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The Oilers should avoid rentals at the trade deadline

It’s the middle of January and the Oilers are still in the thick of the playoff race in the Western Conference. The team has struggled since Oscar Klefbom went down with an injury, winning just four of their last 14 games, but thanks to weak competition, they’re still within two points of a playoff spot.

There’s no doubt that if the Oilers plan on making the playoffs, they need to make upgrades to their roster. The biggest need for the team at this point is depth up front as the Oilers have relied almost entirely on three forwards to do all of the heavy lifting. The team could also still use help on the blueline despite the additions of Brandon Manning and Alex Petrovic. The Oilers badly need another puck-moving defender. Earlier in the month, Bob Stauffer mentioned how the Oilers should be prepared to use their first-round pick to make an upgrade so long as that player has term attached to their contract.

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The trade deadline is on Feb. 26 meaning the Oilers, who currently stand 21-21-3, have 17 games left to decide how they’re going to navigate. It’s hard to imagine the team being in on major rental players given the fact they aren’t really set up to go on a deep run through the playoffs. If the team is going to make a major addition, as Stauffer says, it should involve a player with at least another year left on their contract.

According to Sportsnet insider Chris Johnston, the NHL trade deadline is shaping up to be a buyer’s market. He’s already identified over a half-dozen teams who are positioned to sell — the Flyers, Rangers, Senators, Hurricanes, Red Wings, Blues, Blackhawks, and Kings. You might be able to add the Panthers, Canucks, and Ducks to that list, depending on how things go the next few weeks.

What to expect from Adam Larsson this summer

Here are players from that list with term that could help the Oilers:

  • Kyle Palmieri (NJD): A versatile forward who plays both left and right wing. Palmieri is signed for two more years after this one at $4,650,000. He has 36 points in 44 games this year and has cracked the 50-point plateau in two of three years since arriving in New Jersey.
  • Sami Vatanen (NJD): Acquired in a one-for-one deal last year with Anaheim, Sami Vatanen hasn’t maintained his offensive production in New Jersey. He has just 15 points in 41 games this year but a few years ago was a solid puck-moving and power play defenceman with the Ducks. He’s signed for one more year after this one at $4,875,000.
  • Dougie Hamilton (CAR): After just half a season in Carolina, it seems Dougie Hamilton could be on the move again. Hamilton is that top-pairing, right-handed defenceman the Oilers badly need. He’s signed for $5,750,000 for two more years after this one.
  • Justin Faulk (CAR): A name we’ve heard many, many times is Justin Faulk. He’s an offensive, right-handed defenceman who has been rumoured in trades out of Carolina for years. He’s got one more year left at $4,833,333 after this one.
  • Teuvo Teravainen (CAR): Another versatile forward, the former 18th overall pick soon-to-be RFA could be available out of Carolina. He has 36 points in 44 games and plays both centre and wing.
  • Mike Green (DET): Another name we’ve discussed here many times is Mike Green. Though he’s far from the player he was with Washington, Green is still an excellent offensive option for the power play. He’s signed for one more year at $5,375,000.
  • Colton Parayko (STL): It’s a little shocking to me the Blues would consider moving Parayko, given he’s only 25 and is signed for three more years after this one at $5,500,000, but the Blues are apparently ready to sell anyone. Like Hamilton, he would be that top-pair right-handed defenceman that would round out Edmonton’s top-four, though he isn’t really known for his puck moving.
  • Brayden Schenn (STL): After a huge season in his first season St. Louis last year, Schenn has had a bit of a step back on a struggling Blues club in 2018-19. He’s one year removed from scoring 70 points and has always been a force on the power play throughout his career. He’s signed for $5,125,000 for one more year after this one.
  • Tyler Toffoli (LA): Though it might not be likely the Kings make a trade within the division, Tyler Toffoli would be a sensible option for the Oilers. He’s a consistent 20-goal scorer signed for one more year at $4,600,000. Toffoli is having a miserable season as he has just seven goals in 46 games, but everyone on the Kings is having a rough time.
  • Jake Muzzin (LA): One of the league’s most underrated defenders could be a massive upgrade to Edmonton’s top-four. Muzzin is signed for one more year after this one at $4,000,000. He moves the puck well, has a good point shot, and has a lot of experience playing in the playoffs.
Edmonton Oilers Tyler Ennis leaves game after receiving unpenalized headshot, returns in third period

There are also a handful of good players on the rental market who could help the Oilers for a playoff drive, but, as I said earlier, a player with term is more worthwhile for this club. Given the volume of teams ready to sell, the Oilers could be a good position to make an upgrade to their roster that helps them beyond this year.

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The other issue is Peter Chiarelli. Should the Oilers trust him to pull the trigger on a big trade this year? The majority of the deals he’s made have hurt the team and his most recent few moves — Ryan Strome for Ryan Spooner and Drake Caggiula for Brandon Manning — have been puzzling. Trusting Chiarelli, who routinely has made trades that leak value from the team, to make a big move involving the first-round pick in a deep draft is a big risk.

  • Craig1981

    I disagree. I dont think they should made big moved but if they were in it, when they had a couple 3rd I would of minded them picking up a couple players like Maroon and Wiggles since they need role players that can score more than one ever 30 games.

    But we already burnt one of those on a meanless trade and they are looking like they will be 10 points put in a few weeks

  • GK1980

    I remember when chia and mclellen where signed. Man did I have high hopes. The koolaid tasted like nectar from the gods. What a disaster. Can oiler fans have any luck (apart from McDavid of course) or anything go their way? This city deserves a worthy team. Seeing the flames sound so well makes me cringe.

  • Big Nuggets

    Not sure how we can get anything of value without giving up the first round pick, and the way they make trades around here we will end up with a worse player than we could have drafted. I advise against any foolish trade talk. Especially since we don’t even have the cap space to add somebody. We would have to add a prospect just to get someone to take Spooner off our hands. We’re already starting at negative value with the roster players that w’d be willing to give up. And why trade any of the players that have done well this year. I suppose you could argue that Russell will be expendable and has some value. Russell and the 1st for Muzzin? I don’t know.

  • the dope $teez

    Please do not trade the first round pick, we all know what happened last time..
    We have no chance of making the playoffs, sorry Darryl. Fire chia, keep the powder dry and see if you can cut a bunch of the dead weight this summer. If the new GM can find a way to trade/buyout most of Chias terrible signings and trades then we can call the summer a success.

  • Serious Gord

    Avoid rentals?

    They should be avoiding anything that hurts the future of this team two or three years from now.

    Making the playoffs this year is of little value.

    • MrBung

      This team cannot even win the so-called “winnable” games on their home ice. Brutal. The feature articles SHOULD be looking at the top draft picks this season. The Oil will be a lottery team and in the thick of the pick percentages. Also another article should be looking at who the Oilers will sell for picks. This fantasy that the Oil are only a couple points out of a playoff spot and other teams are not a strong…come on…the Oil are in big trouble and nothing is going to fix it now. Chia urinated the opportunity away. But I guess trades are hard. What a clown. Every GM has challenges. But the good one’s and the winners figure it out. Why he is not fired already boggles the mind. What a poorly run organization. One of the worst in the NHL.

  • Rama Lama

    I used to think that Bob Nicholson was a great hockey man…….if this lame duck of a GM is allowed to continue for the remainder of the season, this speaks more to Senior Management than anything out there!!!

  • Anton CP

    You know what would be the right attitude for the Oilers fans right now?

    “I don’t care if the team can make playoffs or not, FIRE CHIARELLI ALREADY!!”

    The truth is, by any chance that if the team can somehow make to the playoffs is not because the team deserves to be but more so that they just got lucky. With McDavid in the team that mediocre mentality is not excusable but GM is only building a half-arsed team that desperately trying to save his job.

  • Stallions #35

    Of those players listed as “would help Edmonton” what could we possible have to give up to get them in return without mentioning Nurse, Klefbom, Nuge, Drai and McDavid?

  • TKB2677

    Every time potential trades and the Oilers come up, a ton of defense come up. My question is, is that really the need or are we just so used to talking about defense, we default to it?

    Would it be awesome to get a right shooting, PP running, point producing, top 4 dman? Hell yeah but at what cost? Taking out the fact that it seems to cost the Oilers more to get anything, to get the guy I described, will cost a lot. But you look at the defense they have now when healthy.
    Klef – Larsson
    Nurse – Russell
    Is that a really good top 4? No. Does it check every box? No. But is it OK, Yes.

    Then you have Jones (who is an NHLer, at worse a #5), Gravel(6-7), Benning (6), Petrovic (5-6), Bouchard is coming, Bear could be a 6-7.

    So while I still think they need to improve the blueline, I wouldn’t be blowing a ton of assets for it because there are some guys coming. I see the need as more forward depth. They don’t have enough good forwards right now. If you can go add a Palmieri who’s, 27 so in his prime, scored 20+ goals, over 40+ pts 4 yrs in a row, shoots right and is fast and signed to a decent contract for 2 more seasons, go get him.

    • camdog

      Tough to develop young d-man with a weak forward group. Jeff Petry excelled in the NHL on another team while, that forward group with likes of Sam Gagner have largely disappeared from the NHL. I think the d-man we’ll be there. The forwards are going to be a problem.

      Nurse is tough one for this town. He’s going to make mistakes in his own end, but he brings more offence than what was anticipated on draft day. If he was surrounded by better players, some of those mistakes wouldn’t end in back of net. If I was a GM on another team, I’d try trading a soft offensive d-man playing with a skilled forward group for Nurse.

  • Ratt McNuge

    A future GM needs to build a team that can win games without McDavid. That’s the secret. Don’t build around him. Build as though you don’t have him. That means strengthening every position on the ice. Easier said than done, but that is the team’s biggest problem. Just not competitive without MCD in the lineup.

  • Al77

    The Oilers aren’t making the playoffs as much as I hate to say it!We have somehow went from to much soft skilled wingers to too much unskilled soft wingers with overpriced contracts and apparently less work ethic (how is this possible)so no way do I want the person responsible for this current lineup being aloud to trade this years 1st.He has no apparent pro talent evaluators in his scouts notice I said pro or he himself is incapable of getting his mindset out of the90s-2010 era of hockey stay put and get a new gm to rebuild this team again f-me!

  • MMAX

    Bob, I liked you so much better when you were with Team 1260, reading your tweet was quite hilarious. Come on Stauffer, pretend you don’t pull a paycheque from the Oilers and none of the brass will ever hear this…. tell us what you really think of this mess.

  • Schmidt Head

    No, I don’t trust Chia to make trades!

    But…… I don’t trust anyone above him in this organization to do any better nor to hire anyone any smarter than he is.

    Pretty bleak outlook!!

  • PrairieDog19

    All good ideas but where does the money come from? Will need at least a year of effort to clean the books, dump dead weight and start again. Look at trading anyone not named McDavid, Nuge, Draisatl, Nurse. Klefbom could bring a nice return – while’s he’s been effective he’s injury prone. The team should not be this bad without him in the lineup.

  • Doctor Smashy

    Why is no one talking about the obvious Spooner for Eberle trade that would be totally reasonable to make? Maybe we could trade a 2-3 defenseman like, say, Larsson for a player like Hall?

    The moral of the story here is that Peter Chiarelli should not be in charge of a kiosk at a flea market let alone an NHL franchise.

  • Consultant

    They should avoid all moves until they have a new GM, simple as that.
    Chia has/ is destroying this club and we all just get to sit here and watch it burn. Thanks Nicholson, Katz… you guys are losing fans ($) everyday you keep this idiot…