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Oscar Klefbom “out weeks” with hand injury

While the Oilers pulled away with a 6-4 victory over the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday evening, it wasn’t all good news.

Coach Ken Hitchcock revealed after the game that blueliner Oscar Klefbom will be out for an extended period of time with a hand injury.

Klefbom was forced to leave the game during the second period after blocking a Sven Andrighetto slap shot with his hand. He left briefly before returning a few minutes later. The Oilers later announced the blueliner wouldn’t return to the contest.

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Klefbom logged 10:36 of ice time prior to exiting the game for the final time.

The injury couldn’t come at a worse time for the 25-year-old. Klefbom has been playing his best hockey of the season of late, logging a whopping 28:03 of ice time in Sunday’s win over Calgary and racking up three goals and seven points in the last seven contests.

Klefbom is on the top pairing, plays both special teams and leads all Oilers’ defenseman in scoring with 15 points in 31 games. There will be no easy way of replacing him.

The Oilers return to action on Thursday against the Winnipeg Jets.

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2018-2019 30 3 12 15 1 8 1 6 2 1 93 3.2
NHL Career 285 27 82 109 -35 42 5 33 1 2 7 2 657 4.1

  • SlovakOiler

    Oh man, Klef just can’t stay healthy. i’m so sorry for him.
    I don’t wanna be negative, but after so many Oiler years, my first reaction was: “F*€k, and so it begins”.
    I hope I’m wrong though.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Why not? His stats were average in Ottawa. He has a lot of experience. Apparently he moves the puck out well. Hitch is also a defensive coach… Look what he did with Chaisson after he sat for a few games to begin.
      I would think that experience on D is the priority over a call-up… That said, looking at the stats in the minors, why wouldn’t we have called up Jones, Hebig & some others for a cup? They seem to have been down there for years?
      The thing is now, we are at a point of weakness on D & we have to really count on whoever takes Klef’s place.

  • BringitbacklikeSlats

    Good! Maybe now we’ll actually see something better on the PP than the boneheaded Swede. Painful to watch him 5×5 with his Pee-wee no hitting style of defence.
    At this point I think it’s fair to say he can’t stay healthy. Bad luck or bad positioning?? ?I’d say the latter

    • BR

      Woweee how wrong can one be? Oilers will struggle without the stability Klef brings to the team. Will be sorely missed. I’m thinking Ethan Bear or Caleb Jones get called up for a few games until Sekera is ready. Garrison is just a body for practices now. Wideman maybe gets next game before they plug a rookie in.

      Nurse – Larson
      Russel – Benning
      Gravel – Wideman/Bear/Sekera

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        You can scratch Sekera off that list, there is no way he could handle the grind of skating and stop start involved in game play with his Achilles, not yet. Achilles are a tough tough injury to deal with, there have been guys who game back too soon only to re-injure themselves, I dont think we will see Sekera in game at all this year or maybe close to the end of it, but not this soon. I know he is doing some skating but I dont think he is going hard like he’d have to in a game

      • BringitbacklikeSlats

        Says you. I see a guy taking up valuable minutes and costing us with mistakes and lacklustre defence. Sorry but “3”goals in a third of a season with all kinds of PP time doesn’t impress me… and neither does his team lead for major mistakes against opponents that ends in a goal for the other side. Great big shot that never hits the net.

        Did you know that Nurse at 5×5 has more points than both Larssen and Kbom combined?

        So we shall see how much we “miss” that.

        • Redbird62

          Yes, I am sure that Hitchcock and Trent Yawney are jumping for joy knowing that Klefbom’s injury will prevent them from constantly making the mistake of playing him 24 minutes a night since they don’t have a clue what they are doing. Not saying you can’t disagree with Hitchcock’s deployment, but your perception of his deficiencies is way over the top. Niklas Lidstrom won 7 Norris trophies averaging a credited hit once every 5 games in his career. And no I am not comparing Klefbom to Lidstrom, just making the point that hitting is not a necessary criteria to be a good defenseman.

          • BringitbacklikeSlats

            I don’t dispute Hitchcock’s usage at all. He’s only watch him a handful of games and the pairings are the pairings for a reason.
            One Defensive stay at home D (Larsson & Russell) and two Ominded ones in Klefbom and Nurse.
            But it’s no surprise to me that the PP struggles with Klefbom manning the point. He’s simply not that good. The stats don’t lie.
            And your comment about Lidstrom is a nice excuse for every Dman in the league without edge… unfortunately when you consider how good the multiple Norris trophy winning HHOF’r is your argument is less than weak. If you’re not comparing the two player, than simply don’t.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    That sucks for Oscar, he has been potting a few the last few fames, whether Hitch told him to shoot more or what I dont know but I am glad to see the guys on D are starting to let them fly instead of always looking for a pass. In the post game Hitch said straight out Oscar was going to be out weeks not days which sounds to me like he must have broken something or is really bruised but my guess is a break, Oscar is coming back to Edmonton for evaluation.

    Thats a big hole for the Oil to fill because Oscar shews up a ton of minutes so someone on the D is about to get a big increase in minutes , but it also means that wiedman or Garrison will draw in, and neither of those two are going to chew up that kind of minutes. Ought to be interesting to see how they work the pairings next game and there isnt a lot of time next game isnt too far away…

  • KennyG

    Fracture or break will be minimum month if its that. Everyone knew we were one injury away from being in big trouble. Hopefully the big 3 go on a crazy scoring streak. 6-4 wins fine by me. Bear did real well last year so not sure why he hasn’t had chance this season yet. Know he was injured for bit so hopefully someone from the farm makes the most of the opportunity.

  • camdog

    Klefbom, Larsson and Russell have been really good in their own end this season. Klefbom was missed late in the game last night. Russell is probably one of the best UFA signing by the Edmonton Oilers in the last 20 years, you wouldn’t know it by the press he gets, but he’s done what he was signed to do. Nurse has been erratic in his own end, but when he rushes the puck up the ice he brings a little bit of untapped offence. Gravel showed me he can keep up with big boys. MacKinnon tried to beat him wide on on one last night and he angled off perfectly. He’s got some game, but top 4 is likely expecting too much. I still don’t know what we have with Benning. Garrison can’t play NHL anymore, so hopefully a kid can come up and fill the role. Wideman is too loose in his own end for offence he brings.

    I feel sad for Oscar, he is having a great year, but with some guys you just expect bad luck to follow them around.

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      “I still don’t know what we have with Benning.”

      That’s the thing. What we’ve got with Benning is inconsistency. Last night’s performance was on the atrocious end of the scale. He was the understudy for the Jaws of Defeat with the timing and nature of those penalties (the first trip–yeesh) and the fight which should be the D man’s to give, not to be sucked into. Too often he seems to be reacting rather than proactively controlling the play or his emotional response, like he’s out of his depth.

      He’s tough and he hits well when he’s hitting, I’ll give him that, but he gets pushed around too much and too easily and finds himself one or two beats late on a play. He’s been better under Hitch, but he’s got a long way to go. My fear is that the Jets’ cycling lines will chew him up and spit him out. I hope I’m wrong.

  • TKB2677

    Nurse held out trying to squeeze every dollar because he thought he was worth a hell of a lot more because he is so good. Well except for last game, he’s been at best pretty mediocre. Here’s Nurse’s chance to step up and show everyone what he thought he was as a dman.