Inside the Nation: Rattie getting Hitchcock’d

A weekend later and Dustin Nielson is back with your recapping of the Oilers life since his last video.

The video kicks off with a little debate over who has the worst .500 loss punishment.

Ryan Spooner is the topic to kick us off.

Splice in a little Answer talk.

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Alex the Great… Deal

Then Dusty laughs/crys about losing two Strome trades.

Wayne Simmonds trade?

He has some thoughts on getting rid of the GM.

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Mr. Nielson looks at the Chris Wideman deal with Ottawa last week.

What are the Oilers getting in Chris Wideman?

The usage of Jesse after the call-up.

The most important question of the day:

What happens to Ty Rattie?

Watch the full video below:

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  • tkfisher

    I’d love to listen to the podcast, but talking about the Oilers is bad for my rage. And I like my hands to not punch holes in the drywall. Absolute madness when it comes to manegment decisions. I’m starting to feel like 6 random people out of a Best Buy line up could do a better job running this team.

  • Todd the electron rod

    Dusty, are you still advocating for Lucic next to Mcdavid so he can “reset”? What does that even mean?
    How about starting One Shot Talbot “to let him know he is our guy”?
    I’m advocating for two points a night but still preparing for the worst.

  • Diehard oil fan

    Rattie is garbage. Has played like it all season thus far !! Even when he was with Connor he wasn’t making a difference. So glad there is no more lines that have no chemistry and all these bubble players that McLellan likes are gone be held accountable and not be around. Next up. Chiarelli gets sent packing. I know we are all waiting for that axe to fall !! Put caggulia back with Connor and Leon. And watch Nuge drive his own line for 2.5 less then Leon makes. I would love 8.5 million per to ride shot gun with McDavid. I would just stand in front of the net with my stick on the ice. Wait for Connor to hit me with the puck. I would even dress up like a pylon so no one would even notice that Rattie is gone. So sick of watching the oilers lose !!!!


    I think the coaches have been the major issue letting the players and GM down. Swapping lines like dirty underwear makes it hard to build chemistry. Chia brought in some good players like Marron and Chassion have have played well for us. Adding depth players like Aberg, Rattie who have skill and can play in the top lines yet the coach didn’t give them more then a handful of games. Guess how Aberg is doing for the Duckers? Rattie was scoring last year and led the Preseason in goals yet our Coach (no longer here ) mind you didn’t think to use what worked? So he had 2 lines producing now he has one , then he gets fired and Hitchcock doing the same insanity … but we have an identity line fml

  • toprightcorner

    It looks lick Hitch will cost Rattie at least $2 mill. He easily would have signed a 2 year $2-$2.5 mill contract if he continued to play like he was. At this point, hard to say if the Oilers will even resign him as it doesn’t look like he will play 10 min in a game again this season.