Oilersnation Radio Episode 18 – Goodbye Caggiula, Brandon Manning theories, and Draisaitl getting snubbed

Happy New Year! It’s our first episode of 2019 and we’re pumped to be back. Being an Oilers fan has been pretty depressing the last few weeks so we try to break down what the team can do to start winning again if it’s even possible. 

Frustration is boiling over with Peter Chiarelli especially after he just brought in Connor McDavid’s arch nemesis. The boys talk about how Brandon Manning could possibly earn back the trust of Oilers fans and the locker room, even if that means doing Connor’s laundry for the rest of the season. This jam-packed episode of Oilers content is finished up by answering some questions from YOU the listeners that were asked on Twitter. If you want us to answer any of your questions don’t forget to tweet at us, @onradiopodcast!

Check out the full episode for free below:

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