post-game Oil Spills: No More Parties In L.A.

You never want to say a game is a sure win in sports, but there’s no doubt that was a must win for the Oilers. Edmonton gave up a late lead in Anaheim and rolled into Los Angeles for a game with the dead last Kings that gave them a solid chance to finish their road trip on a…


Alex the Great… Deal

Everything is going right for Alex Chiasson. He’s scored ten goals on just 24 shots this season and proved last night that if you go to the blue paint good things will happen.


Monday Mailbag – Thoughts on Hitchcock hire and the Wideman trade?

It’s been another eventful week at the Nation and there is a lot to talk about. In this week’s mailbag, you asked the panel for thoughts on the Hitchcock hiring, Wideman trade, line combinations, and a whole lot more. If you have a question for next week, and I’m always looking for some, you can…