Peter Chiarelli talks trades for Alex Petrovic and Brandon Manning

This morning, Peter Chiarelli stepped in front of the media and answered questions about yesterday’s bizarre trades that saw him sending out a third-round pick for Alex Petrovic and Drake Caggiula (along with Jason Garrison) for Brandon Manning. How did the interrogation go? Let’s explore it together.

As I was listening to the press conference, I know that the only reason they were making him available is because we all wanted to get Peter Chiarelli’s thoughts on whatever it is he’s doing right now, but the problem is that he never says anything of substance. I’ve transcribed enough of these Chiarelli press conferences now where I was almost going to skip this one, but I know some of you guys are at work and weren’t able to listen so it had to be done.

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When the Oilers traded for Petrovic, I could honestly understand why Chiarelli would move to acquire a guy like him that is known as a pure defender. The Oilers are having a really tough time keeping the puck out of their net right now, and they need players that can help prevent that — this all makes sense. I didn’t particularly like that they sent a third-round pick along with Wideman to get him, but okay, it is what it is. Even with the overpay, I’m ready to go into this one with an open mind.

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When asked about why he made the moves he did, Chiarelli looked at the defence as a major hole that needed to be patched up.

When asked if he was looking for defencemen that could bat higher in the order than Petrovic and Manning…

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This is the part of the presser where Chia started to sound notably rattled because guys like Gregor and Rishaug kept pushing on why he added more bottom pairing defencemen to a team that has plenty of them but cannot score goals to save their lives. When asked about who is going to score outside of McDavid, Draisaitl, and Nugent-Hopkins, Chiarelli started to get a little bit testy.

Yeah, but who is the guy that put these players on the roster? Ahhhh nevermind. What’s the point? Go on…

I mean, sure but is adding two more guys that can only handle (sometimes) weak opposition really going to do that or is Hitch going to do what he’s always done and ride them anyway? What happens if Hitchcock doesn’t like playing his two new players? Then what?

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This move, I really do not understand regardless of how much Chiarelli tried to defend it. According to Scott Powers who covers the Blackhawks, Manning was deemed untradeable by many around the league given the fact that he’s a poor defender with a $2.5 million cap hit for this season and next, and that’s without even going into the history he has here. So why Manning? Why now?

As Gregor wrote this morning, Manning played 358 minutes at 5×5 with the Blackhawks and was on the ice for nine Goals For and 26 Goals Against, which eventually led to him being a healthy scratch 10 times. Sooo that’s the coach’s fault? Could it be just as likely that he wasn’t good enough to play there? What if his new coach doesn’t like him either?

Whatever, man, you can defend a bad hockey player as much as you want but I’m going to be highly skeptical on this one until he proves otherwise. Given how Spooner and Wideman worked out after you traded for them, Wideman is already gone and Spooner was apparently on the block as well, I don’t really believe much that you have to say when it comes to pro-scouting.

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When asked about the Connor McDavid angle to this trade, Chiarelli said he spoke to Connor about it last year when they were trying to acquire Manning from Philadelphia and that McDavid gave the okay at that time, but that he did not ask him again this year. Seems like he probably should have given the history, but what do I know about culture in the room?

So this has been the plan for a year now, huh? Happy day.

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Since injuries are the major reason these moves took place, Chiarelli was asked about a couple of his defenceman that could be nearing a return. When asked about Russell, who was expected to be back in the lineup last Saturday against the Sharks, Chiarelli was vague with the details.

It also seems like Andrej Sekera will be out longer than maybe was expected.

When asked if there are any other moves that he might be looking at if this slide continues, Chiarelli terrified everyone with:

Holy hell. *buckles seatbelt*


At the end of the day, this presser played out like every other one has when Peter Chiarelli has stepped in front of the media. He says he knows there are issues, he says that they’re working to fix them, and he expects us all to believe that he’s still the man that will be able to do that. The problem is, as Jason Gregor so accurately described this morning, that most of the moves Peter Chiarelli has made for this team have been disastrous, and he can say what he wants about having ideas moving forward but the reality is that he shouldn’t still be here to begin with. He’s had more than enough time to try and build something here and it’s clear that he does not have the ability to do that so we should move on now before he causes any further damage.

The reality is that any other team would have fired him for the nightmarish lack of depth and NHL talent that he’s put around the league’s best player. How the guy can spend up to the cap and only have three players that can score is beyond me, but that seems to be acceptable for the people that run this hockey team. The fact that this team is in worse shape than it was when he took over which is not only an indictment of his work as a GM, a role he will likely never occupy again after he’s eventually fired from this gongshow, but also one on all of those people that surround him in management that are accepting this failure as being okay. I know I’ve personally been hard on Peter Chiarelli over these last 18 months, but maybe it’s time to set the sights a little bit higher. Frankly, everyone involved in this mess should be ashamed of the job they’ve done and I hope it doesn’t take Connor to ask for a trade before some actual changes occur.

  • Oilerz4life

    What would it take for Chiarelli to do everyone a solid favor and just resign? He must have some semblance of a clue he has completely screwed the pooch and totally overstayed his welcome.

      • RyanCoke

        Exactly, you can’t resign. I am pretty sure if you resign you give up any future money owed. For some reason in the NHL when you get fired you still get paid for your contract. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong about any of that but that’s how I think it works.

          • Datsyukian

            Do they? I thought that in a regular job, if you sign a contract with an employer, there are clear performance measures that you are assessed against every year (or more frequently). If you fail to meet these standards, your employer has the right to break the contract on the grounds of you not doing the work you are paid to do. Why should hockey be any different?

        • Oilerz4life

          Either way it’s infuriating and obvious it is more than just him making these stupid moves, when he says “we” felt this and “we” felt that. If I have to hear, “Emm, we felt this, emm, we felt that” one more time I’m going to lose it. Emm, emm $#@% off Chiarelli!!

  • oc64

    Pete sounds like a bigger idiot with each passing press conference. He is either the worst judge of talent or is listening to people even dumber than himself. Either way the team needs to move him along soon. He is actually making me miss Tambelleni.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Petrovich might chew up minutes but that’s about it. The Manning move is pure garbage, Manning isnt going to help on defence there is a reason Chicago was willing to let him go, and the oilers added 500k to their cap with Manning. Manning leaks like a sieve, he is no better than Garrison who went the other way.

    This is Chia looking to save his job, and these moves rek of desperation, trading for the guy who put Connor on the shelf his first year and then making statements that Connor was okay with the move? Really what else do you expect Connor to say publicly. The Oilers knew the storm that waas coming about acquiring Manning and they went into damage control by saying Connor is okay with and Connor texted Manning to welcome him to the team, yeah I am sure Connor had Manning in his contact list because their best buds, no this was the Oilers PR department wanting to get in front of the storm that was comin in hard and fast for Chia.

    These moves especially the Manning trade and adding to the cap hit for a guy who is going to add nothing to the team but controversy should have signalled to Katz that Chia needs to go…not later…NOW….RIGHT NOW!!!!

    Chia just made this team a laughing stock to anyone who watches or cares about hockey, bloody embarrassing!!

  • outlaws

    Had the Oilers management had any type of foresight this is what the current Oilers line up could have looked like today vs what we currently have. Some of these moves were done by management just prior to PC getting to town like the Jeff Petry give away and Justin Schultz who apparently is good enough to play on two Sanley cup winning teams but not for the OIlers. PC has been given all the credit for finding Chassion and Koskinen but truth be told it was Jarri Kurri who banged the drums to jump on Koskinen and it was assistant coach Glen Gulutzan who did the same for Chassion. The saddest part is most of this line up could have been in place during McDavids first 3 years in the league when his yearly cap hit was only (3.75mil) which essential gave the Oilers (8.75mil) more to work with than they have now that McDavids entry level contract is used up. Then you can look at the players passed up in the draft to get a hold of Reinhardt, the Lucic deal, Eberle traded for essentially Spooner, the list goes on and the Oilers management has misstep at every corner.

    So this is what we could be seeing on a nightly basis instead of what we now tune into every night.

    Maroon, Draisaitl, McDavid (22.75mil)
    Hall, RNH, Eberle (18mil)
    Chassion, Khaira, Puljujarvi (2.85mil)
    Kassion, Letestu, Caggiula (4.2mil)
    total (47.8mil)

    Klefbom, Nurse (7.2mil)
    Petry, Schultz (11mil)
    Russel, Jones, (4.7mil)
    Total (22.9mil)

    Talbot, Koskinen (6.6mil)
    Total (6.6mil)

    Total lineup (76.5mil)

    Press Box
    Matt Benning (1.5mil)
    Hendricks (700K)
    Brodziak (1.15 mil)

  • oc64

    If it is true that Pete couldn’t even move Spooner as a throwaway it is a very scary reflection of his ability to judge talent. We have essentially turned Eberle into nothing with a quick wave of Pete’s magic want.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Yup, Spooner as a throw was a no go, so basically another move by Chia that backfired, how more is it going to take for Katz to say he has to go, honestly Katz may be a smart business guy but his running a hockey team sucks

  • The Rookie

    The players we want and need aren’t available, so let’s soend more money on the guys we don’t want or need?‍♂️ The owner needs to get his head out of his ass. What’s the history of GMs around here? Steve tambellini, Craig Mactavish and now PC. Each has done horrible things for this organization. One has been promoted. One continues to hinder the future. Were at the point where the best GM would need 5-7 years to fix this. But what would it take an average GM? I have lost faith that we will find success with Connor here. And that is in no means on Connor.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      lol… Chia makes me laugh so he makes a trade when there isnt anything available so it looks like he is making smart moves, laughable is what it is. GM’s know the market and they can sense where trades could be had, Chia has blown trade after trade, because he isnt able to see the market or sense where other teams may have an asset they want to move for something they need.

      You knew when Lowe and MacT stayed on in the Oilers org that nothing would change, Katz has no will to fire his friends, and Chia still being here just goes to show us , that there is no serious will to make the Oilers any better from management on down

  • greenbayman

    I’m going to go apply for a job with the Oilers and if I happen to get hired, I know I will be there as long as I want because no one ever really gets fired now I’m not saying that I am very knowledgeable about running a team but I know for sure that I’m not as dumb as the idiots that are running the team now!

    • BringitbacklikeSlats

      On the contrary. Oilers management fire anyone but themselves.
      Coaches, GM’s, players, and even the hard working training/ Dressing room Ass.staff. Nobody is safe in the organization unless you’re in the safe confines of the Old Boys Bosom

  • A-co

    BUT katz is doing well with his real estate investments downtown isn’t that what really counts?? It’s tough being a fan of this team…happy new years to all the fans that have dealt with this nonsense for over 10 years. May 2019 bring us the end of pistol pete

  • I actually completely quit cheering for this absolutely terrible organization (again) as of now… GO JETS GO.
    Sorry Connor. I hope Chia plugs you into one of these terrible trades and frees you from this matrix of sh*t. Thank you but not even McJesus can save us from the sins of Chia

  • BringitbacklikeSlats

    Wow…is Bob Stauffer ever going to be going into damage control on the radio this aft. I almost feel sorry for him.

    On another note: Our company has Sportsnet Lounge seats and I know for certain we won’t be renewing. Those tickets are $500 ea. Per game and include buffet style food throughout the game. Our evaluation at the time placed value on taking clients to games and being able to eat decent food in situ. A lot easier than trying to coordinate a dinner pregame and likely not much more expensive. The first year the team was winning, and all the promises by the OEG of the quality of food was met. It was very good.
    Fast forward two years, and the quality of food has deteriorated to the point none of either us or our clients wants to eat the crappy food they’ve managed to slowly nickel and dime down to Mac’s convenience esteem. It’s not good, and we can no longer stomach the cost.
    And then there’s the hockey team?

    • Serious Gord

      Thanks for the info. Assuming you have four seats that’s 2 grr per game – 82000 per year.

      You could do a lot more effective client appreciation stuff with that dough.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Well considering the Oilers are tied in with Ched, Bob is going to toe the comapny line and drink the Chia Kool Aid, everyone knows these trades are a joke, Rishaug and those that are tied to Oilers broadcasters are not going to bite the Oilers hard and have their press credentials revoked

      It’s far time tohave the fans and the other media raise the temp to over boil , Chia needs to go

  • OldOilerFan

    Just asking the question: Is it Chiarelli’s contract that is the issue he is still around? Someone up top (Katz) doesn’t want to pay him out, is it an exorbitant amount or something? It’s either this or the Oiler mgmt group are drinking too much wine and are confidant in that they all know what it takes to win ….

    • CMG30

      The issue is that this organization never fires anyone above a head coach. It’s the posterchild of dysfunction. In fact, PC could probably give Conner to the Flames and all this organization would do is hire another one of the boys on the bus to ‘mentor’ Pete as a GM.

  • Odanada

    Chia is a smoke and mirrors kind of guy, but when you scratch beneath the surface he is a full pair of Depends.
    Everyone in the league knows this except Katz.
    We are becoming a laughingstock.

  • Hemmercules

    Might as well let Chia finish the job I guess eh Katz. Run the team into the ground a little further, trade away all the draft picks for other teams failed players. It’s comical they are letting this continue. I thought Katz actually cared about the oilers when he bought the team. He just saw dollar signs and that’s apparently all that matters. They need to fire chia before all their prospects are ruined and the team has no draft picks left. Clock is ticking in Drai and Nuge I think. One of them won’t be an Oiler next year.

  • oilers1168

    PC didn’t address assets management. Using CAP space and draft picks. Hurting the next GM that will be taking over. Mortgaging the future by 1000 cuts

  • Gary Chalmers

    They trade a forward who showed he could play with #97 when given a chance, along with 2 defenceman for help on the back end when they need secondary scoring help! Well done Chiarelli, way to continue to make bad moves!

  • Nellzo

    Grasping at straws. This was a desperate move made by a desperate GM that has very little time left. If he is still the GM at the trade deadline I will be surprised. He has decimated the talent on the big club. I guess it’s no surprise given his history in Boston. Oh well… NEXT!

  • Gary Chalmers

    Connor McDavid would have every right to say to the POHO and Bob Davidson “look, get this sorted out, get me some people to play with, or get a GM that isn’t an incompetent joke, or I will request a trade.” They need that or a non reclusive owner who is tired of his team being the joke of the league to step in and fire the knobs running the ship at the top.

  • Butters

    As per TSN
    “Manning has been outscored 26 to nine (-2.8 goals per-60 minutes) this season in Chicago, which is the worst number for any defender in the league and the second-worst for any positional player, decimal points behind Ottawa’s Tom Pyatt”

    And we only had to give up Cags.

  • Total Points

    Katz is the problem. Many people thinks he is a great businessman but you have to remember is dad set the business up and all the son had to do was run with it.

    He is a total joke as a businessman. Most of us out here in Oiler Nation would have changed the business plan a long time ago (getting rid of the OBC and all the rest of the hanger ons’)

    • Serious Gord

      Like many pro sports owners Katz is highly competent at the career that made him his fortune but is a disaster as a team owner because of his emotional attachment/blindness to the team.

  • jesse says yep

    I get that fans are frustrated but it has been terribly clear since Klef Russel went down that the depth the Oilers have was nowhere near good enough on the back end. Bringing in Petrovic (who many fans were talking about acquiring last year) and upgrading on Garrison and Wideman gives the roster greater depth and gets rid of a contract which gives Chia a bit of room to find a winger if he can swing it somehow. Our back end is better now than it was last week that is a good thing for a team bleeding goals against. Cagguilla was a solid player in my books but in no way was he indispensable. Good luck Cags

      • jesse says yep

        quit living in the past. If you really believe what you wrote then you should be happy with bringing in dmen to bolster that depth while also leaving the young guys down in the ahl. Not the end of Chias moves yet IMO. This leaves room for a winger to be brought in. And since Caguilla was a bottom 6 winger whom we have a boat load of, Im guessing the next move is a top 6 winger if one shakes loose.

      • jesse says yep

        That last one was for Gord, but to answer your commen, the cap went up by approx 500K and moved out 2 contracts that were doing nothing for the Oil in Garrison and Wideman and brought in a RHD dman that can play the third pairin. The d depth once healthy looks like this
        Adding to that we have Jones bear bouchard and others boiling uder. That is better depth than the Oilers have had on the Blueline in a very long time.

        • MillHoodsHockey4Life

          The depth boiling under would be better if they could find their way onto the team without injuries. For Jones, Bear, Bouchard, Persson, etc to make the team as a group you need to move dmen but with so many with NTC do you plan to trade Nurse, Larsson and hope Sekera retires? Otherwise the options to find space are limited. Chia overpaying in dollars or term is one thing but when he’s given dollars, term AND NTC/NMC options get even more limited to trading your best or for pennies on the dollar.

    • Serious Gord

      I am not surprised that chia has made moves – frankly I’m numb to these bottom of the roster moves.

      The problem for 12 plus years has been the lack of depth and thus the team’s brittleness in regards to injuries (which the team seems to be league leader in almost every year – it’s no coincidence that the year they made the playoffs they had almost no injuries of consequence)

  • CMG30

    Someone get ahold of Pete’s tax returns. He’s got to be getting paid off by some other clubs. Being a double agent is the only explanation for how he can possibly be so bad at his job.