New Oilers / Flames License Plates

Attention Oiler fans! You can now get official Edmonton Oilers license plates here in Alberta. And let me tell you they look spectacular! Although if you are somehow a Calgary Flames fan and live in Alberta, you can get a Flames license plate too. The Battle of Alberta will now be progressed from the rink to the city streets. Each license plate will feature team logos, slogans and colours.

This will cost you $75 for the plate and $55 of it will be going to the Flames or Oilers Foundations depending on the team you choose. Service Alberta announced these new license plates on November 17th, 2018 and customers that pre-ordered are now getting them. You can now get these plates at your local registry office. It’ll be cool to see more and more of these popping up around both cities.

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Personally, one thing that stopped me from getting one was paying another $70 – $80 for the yearly registration sticker. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until June to get one of these deluxe plates. I’m curious to see which team’s fans end up buying more of these plates, obviously, my money is on the Oilers plates. 

So are you planning on getting one? Have you already ordered one? Let me know in the comments!