Oil Kings Update: Edmonton gets hot after deadline moves

I wasn’t expecting  Oil Kings GM Kirt Hill to be terribly busy at this year’s trade deadline. I knew he was going to move one of his three goalies, and apart from that, I didn’t expect anything else to happen. That’s why, like a lot of people around the team, I was surprised when a…


No Oilers in Top-50 Prospects List

The Oilers don’t have any noteworthy prospects. Well, according to Craig Button, at least. TSN released Button’s Top-50 prospect rankings on Tuesday and no Oiler made the list.


Finding a Dance Partner

We’re still well over a month away from the NHL Trade Deadline and the rumour mill in Edmonton is already buzzing thanks to some tweets from Bob Stauffer and Ryan Rishaug.


The worst of Chiarelli

As Peter Chiarelli and his staff search for scoring around the National Hockey League, I can’t help but shake my head. How does the organization still have enough faith Chiarelli to allow him to make a significant deal?