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Jujhar Khaira to have hearing for cross-check on Vince Dunn last night

As we all expected, NHL Player Safety has just announced that Jujhar Khaira will have a hearing today for cross-checking St. Louis’ Vince Dunn in last nights game. If you recall, Jujhar laid a hard, clean hit on Dunn in the corner of the defensive zone in the third period. As they skated to the front of the net, Dunn retaliated by cross-checking Jujhar in the back of the head. Khaira then retaliated back and returned an even harder cross check to Dunn’s head. Jujhar was assessed a five-minute major penalty and a game misconduct for cross-checking, and Dunn was assessed a two minute minor for cross-checking.

Watch the cross check-below:

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A suspension would be disappointing for Khaira as he has eight points in nine games with the Oilers. He was having a very impressive night before he got kicked out. Before you ask, “what about Dunn, he cross-checked Khaira first!?!!?!” Don’t worry baby birds, I’ll feed you. Vince Dunn has already been fined $1942.20 for the cross-check to Khaira. Jujhar’s retaliation cross-check was a lot more vicious than Dunn’s, so I understand why he has a hearing scheduled.

My Take

Jujhar Khaira obviously let his emotions get the best of him in this situation. Here we have a one-goal game that can be tied up at any minute, and Khaira loses his cool in the defensive zone. Yes, he was likely extremely frustrated that the Oilers just lost a video review to Patrick Maroon’s goal. Yes, he was likely extremely frustrated that he just got a cross-check to the face by Dunn with no immediate call on the play. BUT, sometimes you just have to take a hit for the team and keep your cool in these situations. Do I blame Khaira for retaliating? No, as I know how hard it is to control your emotions in those types of situations. But the team definitely could have gone without the penalty, as the Blues scored their third goal of the game on that five-minute major.

ON THE OTHER HAND, Jujhar Khaira is an extremely tough dude who is making a good name for himself around the league. He will take on anybody in a fight, and now people know he’ll cross-check you in the face looking for blood if you mess with him. Isn’t that reputation worth to have in exchange for a small suspension or fine? I might be in the minority here, but I don’t mind it. It couldn’t hurt for the league to know that Edmonton has some crazy mother-truckers on their team that won’t take beef from anybody.

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My guess is that Khaira gets a one-game suspension. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

  • Spydyr

    Poop like this get around the league fast. The next pucker will think twice before messing with Khaira or any of his teammates. Imagine what McDavid would have to go through without players like Khaira ,Kassian and Lucic on his team.

    • Double standard again. If the corrupt officials had blown the whistle when Dunn committed his infraction, this would not even be a story. I can see JJ losing his cool from a corrupt call on the goal that should not have counted. If our players do that it is interference, when any US based franchise player does the same thing, it is an automatic call. Yes they were playing crappy, but a call like that deflates what little momentum they had. Bettman choice wins again. Merry Xmas Blues, the corrupt league and officials gift wrapped this for you. Both parties probably had money on the game. Nothing from this farcical league surprises me anymore.

    • OilersBro

      Exactly, McDavid gets hooked slashed and held, but that’s to slow him down. It’s almost always a hockey play. I look at guys like Petterson getting charged last night or dropped by that Florida D man and realize that McDavid won’t experience that when it’s literally signing your own death penalty with this league. You think Kassian cares if he get’s suspended? I don’t think he cares.

  • OilersBro

    Huge fan of Khaira for doing this just like I supported Lucic for steamrolling Joseph.
    There was no intent to injure, it was retalitory, and as soon as the guy was hit he stopped.
    A message saying don’t f*** with me isn’t the worst thing in the world. I think Dunn was better off taking a single cross check to the head than he would’ve been if Khaira turned around and said “okay, let’s drop the gloves”.

    • Have to agree. Angry JJ chucking would probably be worse for him, but again they just go ahead and commit the infractions, knowing the league will get it wrong on purpose, or at least knowing there is a good chance of it based on geographical location.

    • Rob...

      If they got rid of the instigator penalty Dunn likely wouldn’t have laid the crosscheck. However if he had still carried through Khaira then would have likely dropped the gloves instead of retaliating a crosscheck. What I want to know is how Dunn escaped having to go to the quiet room for the 15 minute evaluation. If the Blues don’t get fined for that, there is a bigger issue.

  • FlamesFan27

    If you look at discussions outside of the Oilers fan base, they see the initial hit as dirty – he jumped as he hit Dunn. And, even though I didn’t see it last night, when I look at the replay today, I see the argument that there could have been a penalty called on the initial hit. But, no Oiler fans see it that way.

    It’s hard for any of us to take our biased glasses off, no matter which team we cheer for.

  • Clayton

    “cross-check to the face by Dunn with no immediate call on the play.”

    Actually there was a delayed penalty coming up to Dunn. The Ref’s arm was up in the air, but the Blues never took possession of the puck. Complete right call on the play. Dunn got a minor and Jujhar got tossed for his dirty cross check to the head. Likely will get a well deserved suspension too. My bigger question is where was the concussion protocol for Dunn??

  • gr8haluschak

    Ok, Dunn did not cross check Khaira in the face, unless his face is now magically on the side of his head, in addition Dunn’s cross check/punch hit him in the helmet – a lot different from the side of the face that Dunn got so maybe tap the brakes on the bs brigade here as that call was an easy 5 minute major every time. Did Millard write this post for someone?

  • Kepler62c

    I’d be dissapointed with a suspension… it’d be his first ever offence and it wasn’t that bad. Dunn played the rest of the game and looked fine as they escorted him to the box.

  • A-co

    Play with the bull and you catch the horns…good on JUJU for standing his ground…to bad he got a 2 game suspension BUT it is well worth it…nobody F*CKS with the JUJU