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Blues 4, Oilers 1 post-game Oil Spills: There’s no such thing as an easy win

With the Canucks and Blues lined up on the schedule, it looked like the Oilers had four easy points ahead of them. But welcome to the NHL — there’s no such thing as an easy win. Even against the worst teams in the league, you need to show up to earn two points.

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What happened…

The Blues took a 1-0 lead halfway through the first period when David Perron (because of course since he’s a former Oiler) rushed down the wing and fired a wirster past Cam Talbot. You have to give Perron some credit, this was a nice shot.

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The Oilers would tie the game halfway through the second period when Jesse Puljujarvi took a pass from JJ Khaira and fired a one-time snap past Jake Allen. It wasn’t the prettiest goal, but it’s great to see Puljujarvi getting into the mix offensively. Getting shots on net is never a bad thing.

And then this happened. It kind of came out of the blue (no pun intended) to the shock of everyone. I was at the game and it all of a sudden there was like a five-minute delay and the Blues randomly have a goal. Nobody knew what was going on or what was being reviewed and then the ref comes to centre ice and said we have a good goal. It was shocking the Blues were just able to continue to shove Talbot into the net until the puck went in.

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The Blues went up 3-1 early in the third period when Vladimir Tarasenko sniped a power play goal past Talbot. Even though the Oilers were only down two with a full period left to go, it immediately felt like the game was iced after this was scored.

By the numbers…

The worst and most disappointing made evident on the shot chart (and your eye test will surely validate this) is how the Oilers simply didn’t put their foot on the gas in the third period. They came into the third down 2-1 and quickly went down 3-1 thanks to that Tarasenko power play goal, but the Oilers only managed to get six shot attempts towards the Blues net in the period. The Oilers allowed nearly as many high danger chances against than they managed just shot attempts towards St. Louis’ net in total while the Blues were defending a lead.

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  • I don’t even feel like diving into that weird go-ahead goal St. Louis was given because I feel like it undeservingly distracts from how bad that effort was last night. I do concede the team has had a busy schedule as of late, playing every second night for the past few weeks, but you need to put out a better effort against a horrendous team like the Blues. St. Louis had been allowing nearly four goals against a game the past month and the Oilers were barely a threat at all last night. They looked slow, sluggish, disengaged, didn’t win races to pucks, didn’t make good passes, and just didn’t look like the team we’ve come to see in the Ken Hitchcock era. A dumb goal like the one the Blues got last night really shouldn’t even be a factor because you should be scoring four or five goals against this team.
  • One game I did like was JJ Khaira’s. Despite the fact his penalty in the final few minutes was a bit of a nail in the coffin (let’s be serious, they weren’t doing anything anyway) he was one of the few players playing with a consistent effort and edge last night.
  • The power play was a nightmare last night. The Oilers got four chances in the second period and couldn’t do anything with any of them. It’s pretty clear the team misses Oscar Klefbom in this area because Darnell Nurse simply doesn’t have the same vision and ability as he does at the point. I’m not sure who else you’d throw there, though I wonder if five forwards is the way to go until Klefbom is back. I mean, can you just toss a rookie like Caleb Jones into that role? He moves the puck well and quickly, but that’s a big ask for somebody with little experience at the level.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Listening to Hitch’s prsser after the game, Hitch even said the Oilers werent moving their feet enough, he thought they had no energy and the Oil lost the game by the second peiod, and I agree, the first period was like watching the team in slo mo

    Hitch also said he didnt like the PP and he saw problems with guys not moving their feet and too much standing still and the play dying and the Oilers were giving the other team too much time to recover by not being active on the PP, he said the Oilers will work on all this in the next day or two when they are able to have a couple of real practices.

    I sure hope so, the Oilerrs using that same drop back pass over and over and over just wasnt working teams new what to expect every time, how hard is that to defeat when you use it that consistently? Talbot I felt should have had a couple of the goals last night…sorry but I give Mikko the next few starts and let him run until he needs a night off, now granted the team was not very good last night and I dont think Talbot got a lot of help, but those two that I think he should have had dont inspire confidence for me with him in net.

    The Oilers needs to start piling some wins because they can not afford to be dropping a lot of games against western div opponents, its wont take long to drop down, because the 8th in the west will be a race and too many teams are within a few points of each other for the 8th place…and lord knows, a pile of losses could really hurt any chance of the playpoffs/ I will say Jones, that kid reminds me of Bouchard, very clam, no real sense of panic under pressure, just steady…Man when Bear, Jones and Bouchard have some seasoning, those kids will be a decent back end for us

  • TKB2677

    Just a bad game all around. I think the Oilers looked tired and flat. With Tampa coming up, I thought this was a must win so I think they squandered this one. The PP let them down for sure. I am not pinning this loss on Talbot but at the same time, I don’t think he was at good. I didn’t think he looked that great on the Perron shot. Yes it was a good shot but not exactly from a great angle. I didn’t really like the second goal. Sort of flung to the net, a bunch of guys jamming at it, so I guess those can happen. The 3rd goal was similar to the Perron goal. A good shot from a good shooter but it wasn’t exactly from what I would call a grade A spot and at some point, doesn’t a goalie need to save one of those once in a while? I heard Jamie McLennen today and he thought Talbot wasn’t good all night.

    Again, I am not pinning the loss on Talbot because the entire team was lousy but at the same time, it was another game where he gave up 3 or more goals, another game where he didn’t come up with a BIG save at a critical time and another game where he was below .900. Teams don’t win a lot of games if they have to score 4 or more goals and your goalie is below .900 on the night.

  • Oilman99

    Thank god they get a couple of days to practice. The PP is a total gong show, that many chances, and nothing to show for it is unacceptable. Some how they have to balance with the second group. The first group is bad, and the second group is awful. I don’t think Drai and McD can be on the same group, everything gets slowed down due to tunnel vision trying to make a play with each other,rather than quick puck movement.