GDB 38.0 Wrap Up: Free falling Oilers lose fifth straight game 7-4 to San Jose

Life is meaningless, eat Arby’s. Final Score: 7-4 Sharks

Coming into today’s game, the Oilers were 3-1 in matinee games so I was hopeful that maybe, just maybe a daytime matchup would be just what the doctor ordered. Something different to change the pace and the routine a little bit, ya know? The unfortunate thing, of course, is that the time of day has nothing to do with the fact that the Oilers are still without their best defenceman for another month or more and that the San Jose Sharks have the kind of depth that can make you pay on every shift. Pffft… who needs depth anyways? Even so, I was hopeful for a win as I always am. I figured that the laws of the universe would eventually allow for this losing streak to end and that today was as good of a day as any for it to finally happen. Expect the unexpected, right?

Unfortunately, the Oilers faked us out a little bit in the first period after they were able to open the scoring, grabbing themselves a lead that would last for all of 16 seconds. After Rattie’s McDavid’s goal went in, the Sharks really started to pour on the pressure and flex their offensive muscles. Their passing plays were crisp, their cycle was effective, and they certainly looked like a team that’s challenging for the division lead rather than one that’s hanging on for dear life like the Oilers are. To put it simply, the Oilers needed to find a way to win this hockey game and they couldn’t get anywhere close to making it happen. Once again, they couldn’t get any forward not named McDavid, or Draisaitl, or Nugent-Hopkins to score a goal and it’s pretty damned tough to win hockey games in the NHL when you’re not getting goaltending and two-thirds of the ice time is being eaten up by guys that can’t contribute.

Eventually, these terrible losses will be enough to kickstart some real change around here, right? Anybody? Hellooooooooo? Until then, we’ll just have to add another loss on the pile.

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The wrap.


  • Connor McDavid opened the scoring for the Oilers with his 20th goal of the season after it looked like Ty Rattie had initially put the puck in the net. Upon reviewing the play, it was decided that Rattie’s shot did not cross the line and that the puck was not in until McDavid knocked it in shortly afterwards. The captain scored again when the game was already over and done with, which is a shame because he put on a wonderful display of hand-eye coordination to deflect the puck in out of mid-air.
  • At this point of the losing streak, I’m looking for bright sides and I’ve gotta say again how much time I have for Caleb Jones and that I was thrilled to see him score his first NHL goal. Since being thrown into the mix, his numbers have increased and he’s looked more and more comfortable with each passing shift. He may not necessarily be ready for full time action right now, but the Oilers could have a player here if he can keep progressing as he has been so far. The only downside is that he wasn’t able to celebrate his first NHL goal more than he did because the Oilers were getting shit kicked by the time he put one home.
  • Leon Draisaitl scored a really nice goal in garbage time to give the Oilers three goals on the day. He picked the puck up with speed, walking past the Sharks defenceman before perfectly placing a wrist shot in the top corner. Much like Caleb Jones’ goal, it’s a bummer there was nothing to celebrate at this point because the goal was a beauty.
  • Ty Rattie had a nice game today and I thought he was one of the better forwards the Oilers had. He may not have scored the first goal like we all thought he might have, but he did finish the day with three assists and for that, I salute him.
  • Welcome back to Jujhar Khaira. I’ve really liked the way the guy has been playing lately and it was good to have him back in the lineup after finishing up his two-game suspension.
  • The Oilers looked good on the penalty kill tonight. The Sharks are very effective with the man advantage and I thought the Oilers did a fine job of nullifying the attack. It’s not often that we get to use the PK as a bright spot but today’s pickings are slim so I’m starting to reach here. Edmonton finished the day with a perfect 0/3 when down a man.
  • The Sharks have an experienced team down the middle so I was surprised to find that the Oilers won 57% of the draws. I mean, it didn’t matter at all but I’m trying to look for positives here.
  • The game is over now.


  • Only 16 seconds after Ty Rattie got the Oilers on the board, Donskoi finished off a beautiful beautiful passing play that had absolutely carved through Edmonton’s zone and in past Talbot. This goal could probably be used as a tic-tac-toe case study.
  • Tomas Hertl gave the Sharks their first lead of the game after allowing them all the time and space they could ever need in the offensive zone. Once again, the Sharks moved the puck around efficiently and the Oilers weren’t able to gain possession before Tomas Hertl found the puck in the slot and buried it past Cam Talbot.
  • Why is it that Logan Couture always seems to score against the Oilers? After Thornton set up behind the net, Couture was able to find some space at the side of the net and banged home a perfect pass through Talbot to extend the lead to two goals. It was a tough angle goal that Talbot got a piece of but wasn’t able to keep out of the net, and the hole got a little bit deeper. Couture added a second goal after the Oilers completely blew it in their own WHILE ON THE POWER PLAY which allowed Evander Kane to pick up a free puck and find his teammate open in the slot. Gross.
  • Erik Karlsson put the Sharks up by three goals after his snapshot from the point found its way through traffic and past Cam Talbot. Unlike what the Oilers were doing by giving Jones all the sightlines he wanted, the Sharks were piling up the bodies in front of the crease to create havoc for the goalie and it worked to a tee on this goal.
  • Melker Karlsson started the third period with the Sharks’ fifth goal that came as a deflection off of a Brent Burns point shot. I was mad enough when Karlsson scored his first, but when he added another to give the Sharks seven on the day I was just hoping for some kind of merciful death.
  • How did the Oilers only get one power play chance in this whole game? Then again, they allowed a goal against on that chance so maybe that’s a good thing?
  • Peter Chiarelli is still the General Manager somehow.
  • The NHL site had the giveaways listed at 12 for the Sharks and 10 for the Oilers but I don’t buy that. Then again, the Oilers never really had the puck so I guess they weren’t able to give it away?
  • On Thursday night, Cam Talbot replaced Mikko Koskinen after 20 minutes and shut the door against the Canucks so it wasn’t overly surprising to see him get the start in today’s game. I’ll be the first to say that he was not very good today, but he certainly wasn’t the only one that could be described in that way either. From the crease out, the Oilers were simply outmatched and it’s interesting that Hitchcock left him in for all seven. Talbot finished the night with 33 saves and a .825 save%.
  • I bought cheap beets from Superstore and they’re awful. FML. As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.



06:28 Edmonton Connor McDavid (20) ASST: Ty Rattie (3), Leon Draisaitl (28) 0-1
06:44 San Jose Joonas Donskoi (7) ASST: Erik Karlsson (25), Tomas Hertl (18) 1-1
10:13 San Jose Tomas Hertl (14) ASST: Brent Burns (32), Erik Karlsson (26) 2-1


06:39 San Jose Logan Couture (14) ASST: Joe Thornton (12), Joe Pavelski (9) 3-1
18:45 San Jose Erik Karlsson (3) ASST: Barclay Goodrow (5), Joonas Donskoi (11) 4-1


02:41 San Jose Melker Karlsson (5) ASST: Brent Burns (33), Kevin Labanc (20) 5-1
08:25 San Jose SHG – Logan Couture (15) ASST: Evander Kane (13) 6-1
10:40 Edmonton Caleb Jones (1) ASST: Ty Rattie (4), Drake Caggiula (4) 6-2
14:09 San Jose Melker Karlsson (6) ASST: Erik Karlsson (27), Barclay Goodrow (6) 7-2
16:53 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (19) ASST: Milan Lucic (7) 7-3
19:54 Edmonton Connor McDavid (21) ASST: Chris Wideman (5), Ty Rattie (5) 7-4


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 12/29/2018 – 4:45 pm MST

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  • BlueHairedApe

    I’ve said it before but why does the goalie coach still have a job on this team? Katz’s nephew? So many goaltenders have hit bottom with this guy. Not that the rest of the team hasn’t sucked lately but the suck always starts with goaltending and filters out from there.

    • puckle-head

      Yeah, I think reflexively blaming the support staff (as Oil fans do) is a bit silly, but it’s hard not to wonder what’s going on here. Why is our goal-tending always so bad? Is it poor team defense? Maybe, but that wouldn’t explain why goalies start out strong here, then tend to get worse the longer they play in Edmonton. It’s baffling. And I can’t even blame Chiarelli for this one.

  • OldOilFan

    Team seems snakebit. Talbot especially.

    I want to believe otherwise, but I can’t imagine this team getting back to a wildcard spot. Even if they somehow manage to do so, probably with a lot of luck within a weak Division, what good will it really do?

    They’ve got 4 good players (counting Jones). Maybe 5 when Klef comes back. That’s it, that’s all…?

  • You have to wonder how a team can go 9 – 2 – 2 and follow that up with 5 losses in a row. Also, this is the second losing streak after multiple wins this year and Oilers D was healthy the last time.

  • MrBung

    Firing of Chia is inevitable. To fix the damage and do a proper rebuild will take a couple years at least to make this team competitive again. Also – take time to let the other prospects to develop. Chia urinated away too much value with other moves. Trade what? Get what? Will just create new holes.

  • Serious Gord

    Vegas now holds last spot in pacific playoff- on track for 96 points. EDM on track for 86.

    Barring a miraculous turnaround the oil will only be fighting for a wild card spot.

    And that means playing Nashville wpg or Calgary in the first round – and presumably a swift exit.

    Is that a poor enough showing to cost chia his job? Or hitch? Or trigger a cleaning of the fok and fog?

    Possibly “no” to all.

    • MrBung

      Not to worry. There is no way this roster makes the playoffs this season. Even with the D healthy.

      Any competently run organization committed to winning would attempt to fix it. Katz. No. The jock sniffer will keep around his glory year fantasies.

      Sh*t will hit the fan when McDavid decides he has had enough – which will happen. Guy has winning in his DNA and this Oilers organization has losing in its DNA.

  • ed from edmonton

    I’m not sure if I ever witness a worse period of hockey by two ‘NHL” wingers than P1 by Caggulia and JP. Cags blows the pinch coverage and sets up a 3 on1. On the ice for the 2nd goal and Cags takes a penalty behind the Sharks net. I don’t think I have ever seen a player look more lost than JP tonight. He has to learm in NA hockey you have to be quick you can’t take those wide figure skating turns it takes you out of the play. No ability to read the play. Thinking he should be in the AHL, not for his development but because he is such a detriment in the NHL. Marody may not have near the physical attributes as JP, but if you want to wim hickey games today, Marody is a better choice.

    From the time he gave the puck (may I say game) away vs the bolts JP has been absolute garbage. If he can’t handle that adversity get him put of here, he is a detriment to the team.

      • Kool-Aid Man

        Is JP a case of typical Oiler mismanagement of a blue-chip player or is it a player selected in the draft that shouldn’t have been selected at that spot? Ultimately Oiler management is responsible for screwing it up and the accountability or repercussions will be nonexistent.

    • MrBung

      Sigh. What is really annoying is that they weren’t going to pick Barzal at that spot even if they kept the picks they urinated away in the poorly vetted Reinhart deal. That deal set the tone for the Chia reign as GM. Sad.

          • Kool-Aid Man

            At that time I was just happy Katz was perceivably moving on from the OBC, that is until K.Lowe and MacT were sitting at the the draft table with Charelli. How nieve I felt at that moment.

            Looking back on it now it make complete sense; Katz knows nothing about hockey so whom did he rely on to hire Bobby Nic? K.Lowe that’s whom. They created a facade to fool the fans into believeing they were moving on from the OBC but, in fact they were only hiring more of them.

            It make one wonder if Charelli is the GM only by title but in fact has nothing to to do with player acquisition.

          • MrBung

            Given the dysfunction in the organization, who knows what really goes on behind the scenes. In any competently run organization, Lowe, MacT and Howson would have been gone – and not to return. In what company or organization does this happen? The former GM’s are still part of management? Bizarre. But I guess it might be part of the puzzle in explaining the mess that things are in today.

      • OilTastic

        but remember there were other high quality players available other than Barzal like Chabot, Kyle Conner, Boeser and the like that could have been helping us right now as well. funny that we still need a high scoring winger who can score goals as well as a point producing d-man.

  • callinthe cobra

    This franchise is cursed. It doesn’t matter who comes here. U may as well start trying to condition yourself to root for another team. After 34 years of oilers I’m trying to shift to jets. Tired of wasting hours of my life watching this gong show.

  • CMG30

    Tmac was not the problem, Hitch is not the problem. St the risk of repeating myself, the problem is sitting in the GM chair and extends to the ironically renamed ‘brain trust’ (formerly known as the old boys, the boys on the bus, the old guard, the friends of katz and so on)

    • MrBung

      Most recognized that it is the roster built by management over the last several seasons that is the problem. The coaches take the heat because they are the “easiest” to move in/out compared to the roster mess.

  • Burnward

    It’s time you guys realized you’re the marks.

    Katz doesn’t keep the old boys around for him, it’s to drive that emotional attachment that keeps his pockets lined.

    • MrBung

      Edmontonians are hockey fans. A fair number of fans are not just going to see the Oilers. Some want to see other, well run teams and their stars. Some to see McDavid…

      Vast majority of the younger fans could care less about Gretz, Lowe and MacT and any of the other old boys. He is keeping them around for him.

  • The future never comes

    My theory is that Chia has not been fired because these have all been collective decisions by Lowe, MacT, ex-Oilers. It was a group effort. I think the heat needs to be placed on that troll owner Katz to get his attention, in the end this has been the worst run franchise since him taking over. I put the blame mostly on him. In the end, they wont make the playoffs again this year so maybe they can get rid of dead weight contracts at the deadline like Benning, Kassian, Brodz. Shave 6-8 million off of the cap for next season. Maybe what they are forgetting amongst all this incompetance is that the clock is ticking closer and closer to McD asking to be traded behind closed doors.

    • ed from edmonton

      I don’t think too many decisions are PC acting in isolation. Someone put a link to video clip of the Bruins board room when they were discussing what to the about the “f—-king horse—-” Seguin. There were probably a dozen people in the room, including Cam Neely, and the video suggested that the concensus was to dump Seguin. So decision like trading Hall etc are almost certainly not done in isolation. But when your GM it doesn’t matter the buck stops with you.

    • GK1980

      Yup, I think it’s time and I can’t see the organization being any good for the next few years. Talbot has been a disaster and they really needed him not to be this year.

  • VK63

    This: the latest edition of Wasting McDavid, was especially wasteful.
    Then again, who can be shocked, really. Its a nest of nepotism that runs this show, arrogance in spades, competence in short supply.

    That wee spike with stellar goaltending was nice tho, eh. Illusory, but nice.

  • herecomesGUMP

    PETER CHIARELLI President of Hockey Operations & General Manager CRAIG MACTAVISH Senior Vice President, Hockey Operations DUANE SUTTER Vice President, Player Personnel KEITH GRETZKY Assistant General Manager BOB GREEN Director, Player Personnel SCOTT HOWSON Vice President, Player Development BILL SCOTT Director, Salary Cap Management & Assistant to the President, Hockey Operations

    Each one of these people need to go!!!!!! They have all been involved, and are all just as inept as the president. Chia has been here 5 years, We all know how long MacT has been here, Sutter 9 seasons, Gretzky 3 years Oilers – after 5 with Bruins, Scott % years , 3rd with cap management, Howson is in year 2 I dont think he has shown the level of ineptness as the rest(yet), and Bob Green season 6,,,,,,, Other than Howson each one has had several years at there role, and are obviously failing, failing bad. They should all go!!!!!

  • Hemmercules

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this slide. The team is minus 3 of their top 4 defence men. You can’t replace that during the season. The minute klef and Russel went on the IR I knew it was curtains. Couple that with the teams unwavering loyalty to play Talbot and it’s not hard to predict they would end up where they are. Koskinen was doing pretty well with an mhm defence in front of him. No goalie is going to look good with that crew in front of them. Chia will make a knee jerk trade or get fired in the next couple weeks.

  • Coach My PP

    I automatically assume that the poster is either 12 years old or suffers from mental deficiencies when I see them bring up the Hall trade: talking about how they could have got more in the trade.

  • ed from edmonton

    The quietness of the crowd was criticized yesterday. I was at the game and you could feel it before the game. Fans in this town has seen this movie before and knew they had paid good coin to watch an execution. Watching the Oil at this point is kind of like watching over a loved one fading away on life support. You know what the outcome will be but feel helpless as no one can do anything about it.