GDB 45.0 Wrap Up: Finding new ways to lose, Oilers fall 3-2 to the Coyotes

You needed that one, gentlemen. Final Score: 3-2 Coyotes

Looking at the schedule leading up to the All-Star break, the Oilers have some winnable games ahead of them that they can hopefully build upon as they continue their quest to get back into the playoffs. The first step was to beat the Coyotes. When these teams last met, Mikko Koskinen gave his team some stellar goaltending and the big boys on the first line put up three goals, finally snapping the six-game losing streak that was a miserable end to an up-and-down month of December. It may not have been the perfect win that hockey scholars will study for years to come, but the boys did what needed to be done to walk away with two points. They needed another one like that. Even though the Oilers squeaked out the victory against the Panthers on Thursday, it wasn’t exactly the prettiest close you’ll ever see and I was hoping for something a little bit more comfortable tonight against the Coyotes. I was hoping for a little more breathing room. Maybe something like a casual three-goal victory kind of night, ya know?

So when the Oilers opened the scoring midway through the first period on a nice little play from Ty Rattie and Connor McDavid, I felt like my dreams of a Saturday night spent enjoying an Oilers win were about to come true. I thought that we were off to the races. But the Coyotes wouldn’t go away. Instead of folding as a result of the early McGoal, the Coyotes kept pushing forward. Despite the injuries, their dogged determination and effort were noticeable all night long and it was that resilience that ended up being what they needed to overcome the losses in personnel. In other words, they made their own luck. And yeah, the optimist could say that two of the goals that beat Talbot came from lucky bounces, but the bigger point is that the Coyotes were willing to get greasy and do what was needed to earn their opportunities. Rather than handling a depleted opponent, this thing turned into a disaster for the Oilers as they get shutout in the standings and lose a game that they desperately needed.

At the end of the day, the Coyotes simply outworked the home side, got some lucky bounced as a result, and ended up with a win that they deserved. Frankly, I’m not sure that there’s enough Axe Body Spray on earth to cover up the stink from this one.

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The wrap.

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  • Connor McDavid was his usual ‘destroyer of worlds’ self tonight and it was fun to watch him put on a clinic against the Coyotes defenders with his ability to generate speed with the puck. The captain opened the scoring for the Oilers after Ty Rattie flipped saucered a pass towards where he was going and Connor was able to catch up to it in the Coyotes zone before burying it past Kuemper.
  • After a tough giveaway that led to the Jordan Oesterle’s game-tying goal, Kris Russell redeemed himself with a huge goal late in the second period that evened things up at two after he picked up a centring feed from RNH and draining it with Kuemper out of position.
  • Thursday night’s game against the Panthers wasn’t the prettiest start Cam Talbot will ever have, but he found a way to outduel James Reimer at the other end and close out a win for his team. It was an up and down game and, to his credit, Talbot managed to make enough saves to get the two points. Talbot didn’t get that same luck tonight. While I wouldn’t hang this loss on him, the entire team looked disengaged for most of the night, I’m not going to pretend like 26 saves on 29 shots and a .897 save% is a good thing either. Tough luck leads to a tough start. I’m guessing Koskinen will be back in against Buffalo.
  • It was another big minute night for Darnell Nurse as the defender put up a whopping 27:58 on the ice to go along with four shots on net, three hits, one block, and an even +/- rating. Very nice night for Darryl. It will be nice when Klefbom is back and came spread out of the responsibilities, but Nurse had another fine outing of filling in tonight.
  • Shout out to Ty Rattie for making the most of his opportunity to play alongside Connor McDavid after being a healthy scratch on Thursday night against Florida. I thought Rattie looked good back up in the spot that was once his during the Todd McLellan era, and he was rewarded with a nice assist on Connor McDavid’s first period marker.
  • Ilya Lyubuskin is a fun name to say.
How the Edmonton Oilers can learn a thing or two from the makeup of the Calgary Flames


  • Getting outshot and outworked by a team that’s missing seven of their regulars is absolutely embarrassing. Shocking effort at home. This marks the 14th time in their last 15 games that the Oilers have been outshot.
  • Are you surprised that former Oiler Jordan Oesterle was the one to open the scoring for the Arizona Coyotes? You’re not, are you? The whole play started after a brutal giveaway by Kris Russell behind the net that led to the Coyotes maintaining zone control and the eventual goal by Oesterle from the point.
  • Conor Garland gave the Coyotes the lead in the worst possible way. Garland got knocked down in the crease by Adam Larsson and, as he was getting up, the incoming puck hit him the face before bouncing into the net. That’ll be one of the toughest goals he’ll ever score. Yikes. After getting 10 stitches as a result of the using his face as deflecting device, Conor Garland came back in the third period with another power play goal after he drove to the net and had the puck bounce off of his skate and into the net. How about a night when the kid gets two goals without actually shooting the puck?
  • Arizona went 2/2 on the penalty kill tonight and it’s tough to win like that. I know that Garland scored both goals with lucky bounces but still…
  • The NHL site had the giveaways listed at 18-8 for the Oilers and I believe it. They were turning the puck over like giving it away is literally the point of the game.
  • Tobias Rieder may never score again. I never would have seen this coming.
  • Did Brandon Manning play tonight? No, no he did not. Chia’s on it. Somehow this guy gets to keep his job and that is shocking.
  • They needed to win that hockey game. Gross. As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.
Two positive COVID-19 tests found in NHL training camps



06:46 Edmonton Connor McDavid (27) ASST: Ty Rattie (6) 0-1


01:16 Arizona Jordan Oesterle (3) ASST: Lawson Crouse (4), Mario Kempe (2) 1-1
03:08 Arizona PPG – Conor Garland (7) ASST: Jordan Oesterle (7), Alex Galchenyuk (16) 2-1
17:00 Edmonton Kris Russell (2) ASST: Zack Kassian (4), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (26) 2-2


01:54 Arizona PPG – Conor Garland (8) ASST: Clayton Keller (22), Alex Galchenyuk (17) 3-2


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This week, things get heated when we start going through Peter Chiarelli’s handiwork and the refs blatant disregard for player safety, but then cooler heads prevail when we break down Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ 500 games with the Oilers and Milan Lucic finally breaking his slump.

Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 1/12/2019 – 11:00 pm MST

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    And let’s not forget the OBSCENE amount of penalties that were blatantly missed. Heck, the Oilers twitter guy said McDavid was hooked, held, and slashed on his opening goal of the night. Holding the sticks? Throwing them? Where’s the accountability NHL?


    F$%k the Lames and their lucky BS season, don’t worry you will come back to reality. I’d be crying too if I had to rely on a kid named Jenny and a 50 year old Dman! Lolololo!!

    • Clayton

      Lol! Yea, except ‘Jenny’ has the same number of points as Captain ‘OverPaid’ McDavid and gets paid half as much! And that 50 year old defenceman, well he is only 3rd in scoring from defencemen, has nearly twice as many points as the best Oilers DMan, and he happens to lead the league in +/-, so he must be able to play the D thing pretty decently too. On top of all that he epitomizes what a Captain is. He has 1000% the leadership that Connor has shown this year. The Oilers have $21M tied up with Leon and Connor. For $21M the Flames have ‘Jenny’, Monahan, Lindholm, and Giordano. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Flames as much as the next guy, but want to see how to right the ship here, look at the blueprint down south for starters!

    • Serious Gord

      There has been much discussion of luck on this site of late. The flames are an excellent, balanced (and well-coached team) with significant depth. When opportunity comes their way they are able to capitalize.

      The oil are pretty much the opposite.

  • Stickhandler

    yum yum, beets!!! bahahaqha!! As a Flame fan, i wouldn’t mind losing tomorrow, just so it puts your “team”, bahahaha, below them. Why do you sheep continue to pay for this putrid product year after year?????

  • JasonY

    That 3rd goal totally rests on Talbot. He incorrectly anticipated the rebound of the glass thinking it was gonna bounce to the left of him. I am not sure why he thought this way considering the shot was made almost directly in front of him. I think that 1st goal would have went in regardless of Garland’s face. The network didn’t show the above angle, but looking at it Talbot got beat badly. It’s not good enough!

    I don’t know what you guys think, but I think this season has seen the worst refereeing in years. There are clear infractions made to both teams. It is completely awful. Even the calls that are made are questionable, at least a good percentage of them. I’m at a point where I’m not sure what is and what isn’t a penalty. Is there even a need for an extra referee on the ice?

    Anyways, on to my usual, but well deserving rant about the organization.
    This team is pure hot garbage outside McDavid, Draisatl, and Nurse. RNH, Chiasson and Russell played decent tonight. Some horrific trades gutted this team. PC should have had it easier (I almost think Tambellini or even a pilon could have done a better job by not trading). Instead, his “bold,” aggressive gambles has gutted this team and in cap hell to the point that I don’t see any significant trades can come. How is he not fired? Nicholson should not be waiting for the end of this season to fire PC. It’s clear that this team won’t make the playoffs. They don’t play consistently enough and it is due to not having enough skill. If nicholson doesn’t get this, he needs to be fired too. But Katz doesn’t have the balls to do it. What a complete garage this organization is.

    • Bobnett

      You’re kidding, right. A puck coming at you at 90+ mph and you are supposed to know what direction it is coming off the glass at. The real problem on all 3 goals is that there are at least 2 people in front of Talbot. We are way nicer to opposing goalies by letting them have a clear view.

    • RJ

      I remember Terry Jones wrote an article way back when at the start of the re-build. Part of it was around player development. Draft +1 in junior. Draft +2 in AHL. For Euros, draft +1 in Europe or AHL. Draft +2 in AHL. Players dont come to the NHL until they are at least draft +3.

      Would Yak have been better waiting until draft +3 to play in the NHL? Heck yeah. Would Puljujarvi be better with two development years? Heck yeah.

      Even though Drai is an All-Star this year, he wasn’t ready Draft+1. He should have stayed in junior.

      Everyone, except Hall and McDavid should have followed this plan. That’s part of the mess the Oilers are in now, and it’s not going to be fixed any time soon.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    So guys let me ask you something, Should the Oilers retain the assistant coaches? The Defensive system and PP and PK and havent been the best but the assistant’s were here at the beginning with TM this year.

    So thumbs up they stay, thumbs down they should go at the end of the season

    • Randomfan

      I think at this.point its the roster. How.many coaches have passed through our doors and we are still basement dwellers. I watched them upclose and its freaking ugly. Good it was corporate tics not my own money. But man how is it coach’s fault when you cant make a tape to tape pass. Just sayin.

    • I’ll give the entire coaching staff(except the goalie coach) some slack. What the hell is Manny V supposed to do with guys like Lucic, Spooner, Rieder and Khaira on the powerplay? Is Trent Yawney supposed to work his defensive magic on guys like Manning and Petrovic? Gulutzan was the guy who pushed Peter to get Chiasson, without him we might have 5 or 6 more losses. We can keep revolving the doors and it won’t matter, this roster is absolutely garbage.

  • Stickhandler

    the fluff you fans were fed following their lucky year 2 years ago has to increase the sense of hopelessness, embarrassment and despair you feel over this “team”. Quit buying that orange koolaid and join JG and crew and start drinking purple gatorade.

  • Clayton

    At least we can be sellers at the deadline! Have lots to offer up with our UFA group! Teams will be in a bidding war trying to land Talbot, Koskinen and Gravel!!

  • Gary

    The good news, we only need to go 25-12 to make the playoffs.
    The bad news, we have to go 25-12 to make the playoffs.
    The really bad news, that team 180 miles south is good, like really good, for years to come.
    What the F happenned here, was it Charelli or the OBC?
    It was the old boys club, theyve frigged us until they die.

    Are Johnny Gaudraeu at $6.75, Monahan @ 6.5 and Tchauck at $8.25. $21.25 total worth as much as Mcdavid and Drai at $21 million ?

  • TruthHurts98

    If we win… playoffs… er.. drops head. Oilers lose to another basement team. Playoffs are ever a possibility or reality with this roster. Thanks to Katz, Nicholson, PC, MacT etc. Go on down the line. This franchise is boat anchor on the best player on the game. Without him we’d be drafting 1st overall every year.

      • OilTastic

        isn’t it a scary thought of how inept this team would still be now if we had not won the right to draft McDavid and ended up with likely one of Noah Hanifin or Dylan Strome in our original spot? i shutter to think that the high draft picks would still be coming our way because we’d still suck but even worse than we do now !!

    • OilersAlways

      Time for Katz to fire Chia and Nicholson, and then sell the Oilers and fire himself. A start over on the franchise floor, instead of firing coaches, assistant coaches, trading and moving players. It’s the few in the Oilers franchise who stink and deserve to be booted out and away from harming this Oilers team any further….

  • Chris_Cruise

    Can it be official?

    Can we now just accept that this team is what it is? NOT A PLAYOFF TEAM?

    We cannot be buyers at the deadline. The holes in this roster can only now be fixed with some longer term planning by a CAPABLE front office and GM.

    Fire CHIA NOW! He cannot be trusted to refill the printer cartridge at the Kingsway office let alone damage this franchise anymore than he already has.


    • Serious Gord

      Well they just might make the playoffs. The west has a slew of horrible teams. We are past the halfway mark and really only two teams in the west haven’t a chance or making the playoffs.

      Thus making big moves to make the playoffs this year is a chase for fools gold – a wildcard in the west this year isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit.

      • Chris_Cruise

        Exactly. I’m just so sick of hearing about playoffs. We’re so beyond that. It’s only because the teams around us have struggled that it’s even a conversation.

        Gotta love Rob Brown but he literally just said he still believes we are a playoff team on the CHED post show.

        With what evidence I ask him?!! I see NONE! We won’t get in on heart, talent or hustle. We possess none of the 3.

        • Dallas Eakins Hair

          Well what do you expect they are an Oilers rightshiolder, remember Stauffer was saying how Manning would help the team, I guess they mean getting the rest of the injured and other guys sitting out Popcorn and beer

          • Stauffer and Rob are all just huffing smoke up OEG’s asses, those guys have to if they want to recieve a cheque next month. That’s how this organization is run, if you don’t make them look like they care about the on-ice product(hint they clearly don’t) then you’re canned.

    • TruthHurts98

      But I fear they being PC, Nicholson, Katz, MacT will make more awful trades coming up. At what point does Connor demand out? Will any competent GM ever want to come to Edmonton and work for Katz???

  • OilersAlways

    The Oilers franchise needs and deserves to be stripped down, all the way up from Katz to bottom. Enough of this cow pie. Oiler fans, the team and head coach deserve better than this gong show. Even Hitchcock has been saying as much, there needs to be more. As an Oiler fan, I would rather watch this franchise be gutted out, from top to bottom, than have to keep watching the same old reel, year after year. The Oilers players who show up can’t win games with those who sit back and take the game off expecting their star players will win the games for them.
    Last question, why does Benning get to play??? Is there a no sit clause for him in his contract, because I would staple his azz to the bench instead of play him.

  • Johnny Zylon

    Tampa won again ! They ( we) now have 72 pts. Join the Dark Side ,,,,, cheer for a Florida- based team. Cheer for a winner! It feels great. Plus they will destroy Toronto’s dream of a cup.

  • DraiCup

    “We gotta find more people to do more whether it’s the group that’s here or the group that’s somewhere …I don’t know…if we expect a different result” – Ken Hitchcock post game

    Gotta love Hitch. The elder statesmen who’s seen everything. Won a lot lost a lot and just tells it like it is.

    • Chris_Cruise

      He’s starting to come apart at the seams and starting to be honest.

      I hope it doesn’t start affecting his health. The guy already recovered from a serious ailment and this group is not worth jeopardizing his health over.

    • Hitch seems like he’s had enough of this garbage. Even he knows that Chiarelli hasn’t done a good job. Most of this mess isn’t Hitch’s fault, he can only toughen and muscle these guys soo much but in the end this roster is complete trash.

  • The future never comes

    Save your time with the wrap, you could sum it up in 2 words: Oilers suck. It’s all been said a thousand times, this team barely belongs in this league. How they are 500 is really flattering. Joke organization, why do people continue to go to these games? You really care to see this debacle live that badly? Cool, well nothing will change until you stop, so keep feeding the beast. You could watch this crap live from home save yourself 300 bucks and not support this clown show financially. Wake up.

  • Mr.Snrub

    This is a bad hockey team but they’re especially bad in the 3rd this year, seems the Flames come back or at least win the 3rd period every other game too which simply adds to the pain.

    Oh well at least God Emperor Lowe and his cronies will soon be back in complete power so we’ve got that going for us at least.

    4 playoff appearances in 18 seasons since the God Emperor joined Oilers management, he’s due for another promotion don’t ya think?

    • JasonY

      Lowe knows a thing or two about winning. If there ever is a concern. You win a bunch of cups as player playing on stack team 30 years ago or so of which you were the supporting cast makes you qualified for GM, regardless of your temperament. (Corey Perry thanks you for it.) You know the cycle right? You get to the stanley cup finals once as a management and that’s good enough for dropping hot garbage for more than a decade.

  • Don’t expect any urgency anytime soon. The Oilers brain trust are clearly taking lessons from the Eskimos. The eskimos traded Ricky Ray for bubble gum which led us to irrelevance and 25K+ people still came to Eskimos games every year. Then the Esks fired the GM who got us out of irrelevance and won us a grey cup all because the CEO was jealous and now we’re going to lose Mike Reilly cause of it, yet crowds of 35K+ people came last year and will for years to come. Both organizations clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about the product on the ice or the fans, as long as the seats are filled they don’t care.

  • Anton CP

    I don’t think about for the Oilers with the best player on the planet that “playoffs” is the goal, with the best player on the planet that “championship” should be the goal. And we are talking about “PLAYOFFS??”. This is a serious problem with the local supports that we should be talking about championships instead we are talking about playoffs…

    Please for those that are debating if this is a playoffs team, stop watching and stop following the team because you are part of the problem about why this team is terrible.

      • Anton CP

        It is the mentality of the ownership because that anything short of a contender status of a championship calibre especially with the best player on the planet should be unacceptable let along of not making playoffs. However that everyone involved of last year’s disaster are still largely involved with the team. Is this a sign that the ownership actually wants to build a championship team? With all the supports (money) toward the team that is this bad then why Katz would want to build a successful team? Why anyone care about if the team can make playoffs or not? Who cares? Does this team has any championship aspiration? The Oilers is not some low-budget team that will just trying to make playoffs as to keep revenue afloat, this team with the best player on the planet should have a plan to build as a championship contender instead of a team that only trying to reach playoffs.

      • Hockey Forever

        “we should be talking about championships instead we are talking about playoffs…”

        With this roster? Seriously? Look at this roster! They’re 24th in goals against, 24th in goals for. And will be lucky if they end up 24th in the league. The “Best Player On The Planet” won’t win you anything. A TEAM wins… Edmonton doesn’t have a very good one.

        • Anton CP

          That is the problem right? It is not just this season, it is the season before and the season before and the season before…basically since 2006 at least. Katz is creating the team that fans want according to the ticket sales so the current Oilers is what the fans want according to ticket sales. The team will keep on sucking if there’s still a long list for season tickets.

  • Odanada

    This roster is worse than the one Bob Nicholson and Chia started with.
    Under Nicks stewardship, this team has become a laughingstock, squandering prime McDavid years.
    Chia is a colossal failure as a cap era NHL GM. The simple fact he has not been fired leaves no doubt that BN is in over his head and is freezing up like a deer in the headlights.
    Look at that game. Look at that effort. This was a team looking for a playoff spot?
    Arizona’s AHLers beat our AHLers + the best player in hockey.
    Lowe, MacT, Gretz? If you tell me they’re not to blame, I’ll just counter with “Well what are they doing that makes this team better?” Well, WHAT?
    This is what epic failure looks like and it’s a top down epic failure.
    The only one who can do anything about it is Katz the money counter and as someone very astutely pointed out, Katz knows that if he cleans house and cans the OBC, they won’t be his “friends” anymore and won’t hang out with him. If that thought doesn’t make you want to reach for hard liquor, I don’t know what will

  • Stickhandler

    Oil could be in a real pickle if we lose to yotes in OT tonight, i almost hope but highly unlikely it happens cause we got a deep, heart and soul team, and Van wins too.