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Nurse Emerging as an Offensive Threat

In the ultra-competitive environment of the National Hockey League, an injury presents a challenge for the injured player, but it also creates a wonderful opportunity for the player granted the chance to fill the void.

Oscar Klefbom injured his finger on December 11th and has missed 13 games. He will likely miss another six prior to the All-star break. His absence has been noticeable, and his presence will be a welcome return, but his injury has opened the door for Darnell Nurse to have more responsibilities and some time on the first unit powerplay.

Nurse has eleven points in 13 games since Klefbom was injured. In fact he has 14 points since Klefbom left in the second period of the Colorado game.

Last season we saw Nurse begin to chip in offensively at EV. He finished with 26th EV points, tied with Colton Parayko for 34th among NHL defenders, but in the absence of Klefbom, Nurse has exploded offensively.

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He is ninth among D-men in scoring since December 12th with eleven points. He and Adam Larsson had a few rough games defensively against Tampa Bay and Vancouver, and you wonder if part of that was Nurse being overextended, averaging 29 minutes/game in a seven-game stretch, but outside of those two games Nurse has been very good for Edmonton, and the biggest improvement in his play has been his offence.

“I’m just trying to make plays when they are there and not trying to force it, without going to far outside my comfort zone,” said Nurse. “I feel like my game is growing. It is a lot of work and I need to continue to work to keep improving.

Nurse wasn’t drafted as a pure offensive-minded defender. His skating ability, aggressiveness, competitiveness and defensive play were the main attributes that led him to being the #7 overall pick in 2013. He had some offensive abilities, no question, but he wasn’t described as an offensive defender.

He did produce 83 points in 100 games over his final two seasons in junior, so he has some offensive acumen. But it wasn’t the focal point of his game.

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During his first three seasons with the Oilers, he played a total of 60 minutes on the powerplay and had one point.

This season he has already played 57 minutes, 38 of those minutes occurring during Klefbom’s absence. Nurse has four PP points over the past 13 games. He’s far from a dominant PP quarterback, but he’s never had much PP time in the NHL, and working an NHL powerplay is an acquired skill. It is much more difficult than we think. Keep in mind Klefbom had six PP points in 31 games this season and only had six in 68 games last year. Nurse’s PP production, albeit in limited minutes, has been quite good.

His eleven points are more than the rest of the defence combined (10), since Klefbom went down and when the 19th overall pick from 2011 returns to the lineup the Oilers will have two defenders who can kick start the offence from the defensive zone.

There is much more than just goals and assists when it comes to being considered an offensive player. I asked Ken Hitchcock what changes and improvements he has seen in Nurse’s offensive development since arriving as the head coach almost two months ago.

“His focus on the ice has widened,” said Hitchcock. “He was very narrow (vision) when I first came here. He didn’t see the 85 feet (ice width) very well in the offensive zone, but now he sees the 85 feet.

“I think some of it comes from playing on a 1-3-1 powerplay where he is at the top by himself and he has to use both sides of the ice. But he has gotten very patient in high pressure situations.

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“His vision has improved dramatically in seeing the full width of the ice,” continued Hitchcock.

Nurse feels he is starting to become more comfortable offensively.

“I think so. Just finding the right times to shoot the puck, and get in the area to shoot it. Sometimes there is no lane so you have just put it behind the net. It is just repetition about reading the play and seeing what the right play is. I’ve been working on it for a long time and there is still lots of room to improve, but I feel I’m starting to see the game better in the offensive zone,” said Nurse.


Mar 17, 2018; Sunrise, FL, USA; Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid (97) celebrates his goal against the Florida Panthers with defenseman Darnell Nurse (25) in the third period at BB&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

When we discuss offence, there are very few better to chat about it with than Connor McDavid. The league’s reigning leading scorer, two times running, knows a thing or two about offence.

“He’s been good for us since Oscar went down, and he was good before Oscar went down, but he is now getting more opportunities and more recognition,” said McDavid.

“It is his legs. Look at his chance in 3-on-3 last night. He was the guy behind our net, chips it and beats his guy up the ice and gets a chance. It starts with his legs. It is a credit to him. He is in great shape and skates well, and having speed allows you to create more offence.” said McDavid.

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McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and Nurse hang out a lot away from the rink. They are very close, and while they have many other interests and prefer to not always talk hockey, it inevitably becomes part of the conversation from time-to-time. Nurse jokingly said it is a big benefit for him.

“We hang out a lot so maybe that is translating on the ice a bit (laughs). They are two guys that any time you find open ice they will find you, because they have that unique ability to read the ice, and the play, and for someone like me it is just about finding the right spot to get to.

McDavid and Draisaitl see the game in a way very few players do. It is difficult to explain where it came from, but they have it. McDavid discussed why he believes Nurse’s offensive game is improving.

“His offensive game is only getting better. For some people, offence doesn’t come naturally. You can’t just flick a light and offence comes to you. It is learned. It is taught, it is timing, it’s a bunch of different things that he is learning. Credit to him, he wants to learn and he is doing everything he can to figure it out. I think we are seeing it in the amount of plays he is making and when he is making them, ” said McDavid.

Nurse has 22 points in 44 games this year and should shatter his previous high of 26 points, which he accumulated last season. He sits 28th overall among NHL defenders, and he has taken advantage of the opportunity presented to him when Klefbom was injured.

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Now that he has expanded his vision in the offensive zone, the Oilers are hopeful his overall play will expand so he can be looked at as a legit top pairing defender. He is still in the early stages of his NHL development, but the strides he’s made over the past 18 months, and specifically the past six weeks, make you wonder just how far his offensive growth will go.

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  • bwar

    I think Nurse just needs to refine when he’s contributing offensively. There is obviously some offense there but you can see that he often gets in situations where he doesn’t quite know what to do offensively. We see too many times when Nurse rushes with the puck and the play simply dies in the offensive zone. I think Nurse can do more by joining the rush when he doesn’t have the puck, very similar to his goal last night.

  • Towers-of-dub

    None of this is true. The Oilers don’t have any defense. No one can run a power play, no combination of Nurse, Larsson, Russell, Klefbom, and a Sekera should ever be considered a competent NHL level defense group. The Oilers need to trade 2 top line centres for Parayko….or something like that.

  • OilCan2

    With Nurse hot and Klefbom returning we are back in the playoff discussion. With Sekera and Bouchard and Jones on tap for the spring it could be a deep run.

  • Big Jacks Meat

    Not that I mind Larsson , but what do you think he fetches in a trade ?

    Ok Never ever think Taylor Hall , who in their right mind would do that ?

    I think he is expendable , he is solid no doubt but tradeable imo. Packaged with something could get us another piece. Yes I know it creates a hole but with some actual defensive depth [ Jones , Bear , Petro , and MANNING ! I jest of course with him] but Adam could be a part of a trade to get a Winger that can do something. Simmonds for Adam and Marody and a 3rd to Philly ? I don’t think that’s out of the question.

    • Don't mind me

      I agree, I know we can’t change the past but if we kept Hall and didn’t sign Lucic but signed Tyson Barrie instead. Would be a whole different team right now. Fire Peter Chiarelli already!!

    • 18% body fat

      so you want to trade players under contract on a good cap hit for a pending UFA because he is gritty, all while his offence contributions are on a decline. What is with oilers fans and the need for size and grit at the expense of skill. We lost this in the hall trade, we lost it in the reinhart trade, we lost on the lucic signing, we lost on the manning trade,…….., lets spend all these assets to get and aging powerwinger who is UFA. great use of assets.

    • 18% body fat

      how about we just dont spend money or assets on size anymore, if we didnt do that with lucic and larsson we could still have hall and maroon and 2M less in cap space. All while Chiasson has more goals and more points and only makes 700K. Lets make the same mistake we did on lucic, sounds like a chia move.

  • GK1980

    “He is ninth among D-men in scoring since December 12th with eleven points.” Really……that is interesting. I like his athleticism and tenacity but he just seems to not have the high IQ of a true number one…yet.

    • Hockeytalkguy

      @GK… I like how you said….yet. I agree he has been getting better, he still makes mistakes but they will happen. He has cut down on the SAME mistakes he was making earlier in the year. Fot the most part he competes hard, that’s all you can really ask for.

  • 18% body fat

    so #overrated. he is what he is and what he is paid for. a number 3 or 4 dman. He is clearly not as good as klefbom, so we cant call him an offensive threat because he is now getting more shifts touching the puck with leon and connor. all he does in the defensive zone is cross check guys and slash.

    • camdog

      Last year and a half at even strength Nurse has 35 even strength points in 126 games, Klefbom has 16 points in 97 games. If Klefbom didn’t get time with McDavid his point total would be non existent 5 on 5. Klefbom is the best shut down d-man on team, Nurse best offensive d-man.

    • Big Nuggets

      way to completely write off a 23 year old defenseman who has 11 points in his last 14 games and has been playing over 20 minutes a night for the last month. Maybe let Nurse write his own career path and accept that you could be mistaken about him.

  • Arfguy

    Even prior to the injury, I did not understand both coaches’ insistence on using Klefbom. I watched him on a nightly basis fight the puck in the offensive zone on the PP, sometimes nearly going offside due to a recoil from accepting a pass and struggling to get shots through.

    Nurse may not have been the obvious choice to some, but at least he keeps his feet moving and seems more comfortable.

    Given this organization’s lack of foresight, I have a feeling that Klefbom will immediately replace Nurse on the 1st PP unit upon his return from injury. Too bad, really…as I like Nurse’s game so much more than Klefbom’s. I think Klefbom has really blossomed as a sturdy defenceman, capable of eating up a lot of ice time, but he is not the offensive threat I thought he would be.

  • Frustrated Fan in Calgary

    For the past couple of years I have consistently said that Nurse was the last Oiler’s D-man that I would trade out. Not necessarily their best D-man, but the one with the most potential. Hopefully the negativity that I read at times about his play slows right down, because it should. Nurse is NOT a problem on the Oiler’s roster. They have problems on the roster, but not him.

  • BringJordanHome

    I kinda want to see Nurse with Klefbom when he returns from injury. He really seems to thrive when he plays in an extended role so how about a putting him on on the first pairing RD?

  • EthanMoreau'sHands

    So the guy that “punched out” Draisaitl is very close and hangs out with him? I’d like to see a comment from all the idiot conspiracy theorists with regards to Draisaitl’s concussion.