GDB 43.0 Wrap Up: We’re gonna need a bigger boat, Oilers lose 7-2 in San Jose

*farts loudly* Final Score: 7-2 Sharks 

Remember the last time these two teams met up about a week or so ago? Have you spent the time since doing whatever it takes to suppress the memory? I get that. The Sharks absolutely dummied the Oilers and outside of the beautiful goals scored by Draisaitl and McDavid in garbage time, the only other positive to take away from the evening was when the final buzzer sounded. Frankly, I’d be a liar and a phoney if I pretended that I wasn’t completely nervous about the way the trilogy in this season series was going to play out. Based on how bad their last meeting went, I wasn’t sure if I could sit through another stinker, but then, at it unfolded before us, there I was watching the trainwreck with my mouth agape and a tear in my eye. I honestly feel like someone stole something from me even if it was only a few hours of my time. I know that having a goal of ‘keep it respectable’ is a pretty low bar to set at the NHL level, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a fair marker at this point and one that’s apparently hard to beat.

If the Oilers were actually going to win this thing, they needed to find a way to get a good start and keep that momentum going. They had to start the game with energy, grind out some chances, and if they were lucky, their hard work might be enough grab themselves an early lead. That should have been the plan. So I actually cracked up laughing when the Sharks opened the scoring on their first shot of the game with a ridiculous deflection on a pass attempt that banked off a pair of Oilers before making its way into the net. It was absurd. But by the time the Sharks added two more goals before the first period had ended, things weren’t so funny anymore. Even when the Oilers managed to cash in a couple to bring the game a tiny bit closer, it was never enough to turn the tides. Once again, the Sharks showed us what a playoff team really looks like and just how far the Oilers are away from actually being able to contend for the division. San Jose just had too much depth and too many guys that are able to score, and the Oilers just couldn’t get the saves or the goals needed to keep up.

Unfortunately, as the team is currently built, the Oilers just don’t have the depth needed to keep up with the best teams in the division or conference, and that’s a sad state of affairs in the fourth year of Connor McDavid’s career.

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The wrap.

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  • Alex Chiasson got his first goal since returning from injury by parking himself in front of the net and being ready for whenever Connor gets the puck to him. As expected, the captain fed Chiasson a perfect pass right into the slot and The Answer placed it perfectly in the lower corner.
  • MILAN LUCIC! FINALLY! The big man made his way into the slot on a 2-on-1 break with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and they converted it perfectly. Nuge set Lucic up on a tee and the big man buried it for his second goal of the season and first since the season opener. It’s been a long time coming, big man. Here’s hoping the floodgates open.
  • Personally, I think Nuge should be given credit for two assists for ending Milan Lucic’s goal drought by setting him up on a tee with a near tap-in, but I couldn’t find any forms to fill out to file with the NHL. Regardless, a big shout out goes to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins for playing in his 500th game with the Oilers tonight and that’s a wild number to see for the former first overall pick at the 2011 NHL Draft. For a guy that is only 25 years old, Nuge has seen more shit in his young career than most people ever will. He’s been through coaches, and teammates, and rebuilds, new reasons for hope, and we’ve never heard him once complain about it.
  • Mikko Koskinen had to come into the game in relief of Cam Talbot and he did what he could to calm the waters but there wasn’t really much he could do — the train had already left the station. Tough situation to walk into and he finished the night with 16 saves and a .842 save%.
  • Oilers finished at 1/3 on the power play and goal they did score was a very nice display of puck movement which led to Chiasson finishing off the play.
  • At least the Oilers led in hits?! Oh wait, that means you didn’t have the puck a lot? Shit.
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  • Dummied on the shot clock 36-22. Great. Just great.
  • How do you have three goals against in a single go in off your own players? How? Sweet mercy.
  • Evander Kane got the Sharks on the board on their first “shot” of the night after Kane’s attempted centring pass deflected off of a pair of Oilers in front of Cam Talbot before sliding through his legs. Kane wasn’t done there, though, as he got another goal in the second period when yet another centring pass banked in off of his skate. Two goals without a single shot. Pinball Wizard.
  • Marcus Sorensen gave the Sharks a two-goal lead on a penalty shot goal that beat Cam Talbot low to the blocker side. To me, it was a pretty weak call against Petrovic that gave Sorensen the PS considering the bullshit Connor McDavid plays through on a nightly basis, but that’s the way things have been going all year. Meh.
  • Less than a minute after Chiasson got the Oilers back to within a goal, Joonas Donskoi restored the Sharks two-goal lead after he walked Caleb Jones and reminded us all that he’s only a rookie. Free lesson on this one for the young defenceman and an honourable mention to Russell for the late starfish on the play. Donskoi scored another goal in the third period when he found a loose puck at the side of the net and jammed it into the open net.
  • What can you say about Brent Burns’ goal other than it was an absolute snipe? Burns fired that thing into the net so fast that they actually reviewed it just to make sure it went in, and sometimes all you can do is tip your cap to a guy for a hell of a shot.
  • Alex Petrovic left the game in the second period after he took a hit to the numbers in the corner. When Sportsnet showed a replay, you could tell that Petrovic wasn’t doing well as he slowly made his way back to the bench. Unfortunately, this one looks like a concussion and we’ll have to wait and see how long he’ll be out for.
  • It was no surprise that Cam Talbot got the start tonight after shutting out the Ducks with a 39-save performance on Sunday night less than 24 hours after coming into a game in relief of Mikko Koskinen. Dadbot earned this game and I was curious to see how he’d handle the challenge. The Sharks lit him up for seven goals the last time these teams met up, and I was hoping that’s the kind of shit kicking that would inspire some revenge. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as Cam Talbot got the hook midway through the second period after allowing four goals on 15 shots. A couple of the goals were certainly lucky ones, but this was in no way the start Dadbot wanted to have.
  • It was a tough night for Caleb Jones but it was really one of the only times he’s ever looked like a rookie. But even though he made some mistakes, some even leading directly to goals against, there’s no better way for him to learn than to go through these situations himself.
  • How about 40% in the faceoff circle? Just another kick to the shins, really.
  • *sigh* As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.
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06:37 San Jose Evander Kane (15) ASST: Tomas Hertl (20), Erik Karlsson (36) 0-1
12:57 San Jose PS – Marcus Sorensen (8) 0-2
14:35 Edmonton PPG – Alex Chiasson (17) ASST: Connor McDavid (39), Darnell Nurse (15) 1-2
15:24 San Jose Joonas Donskoi (12) ASST: Tim Heed (1), Barclay Goodrow (7) 1-3


06:32 San Jose Evander Kane (16) ASST: Brent Burns (41), Timo Meier (20) 1-4
10:18 Edmonton Milan Lucic (2) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (25), Jesse Puljujarvi (3) 2-4
15:37 San Jose PPG – Brent Burns (8) ASST: Erik Karlsson (37), Timo Meier (21) 2-5


01:04 San Jose Joe Thornton (8) ASST: Brenden Dillon (11), Lukas Radil (4) 2-6
10:44 San Jose Joonas Donskoi (13) ASST: Evander Kane (17), Erik Karlsson (38) 2-7


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 1/08/2019 – 11:00 pm MST

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  • Peter Chairelli

    The worst part about tonight is I have Jones in our office draft. Would you believe that Big Headed, son of gun, Craig is in 1st by a clear 50 points! I say it’s luck, Kevin says it’s skill.

  • Chris_Cruise

    Gotta love how Vegas woke up and yet again is better than us. LMFAO what a joke.

    A second year team is again way better than us. Smfh. Chia has effectively set this team back a decade!!! How was that allowed to happen??!!

  • Axe

    Fire Chiarelli now!! It’s obvious we are not a playoff team, unfortunately… No point in delaying the inevitable and having him make more pointless trades to save his job…

  • bazmagoo


    Traded away one of Barzal, Connor, or Chabot (take your pick) for a player who was never an nhl player.

    Traded away the league mvp for a stay at home defenceman (who we’d be pooched without by the way).

    Signed the worst contract in the nhl.

    Traded a capable, but not great, 3rd line center RFA at the end of his contract for a guy who won’t be in the league next year.

    Traded our 5th leading scorer for a dman who won’t be in the league next year.

    And he’s probably about to trade Nurse just when he’s coming into his own.

    What more will it take?

  • 50 Flex

    I always try to find the positive in life. I think I found some.

    Now that the Oilers have to go something like 25-12-2 to get to 95 points, I think it is fair to say that these Oilers are going miss playoffs.
    The positive:
    Now I can enjoy my 2 month euro trip without having to feel guilty about missing any of the games.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I feel for you bagged, the beets and then having to write this article and look for positives to talk about, My hats off to being an optimist and for all your beet sacrfices

  • This game is not as bad as the score just like the the Anaheim game wasn’t as good. This team is not playing to their strengths. Get it low and take the body. The only two players that shouldn’t be hitting guys are Conner and Nuge. And shoot the puck, Sharks created their puck luck by getting pucks to the net , Oil never learn,

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      I like Bob but when he said after the Manning trade that Manning would help on the blue line, I knew Chia had his hand up his butt and was moving his lips like a dummy, no other way you could justify that when everyone else in the media was going WTF

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    It’s frustrating watching this team, I wanted to turn the game off but no no stayed and watched to the bitter end and bitter it was, another night where the Oilers could barley even get they the game with 25 shots on net

    Still terrible in there own end, the same as last season and they still can not fix it and the defensive system is a frickin mess, they may as well be bull fighters and wave the other team on by, yes some strange bounces but the Oilers stand around in there own end watching the puck, they are reactionary not proactive, they dont pressure, they dont even try to tie guys up or clear the man, they stand there and try and stick check their opponents, they let the opposition get behind them, they can barely get a puck out of their end, like what defensive system are they playing? I cant tell what it is and whatever it is it doesnt work it hasnt all season, why continue to use it? Go back to the damn basics!

    And for gos sakes fire Dustin Schwartz already, the guys has as many lives as Chai, now that Koskinen has been around, I already see bad habits creeping in that Talbot has, going down and staying there too early, making himself smaller in net like Talbot, for god sakes get this guy away from these two and hire a real Goalie coach, and look at the oIl Kings Goldie problems and their stats and down in Bakersfield, tell me that the Schwartz isnt an issue

    Chia need to go, should have went with TM last season, and here we are just getting to over the half way mark and the Oilers are on the outside looking in of the playoff picture much like last year.

    Katz needs to start cleaning house now, he should have done it last year, and way back already this seaosn the Manning trade should have gotten Chia a ticket out of town but yet we still have Chia aboard and a train wreck that keep gaining speed and devouring the things in its path as it runs off the track… pathetic

  • btrain

    Good breakdown but I didnt have a problem with the penalty shot call. Petrovic was in a good position to be a minor nusanance and force Sorensen to take a difficult shot without reaching in like he did. So the eventual goal against on that penalty shot is mostly on a boneheaded play by Petrovic for me.

    Another bright spot is that every loss makes it less likely Chia is bailed out by a playoff appearance. And that my friends, as much as it hurts, is likely in the best interest of this team in the long run.

  • Heschultzhescores

    And the same goes for the guys saying Oilers fans are too negative. Ya, we rushed to that attitudr after only12 years of sucking the like no team ever in the history of pro hockey

  • Datsyukian

    You know what the worst part is. McDavid has checked out and does not care anymore. You could see it in his body language. This team is done for the season. I applaud the ON writers who actually have the will power to remain interested and force themselves to write stuff about this embarrassment of a team.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    WEAt’s even worse about this Manning and Benning werent on the ice for any of the goals against, they were in the press box…god that say;s a lot

  • Goaltender Interference

    Nothing Chiarelli has done the past year has made the team better. You could argue that each move has actually made the team worse.

    Yeah, The players share some of the responsibility but when you ice an at-best AHL level roster every night, what do you expect to happen? McDavid can’t do it all.

    Gotta take the positive that Lucic has finally notched another one. Now let’s see him notch another next game.

    Anyone who thinks we’re making the play-offs this year is deluded. There just seems to be no end in sight to the suckage.

    • Derzie

      Anyone in the OBC that is supporting what Chia has done knows absolutely zippo about hockey. When the reaction from the media and fans is disbelief, you can bank on it being a terrible move. Everything Chia has done has gotten that response and rightly so. OBC are so far out of their league, it’s frightening. Chimps with machine guns, surrounded by yes men and bought & paid for media and a stadium full of desperate-for-entertainment-of-any-kind fans with money to burn. Ay carumba.

    • percy

      Don’t count on it. Feel sorry for nuge, having Looch and pool party for wingers. 6 mil for 2goals so far, and pool party the only player in the nhl that can find the hole in his nose with his tongue at full stride. What a f_____g disaster.

  • slats-west

    What pains me most about this team is watching the opposing team laugh and have those smirky smiles after each play. It’s brutal. I’m sure our players see it. The coaches see it. The fans see it. But there’s barely a heart beat and no response……sad.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    The Oilers aren’t a sports organization. They’re a country club masquerading as a sports organization. If this was ANY other team, things wouldn’t have gotten THIS bad. But nope! Only our friggin country club has to be this bad for this long. Every other team is able to do a rebuild in 2 years flat. We haven’t been able to stop for 11 fricking years! I feel really, REALLY, bad for Connor. He’s worked his whole life to play in this league, and where does he end up? The fricking club who accepts losing just as easily as they accept their paycheques.