GDB 25.0 Wrap Up: Klefbom wants all of the game winners, Oilers take it 3-2 over LA

Klefbom with back-to-back game winners! Final Score: 3-2 Oilers

Heading into tonight’s game against the Kings, the Oilers were coming off a big OT win against the Stars and the last thing they needed was to get into a win/lose/win/lose rhythm. Besides, the Oilers did not look good at all against the Kings on Sunday night and they could not afford to let that same type of performance happen again. Two points. Needed to have them at all costs. End of story. If I’m being honest, I was probably more nervous about how this thing would turn out than either of the teams that were playing because of the inconsistency we’ve seen over the last month. This season has been emotional, man, and it’s been a battle to go through the ups and downs of another weird run in Edmonton. So when the Oilers started the game with hustle, enthusiasm, and an eventual two-goal lead it felt like everyone that was nervous about another bad game could relax and breathe a little bit. I mean, it didn’t last long, only about half of a period, but it was cool to have a few minutes of feeling in control.

After finishing the first period by allowing a pair of goals that allowed the Kings to stay in it, the Oilers got back to having the jump we saw in the opening minutes. They were aggressive on the forecheck, supported each other well, got the saves they needed, and generated plenty of opportunities for themselves in the offensive zone. But with both teams getting strong goaltending performances and the game knotted up, it wasn’t overly surprising to see this game end up tied going into the third period. Not only are we living in the Hitchcock era, these close games are his jam after all, but this thing had the feel of a ‘next goal wins’ type of vibe through the final 40 minutes. The only real question was which team was going to get it. Fortunately for all of us, the Oilers were able to pull off the not so common goal-challenge win that kept the game time at two apiece and set the stage for Oscar Klefbom to close things out for the second night in a row.

It may not have been the revenge beatdown I was hoping for, but Oilers chopped all the wood and carried all of the water needed to finish the night with two points. It may not have been the prettiest win, but it was beautiful to me.

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The Wrap.

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  • How about Jesse Puljujarvi getting a big goal to open the scoring tonight? Big fella put the work, drove to the net, and earned himself a greasy goal. I love it.
  • Alex Chia’s son is hands down the best value contract in the NHL. Case closed. Don’t bother arguing with me. The guy scored another powerplay goal by parking himself in front of the net and being ready for when the puck eventually comes to him. It’s a simple strategy that is working incredibly well. The guy is on a heater like we’ve never seen, and the man knows to never leave the table when you’re on a heater.
  • Oscar Klefbom got the Oilers another powerplay goal after Nuge set him up on a tee and he blasted the puck through Jonathan Quick. Klefbom had a few chances to score tonight but ended up missing the net. He made no such mistake with his second goal of the season that came late in the third period.
  • Every morning when I wake up I thank the good Gord for Connor McDavid. The captain was fantastic against the Kings and was an absolute handful for anyone that was tasked with defending him. The guy’s speed is ridiculous and the way he accelerates with the puck is truly a pleasure to watch. Only one point for McDavid tonight but he was dancing all night and likely deserved more.
  • Mikko Koskinen has played in four of five games since Ken Hitchcock has been behind the bench and the big man is doing everything he can to keep it that way. Koskinen was mostly solid again tonight and he did everything he could to give his team a chance to win, including some huge saves throughout the game. Koskinen finished the night with 30 saves, a .938 save%, and his fourth win at Rogers Place. He was lucky on the disallowed goal, but rock solid everywhere else.
  • How about another casual two-point night for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (he should have three but they seem to have taken away the assist on Chiasson’s goal)? Nuge is having a sneaky good season and it’s been fun to see his game evolve of the last few years. Weird to think that RNH is still only 25 years old and I’m excited to see what Hitchcock can do to push him even further.
  • First point I want to make is that the Oilers actually won a goal challenge. Amazing! Second thing is that Hitchcock’s challenge absolutely bailed out Mikko Koskinen on what would have been a horrible goal against. That’s two wins in one.
  • You’ve gotta like getting two big powerplay goals to power the boys to a win. Tonight, they kept things simple, threw pucks at the net, and were rewarded for their efforts.
  • These blue jerseys are so much better than the orange. Please wear these every night. I beg you.
  • Considering what just happened on Sunday, the boys really needed to make sure they didn’t get a repeat performance. Two points against the Kings had to happen I’m thrilled to be doing a #BoozeNotBeets wincast rather than putting back beets. Join in the misery over on my Twitter account.
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  • Why can Dustin Brown only score against the Oilers? He got his fourth against them tonight — it’s ridiculous.
  • Jeff Carter tied the game up at goals apiece after the Kings got themselves into a 5-on-3 powerplay, and the Oilers weren’t able to lock things down.
  • Shout out to Kevin Quinn for mentioning that the Kings had yet to score a powerplay goal on the road. Basically, as soon as he finished his sentence Jeff Carter put one home. I know he actually had nothing to do with it because blaming the announcer doesn’t make any sense, but it was still annoying in the moment. You know what I mean.
  •  I will not complain about the refs or the dozens of times they miss calls on McDavid. I will not. Don’t ask me to do it. Just because they were terrible yet again doesn’t mean I’ll comment on it. I’m a bigger person than that.
  • I hate whoever the guy was that went out and bought a McDavid Kings jersey. At first, we thought it might be an All-Star Game jersey from a couple of years ago but then we had multiple people confirming that it was, in fact, a Kings jersey. Imagine buying that thing.



01:21 Edmonton Jesse Puljujarvi (2) ASST: Drake Caggiula (3), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (17) 0-1
09:33 Edmonton PPG – Alex Chiasson (11) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (15), Oscar Klefbom (11) 0-2
13:49 Los Angeles Dustin Brown (8) ASST: Anze Kopitar (9), Alex Iafallo (6) 1-2
19:29 Los Angeles PPG – Jeff Carter (5) ASST: Anze Kopitar (10), Drew Doughty (13) 2-2
Throwback Thursday: On this day in 1995, Edmonton Oilers fall to St. Louis Blues 4-0


No Scoring


17:40 Edmonton PPG – Oscar Klefbom (2) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (18), Connor McDavid (21) 2-3


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 11/29/2018 – 10:00 pm MT

  • OilersGM

    We couldn’t win these type of games under McLellan, good coach but didn’t have the (IT)factor to take the team to the next level. Hich does and has got this team buying in. The team is more engaged. Hard fought battle, great win.
    Koskinen let in a softy on the PP but boy did he ever makeup for it in a big way, I’ve said it b4 and I’ll say it again he makes big saves at big times when the team needs it. Game saving saves. Don’t stop now, time to go on a roll.

  • Deesh

    Add “out of town oilers fans not being able to watch the third period” to the face palmers. One of the few times the Oilers win an exciting final minutes and I missed it. Awesome….

  • Bringer_Of_Snow

    Nuge, McDavid, and Drai involved in all goals again. We need wingers and secondary scoring. Can never win a cup, or even compete in the playoffs with a 4th line you don’t trust to pay more than 4 minutes, and a 3rd line consisting of Lucic, Brodziak and Kassian – can’t even expect offense from then.

    Koskinen is playing like an absolute stud right now. Made some massive saves after big saves from Quick on the other end. A couple went high shoulder and you just know #33 lets those in.

    Quick complains so much it sad.

  • The future never comes

    Keep the Koski train coming! I was so happy to Jesse score one. On another note, Gravel doesnt get much press but I think he is a really solid dman for his price point – keep the man in.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Got to admit KJoskinen looked good in net and I especially liked the fact that when that one goal when in that he thought he should of have, he brabbed the puck and whipped it out of the net, that just shows he didnt like that it went in and he was pissed and wasn’t going to let the next one go in, nothing wrong with being fired up, Talbot needs to get fired up when he plays.

    I liked that the Oilers were banging and crashing, and not letting liberties being taken with one another, sure the reffing again was suspect, but what the hell can a guy do. Lets hope the Oil continue to play well every point we get is needed to crawl up the standing in the west because it will be race for playoff spots just like every year

  • OilersGM

    BM, you are so right about how annoying Kevin Quinn’s call was about LA’s PP not scoring on the road. To me Quinn is annoying all the time, lots of time gets the players mixed up not to mention he is behind on calling plays a lot. Can’t Sportsnet trade him for Jack Michaels or does Chia has to make that trade, it would be the first time he won a trade.

  • Anton CP

    I like Kostinen’s passion, that (non-)goal by Clifford was really upset him. I can’t remember when was the last time that I’ve seen Talbot was upset about the goal against.

  • Ranford.85

    Where to begin with this team? I’m losing hair with every game. The amount of cursing and hair pulling that goes on keeps me loving this game, just like my bantam team I coach haha. There’s so many negatives, but positivity is key.

    First off… I love the Nuge, he tapped Pulji’s shin pads after a solid defensive play in the 3rd. No language barrier there. That’s the stuff that builds a player’s confidence, especially working on the 2nd line after a rough road to the NHL for a 4th overall pick.

    Koskinen looked pissed when he let it Toffoli’s soft backhander. I lost it, went for a beer and came back to Hitch pulling a move I never saw Todd pull… a coaches challenge…. and he won. Koski shut the door after that.

    Klef has two winning goals in the past two games. I feel like he was just upholding the ‘shin pad assassin’ name until Sekera started skating this week.

    I’m sorry but for the first time this year, I finally understood the ‘identity line’… add a goal or two and Kass might be worth close to his 1.9mil paycheck. I love the fact that Looch is an Oiler… I just hate the fact he’s getting paid the same as Nuge. Damn the knob on Quick’s goalie stick or we’d all be raising a drink for Lucic.

  • Rufio Barcoli

    I can’t believe Chia signed Koskinen!
    2.5 million for a goalie that 7-2-1 with an above .925 save %. Ridiculous!
    Chia needs to go and take Koskinen with him.

    • Ranford.85

      I never judged the Koski signing but I’ll give Chia that one. Thought Talbot would make a comeback…
      He’s the only difference between this year and last years team. Imagine we played from behind by one goal this year… the team believes in Koskinen and that offside call back is proof.

  • Ko-D

    I am a die hard Oilers fan! Seriously though, is this team a cup contender this season? To me they are just treading water as a mid-pack team. The worst place to be in the NHL is the middle if you are looking to build a cup contender. Is Chai going to be here long term as we draft and develope prospects over the next few seasons? To me he is looking over his shoulder trying to save his job with band-aids at every turn. This isn’t how a winning team is built. Look to Toronto “there will be pain”. Dump Chai, sell, load the top line for McDavids Art Ross and draft some real game breakers.

      • GK1980

        Yup, win is a win but they are just holding on. McDavid doing everything he can poor kid and if there are more games like yesterday he will get hurt unfortunately and then this team will drop and turtle like Tckachuk.

    • Marcus

      Agreed. I enjoy wins as much as the next guy but if 1 goal victories against lower/middling teams saves Chia’s job and satisfies OEG then we are in long term trouble.

      We need personnel that can dominate these teams, not scrape together 1 goal victories. That means better D, better wingers, and 2 good goalies. Oilers are about 65% there.

      Chiasson and Koskinen—we are lucky to have them and lucky they seem to be on top of their games.

    • Hemmercules

      You just realized that this team isn’t a contender and they will tread water all season? What took you so long? Most of is knew that before the first puck dropped.

      • Marcus

        No I didn’t just realize this, where did I say that? I guess I’m just re-stating the obvious much like most posters and bloggers on this and other sites. One can only hope that OEG will eventually realize what the rest of the hockey community already knows.

    • Quoteright

      Everyone thinks this team doesn’t have the talent, but Hitch did. LAst years pundits thought we were contenders before the second game. There is plenty of talent, they need coaching, and are getting it. 3-1-1 is plenty good for the playoffs. Hitch me up to believing in the team again!

  • Heschultzhescores

    Need a few more guys to get a goal like Klef to get their slumps ended as well. Confidence is a strange thing. We need to keep guys from getting down, and maybe, just maybe we can make a run yet.

  • Odanada

    Looch must have done something bad in a past life – hitting the knob of Quick’s stick is just plain bad luck.
    Keep givin’ er Looch and the puck will find the netting – I just hope it’s soon!

  • FlamesFan27

    A Kings McDavid jersey. Someone has a sense of humour!

    Another great game by RNH. He is looking so much better playing more of an offensive role rather than trying to be a shutdown guy.

    • Hemmercules

      I like when Gene was making fun off guys named Drew in the intermission. At first I thought he was just jabbing Remenda on air but then they got into some Drew Doughty talk.

  • Spydyr

    Koskinen has been making the big saves at important times in the game. Saves like that lift up the team. Talbot has not done that since giving up three goals in the last few minutes to lose a playoff game. IMO Talbot jumped the shark that game and has not been the same goalie since.

    • Hemmercules

      Koskinen has been a pleasant surprise. I hope he gets even better as the season goes on. The Kings second goal and the goal that got called off weren’t great though, I think he should have had at least one of those. He was fully set on the second goal and just let it squeak by short side. The goal that got called off was actually pretty terrible, he backed into his net and let in a softie there. Talbot would have been lit up for letting those two in. Luckily that one was offside. Good on Hitch for using the review. All that said, Koski made some important saves and kept them in the game, he just need some positioning work. Big goalies like that can crowd the net but you have to come out a bit sometimes and challenge the shooter.

      • Spydyr

        I agree that Koskinen let in a couple bad goals and was lucky the one was called back but even in last nights game he made the big save latter in the game allowing his team to win.

        • ed from edmonton

          Koskinnen has been able, for the most part, been able to come up with big saves late in games. Break away save at 2-2 last night is a case in point. Big K has not been “perfect”, but he is part of the solution has the moment. Let’s hope what looked like a longshot bet keeps paying off.

          • mcjesus take the wheel

            He’s on a streak for sure but it’s just covering up the glaring holes. It does this team no good to be squeaking out OT wins so management can hang on and not have to do anything.

  • Freddie the fog

    Also….people please stop putting your surname or worse yet some goofy nickname on the back of your jerseys . Just stop. You’re supposed to be paying homage to a player you admire. And #2…..you never played on the team. For the Love of all things holy…..I’ve even seen some real winners put number sixty – nine on the back. Somebody., not me….but someone might have to hurt you over that