Inside the Nation: more line juggling, a big trade looming, and Chiarelli’s demise

Welcome back to another episode of Inside The Nation! A Facebook live video series where Dustin Nielson breaks down all the latest, juicy, Oilers gossip and answers all of YOUR questions.

Oilersnation has been one wild place to be the last couple weeks and ever since Rishaug tweeted that a blockbuster trade may be around the corner (see below), things are getting even crazier.

Dusty breaks down his thoughts on what this could mean for the Oilers and whether it’s in our best interest or not to have Peter Chiarelli, himself, making this trade on behalf of the Oilers. We all know his time as a General Manager is coming to an end soon so he’s obviously willing to do something big to try to save his job. Please pray for us all.

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What Ryan Rishaug is insinuating here is that Jesse Puljujarvi is likely going to be packaged for something. At least that’s what Dusty thinks. Nielson also breaks down the most recent line combinations that Hitchcock has pieced together for the game tonight. As Dusty says, Hitchcock has been line juggling way more than McLellan was, and we hated the amount of line juggling that McLellan did!

As always on Mondays, Dustin Nielson gave away a three pack sauce sampler from Get Sauced to one lucky person who participated in his trivia question. For your chance to win something, be sure to watch the show and comment live! Dusty ended the video with his most important question of the day which was: Which young talent are the Oilers most likely to trade: Puljujarvi or Yamamoto?

Who do you guys think they would trade? Watch the video below to find out what Dusty thinks!

Check out the live edition of Inside the Nation on the Oilersnation Facebook page every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 pm MT.

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  • Die Hard Oiler Fan

    Great job guys. Keep up the good work .
    I just finished reading a bunch of articles suggesting a BIG trade might be in the works that could involve a goaltender, a prospect (saw J.P., or Yamo, or Benson all mentioned), plus our 1st pick in the 2019 draft.
    It amazes me how this organization allows a GM to remain in his role (considering his track record – the Reinhart deal should have been Chia’s last), with the apparent understanding that anything less than the playoffs would result in his firing. This just prompts more stupid trades by Chia. Having traded away considerable talent and picks during his tenure, plus awarding rediculous contracts (Lucic, Russell, etc., etc., etc.), puts Chia in a position whereby once again he will have to mortgage the future to try to fill holes with decent players.
    If he does make such a trade, I don’t know exactly what it may look like, but if it involves our 2019 1st, Benson, or J.P, I’ll likely be ending my 39 tenure as an Oiler fan. As I live in Ontario, I cannot threaten Katz with boycotting games, but would love to courier my Oiler jersey to him……can anyone tell me how I could ensure it plus a lengthy note could reach him.
    In summary, fire Chia before he does any more damage; stay the course and hope we are still in the race when Klefbom returns. Apart from Katz’s pocket book I fail to see why the goal is to barely creep into the playoffs (and get clobbered). Keep drafting (farm team is just starting to get to the point where it can help – i.e. Jones), a gradually some big bad contracts will go.

    • Oilerz4life

      I highly doubt a Chiarelli replacement would hold on to the Sekera and Lucic contracts to expiry. The Lucic contract especially is tasty fresh. Too bad it couldn’t be moved at the deadline. Maybe though, a lot can change in a few weeks in the NHL.

    • Peksisarvinen

      There’s not a snowballs chance in hell they’d ever go for that. Tarasenko is a 40 goal scorer in the prime of his career and Parayko is a first pairing D-man for most teams in the league. And seeing as how Chiarelli had to ship off a future Hart winner for a 2nd pair D-man, he’d have to give up everything and then some to get Parayko, let alone the two of them together. And nobody’s ever going to want Talbot, seeing as how inconsistent he’s been for a long time now.