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Koskinen near top of goaltender leaderboards

Remember just a few short months ago when Oilers fans cringed at the thought of Mikko Koskinen? The Mikko Koskinen signing in the summer was a heavy topic of conversation in Oilersnation and the sound of his name made many people frown.

I am guilty of these thoughts, and after watching Koskinen play in the preseason I was even more upset with Peter Chiarelli signing him and the situation we were in. Isn’t that hilarious? I guarantee you that there’s not one person on this planet that thought Mikko Koskinen, a man who played only four NHL games eight years ago, would currently have a 7-0 record at home with the Edmonton Oilers.

Mikko Koskinen isn’t starting tonight against the Blues as Cam Talbot has an excellent record against them at home. However, I’m here to remind you how GOOD Koskinen has been playing and what an extremely pleasant surprise he’s been for this team and these fans. After 17 games played, Koskinen has 11 wins, a .928 S%, and a 2.18 GAA.

Koskinen currently sits third in the league in GAA behind Pekka Rinne and Adin Hill (who’s only played nine games). He also sits fourth in S% behind Laurent Brossoit, Jaroslav Halak, and Andrei Vasilevskiy. Brossoit has also only played 9 games but side note – who would have expected him to be putting up these numbers with Winnipeg this year also? I’m happy for the guy and truly think he needed a change of scenery from here in Edmonton.

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Mikko Koskinen Career Stats

Season Team Lge GP A PIM Min GA EN SO GAA W L T Svs Pct GP A PIM
2015-16 St. Petersburg SKA KHL 41 4 2379 96 3 2.42 20 18 1034 0.915 15 2
2016-17 St. Petersburg SKA KHL 23 2 6 1387 48 3 2.08 14 6 3 524 0.916 15 1
2017-18 St. Petersburg SKA KHL 29 4 1718 45 5 1.57 22 4 1 671 0.937 15
2018-19 Edmonton Oilers NHL 17 993 36 3 2.18 11 4 1 464 0.928
NHL Totals 21 3 2.55 13 5 1 0.917
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  • CaptainCanada94

    Anyone that says they called Koski’s stats is a liar. Anyone who says they didn’t question the 2.5 mill price tag is also a liar. Credit to the pro-scouts and credit to Chiarelli for getting him here. He made a gamble on an insurance policy for Talbot, and it is paying off. In fact, it is helping both goalies and thus the Oiler’s getting points where they dont deserve them.

    Hopefully tonight is a game the players can steal for the goalies and give Talbot a relatively easy night in the crease. We will likely require a goalie stolen 2 points on Saturday.