Real Life Podcast Episode 102: Nation Christmas Party, Ference Interview, and the Battle of Alberta

Welcome, friends, to another episode of the Real Life Podcast! It’s the podcast where a show outline gets made but rarely matters as the boys often find themselves wandering the forests of their own minds rather than sticking to the plan at hand.

This week, the guys jump right in by talking about the Oilers big win last night against the Calgary Flames and how the team really seems to be embracing the Hitchcock style of play. Not only are the accepting the messaging from their new coach, but they’re also looking like a more cohesive unit on the ice than we’ve seen in the past. The goaltending is strong, the defensive play is locked in, and the Oilers are grinding out victories that they surely wouldn’t have had only a few months ago. Considering how the standings are looking right now, would it be so wrong to ask the hockey gods for another Battle of Alberta playoff series? The guys didn’t think so.

From there, they boys recapped the Nation Christmas part that went down on Friday night and got into the competitiveness that the staff has with each other regardless of the game they’re playing. From bowling to the gift exchange to the late night Jenga marathons, the Nation crew had it out for each other with the only thing on their minds being the sweet taste of victory. Lastly, the boys end things off with a look at the Andrew Ference interview he did with Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman on the 31 Thoughts Podcast about his time in Edmonton. Needless to say, the former captain didn’t have all that many nice things to say about his former team and teammates.

LAING: Settling the score

Check out the full episode below:

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  • Coach Rick

    Andrew Ference loses me completely with his comments on Dallas E. come on pal dont trash the team that you couldnt play on. He made you captain and you were a terrible captain. You then trash every young oiler by not naming names. You then say Dallas was a great coach, wrong, but we now see he was your buddy. You’re a coward Ference name names or shut up. The Edmonton team, fans and management paid you 13 mil for nothing. So shut up you low life coward!

    Coach Rick