Oilersnation Radio Episode 14 – Zykov, Koskinen, and a Milan Lucic goal bet

A new week means a new episode of Oilersnation Radio and this episode is chock-full of Edmonton Oilers content that you can slip right into your earholes. This week, we cover the Valentin Zykov waiver claim, whether the Strome for Spooner trade is worse than Eberle for Strome, the “retro” jersey debut, and another look at the Milan Lucic goal bet. 

To start off this week’s show, we jump right into things with a look at the newest Edmonton Oiler, Valentin Zykov. With another right-handed winger in the mix (he plays on the left side), we try to figure out where he will slot in and how this will affect the current line combinations. Zykov has had some scoring touch at the AHL level but has yet to have that translate in the big show, so we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out. Next up, we look at Dusty’s Hot Takes article for November, specifically the part where he talks about the Strome for Spooner trade being worse than the initial Eberle for Strome. True? We debate. As the podcast wound down, we took a look at the Oilers’ “retro” jerseys that made their season debut last night, and also the award-winning investigation that happened last night where a Kings fan show up wearing an LA McDavid jersey. Lastly, we revisited the Milan Lucic goal bet to have a look at how everyone is doing, and come up with some adjustments to the bet to make things more interesting.

Check out the episode below:

Throwback Thursday: This week in 2001, Edmonton Oilers trade Doug Weight

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  • Fireball

    Come off it. Spooner / Strome worst than Eberle / Strome. Of course that’s not possible because Eberle is a star winger and Strome isn’t that good at anything at this point. He isn’t fast.. He can’t win face offs.. he wasn’t a big checker .. And he don’t score.. So you say he was a good defensive player ?? The puck didn’t end up in the net that much with him on the ice. I’ll give you that. So a guy that can’t take face offs .. don’t score very often.. don’t hit a lot .. and wasn’t that fast that was defensively sound .. Sounds like a 4th liner who don’t do a whole lot but can kill penalty’s .. Well there’s dozens of guys who do that and can win face offs for much cheaper than Strome. So Strome was a fail. I would had liked to see him on top 6 wing but that didn’t get much of a look. As far as Strome Spooner., Spooner hasn’t done much to this point. The money for us is the same .. but NY is paying Strome 4 mill because they eat on Spoon. It’s early to say Spooner is done and early to say Strome is done. But to put that trade in the Eberle conversation.. Your a little off there. I believe without double checking Strome has 2 goals and 3 or 4 assists in 25 games so far.. at 4 mill. The oilers are winning with out him. I think we can find a young guy who can do all he don’t do just like he didn’t do it that is faster and can maybe take a draw for much cheaper than anything we paid.

    • Fireball

      And regardless the team has improved since Strome Left., and one of the Key contributions to our failure last year was the Eberle Strome trade.., in no way Will the Spooner deal ever in the worst possible way ever impact this team in as much as the Eberle deal. If Spooner never plays another game it wouldn’t be in the ballpark

      • Fireball

        Strome is on pace for 6.5 goals and 11.8 assists this year., 4 mill. I get Spooner has another year so if he really does nothing and we can’t part ways it ain’t very good., but Come on Man

        • Fireball

          Sorry 6.5 goals and 9.8 assists .. if he had 82 games at the rate he’s scoring in NY he’d have 11 goals and 23 assists. Good Forth line numbers. For a guy who plays way more time and way higher than the 4th line.

  • JariCurry

    Invisible for invisible. Almost like the trade never happened. I think which shampoo Mcdavid uses has more of an effect on the game than both Spooner and Strome.